• CNBC’s Dirty Dozen 2013


    “Dirty Dozen” is a lazy and overused alliteration

    Every year CNBC compiles a list of their Top 12 favorite pornstars.

    Well, not exactly. They make a list of the Top 12 pornstars with the most Xbiz and AVN award nominations to determine who are currently the biggest stars. CNBC feels that though these nominations are an acknowledgement of on-screen performances, they also reflect the strongest drawing power in the industry.

    Is that true? Maybe. I think it’s more likely that reporting on financial markets 24/7 is so boring and frustrating that they need to watch porn to blow off steam. And when you’re watching a lot of porn, why not write about it? That’s how I feel at least because I’m paid to do both.

    Regardless of how CNBC determines the best pornstars of the year, this year they definitely made some great picks.

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  • Sex.com’s Videos of the Year 2013 – PART 2

    Sex.com’s Videos of the Year 2013 has really been popping off!

    Everyone wants to see the most popular sex videos of 2013 and who can blame them?

    If you haven’t seen the 10 most popular sex videos of 2013 yet, check it out right now: PART 1.

    Meanwhile, I’m going to capitalize on the success of Part 1 by making a Sex.com’s Videos of the Year Part 2! Because when one idea is a success, just keep doing it until the interest isn’t there anymore. Right?

    Rather than show you 11 through 20 of the most popular sex videos, I’m going to show you the Top 10 Least Popular Videos of 2013! (technically Bottom 10, I guess…)

    Why the least popular? Because I already checked them out and they’re great! I can’t believe you guys weren’t feeling these videos. It just goes to show you that you need to spend even more time browsing Sex.com because they are some real gems hiding in some of those boards.

    Anyways, Sex.com’s Videos of the Year 2013 – Part 2 starts now!  Continue Reading

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  • Top 10 Sex Tips of 2013

    Guys, let me be honest with you for a minute…there’s nothing I like better than writing sex tips for all of you.

    Even though I doubt that I’m actually helping you, I like to think that you’re off having the best sex of your life wherever you are and that you’re thinking of me. Why it almost brings a tear to my eye and most definitely gets me rock hard.

    Anyways, I just thought I’d share with you the Top 10 Sex Tips of 2013 just in case you missed an important one.

    Are you ready to think of me when you’re having the best sex of your life?

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