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  • Top 10 Elegant Angel Videos of 2014

    If we had to pick one porn studio that was synonymous with consistent, quality porn, we’d have to go with Elegant Angel.

    Founded in 1990, Elegant Angel started as a pioneer in the gonzo porn genre and has continued to release some of the best damn porn videos ever since.

    2014 was a particularly good year for Elegant Angel porn videos. It seemed like every week they would release a new porn video that made all other porn videos irrelevant.

    It wasn’t easy narrowing it down to a Top 10, but regardless, enjoy our selections of the Top 10 Elegant Angel Videos of 2014Continue Reading

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  • Men’s Mag Daily Selects Their 25 Hottest Pornstars of 2014

    T’is the season for end of the year lists!

    Today’s end of year list comes from our friends over at Men’s Mag Daily. They decided to embark on the thankless and damn near impossible task of picking this year’s 25 hottest pornstars.  Continue Reading

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  • Meet The 10 Pornstars Competing in “The Deep Throat Challenge”, a porn site dedicated to filming only the best hardcore blowjobs, has issued a challenge to 10 of the hottest pornstars working today.  Continue Reading

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  • Nominate The Year’s Best Porn for the Awards!

    Ok guys. Award season is coming up and it’s high time that we, the Blog, honor our favorite things in sex and porn.

    Normally, I’d be arbitrarily selecting all the winners myself based on personal preference, but this year I thought it would be better to let you, the reader, nominate this year’s best porn.  Continue Reading

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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: November 7th, 2014

    OMG you guys! I have great news! It’s the weekend, which it’s time for another edition of… YOUR WEEKEND FREE PORN PLAYLIST!

    In case this is your first Weekend Free Porn Playlist, then let me explain what’s going on. The weekend is only 48 hours long. 48 hours of freedom. We know you like to get off when you’re off, but there’s so much free porn on the internet that how do you know what’s hot and what’s not?

    That’s where we come in. We watch porn all week (for work) and to help you masturbate efficiently, we pick our Top 7 free porn videos from the past week so you’re not wasting any time on the weekend trying to find porn. We’ve found the best porn for you and put it in Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist. All you need to do is press play, cover your junk in lube and enjoy!

    Now that you know what Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist is, let’s see the Top 7 of the past week already!  Continue Reading

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  • Review: Digital Sin’s Tabu Tales: A Mother Daughter Thing

    We all have fantasies.  Some of our fantasies are more of the mundane variety, like, ‘Hey, I wish instead of going to work today I could sit at home and play video games for 8 hours.”

    Those are the fantasies that are relatively achievable.  Other fantasies, well, maybe they’re a little more offbeat, a little more unrealistic and unachievable, maybe a bit taboo.  That doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with them!

    Here’s my take on things: if you can find a non-destructive way to satisfy your taboo fantasies, go for it!  Luckily, the fine folks over at Digital Sin specialize in this type of thing.

    Bam, right on my desk – Digital Sin’s “Tabu Tales: A Mother Daughter Thing“, starring some of the hottest most notorious Milfs pretending to be some of the hottest young pornstars’ step-moms and then banging them.  But with any type of fantasy-enactment type stuff, there’s a really important question: how realistic is it?  Am I sufficiently convinced enough that these people are step-related, that they’re doing something much dirtier and more provocative than having regular lesbian sex?

    Well let’s find out!  Continue Reading

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  • Review: Meet Dakota Skye

    I’ll be the first to admit it, though we absolutely loved Meet Dakota Skye, writing a review for just the Dakota Skye-Adriana Chechik lesbian scene was a bit of a cop out. So in the interest of giving Meet Dakota Skye the attention it deserves, here now is our full review of Meet Dakota Skye!

    1707983 00360 720b Review: Meet Dakota Skye

    Dakota Skye plays with her trusty magic wand

    Review: Meet Dakota Skye

    Scene 1:

    Since this porn movie is all about showcasing the impossibly cute Dakota Skye, it only makes sense that we being with an interview. Dakota Skye talks about how she got into the porn business, what gets her off and her sexual fantasies. It’s all pretty standard stuff and if you’ve seen Dakota Skye’s work before, you won’t be surprised to know that she’s a natural submissive that isn’t afraid to tip-toe into the taboo.  Continue Reading

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  • Adriana Chechik and Dakota Skye in “Meet Dakota Skye”

    Last week, Digital Sin released the latest entry of their “Meet” series featuring none other than the adorably sexy new sensation in the porn business, Dakota Skye.

    Given how Meet Bonnie Rotten and Meet Carter Cruise skyrocketed Bonnie Rotten and Carter Cruise to the top of the porn industry, it seems like Digital Sin’s “Meet” series is becoming the porn equivalent of being a “Made Man”. In the mafia, a “Made Man” is a fully initiated member of the family. When you become a “Made Man”, you enjoy the full protection and backing of the family and you are untouchable. So yeah, starring in a Digital Sin “Meet” movie makes you untouchable in the porn industry.

    Since that’s how we interpret Digital Sin’s “Meet” movies, we were very excited to see that Dakota Skye was the latest new pornstar to become untouchable. Though we only shared 9 Reasons Why You Want To Meet Dakota Skye, we could have written millions. We were that excited.

    Despite our excitement, we were curious to see if Dakota Skye and Digital Sin could meet our high expectations. I’m happy to say that Meet Dakota Skye exceeded all expectations. There’s many good things to say about Meet Dakota Skye that if I were to write it all down, we’d have a porn review the size of Moby Dick.

    Continue Reading

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  • See Brianna Brooks Last Porn Scene Live Tonight

    Labor Day long weekend officially starts whenever you’re done work today and I regret to inform you that all your plans must be cancelled.



    Well, the long weekend isn’t totally ruined. Here’s why.

    Rather than quietly retire like most pornstars (Nicole Ray’s retirement and Ashlyn Rae’s whereabouts continue to be a mystery), Brianna Brooks is going out with a bang.

    She’s performing her last ever porn scene live on Streamate for Immoral Live’s Squirtmania. And will it ever be a Squirtmania. Immoral Live has teamed Brianna Brooks up with the super sexy squirting MILF Veronica Avluv (check out her free porn on if reading her name hasn’t given you a very hard erection: free Veronica Avluv porn on

    So while it sucks that the industry is losing a hot, busty blonde that’s always delivered incredible porn scenes, at least we get one more before she goes. It’s sure to be an instant classic.

    Brianna Brooks’ final porn scene with Veronica Avluv begins tonight (August 29th, 2014) at 9:00 PM eastern (6:00 PM pacific), and if you can’t catch that one, there’s also a 10:30 PM eastern (7:30 PM pacific) show. Don’t you dare miss Brianna Brooks’ big send off.

    Watch it here: Brianna Brooks’ final porn scene live!

    And if you’re reading this after the show aired live on Streamate, watch what happened on

    Aren’t you glad that you cancelled all your long weekend plans to see Brianna Brooks fucking one last time? I know I am.

    3724797 brianna brooks See Brianna Brooks Last Porn Scene Live Tonight

    Source: via pornholio2010 on

    Also tonight, Veronica Avluv is hosting the Cocksucking Challenge with Adriana Chechik and Rachele Richey for two shows at 8:30 PM and 11 PM PDT.

    That’s going to be a real hot show. Watch that here: Cocksucking Challenge: Adriana Chechik vs Rachele Richey.


    Brianna’s last porn scene isn’t happening anymore. :(

    That stinks. Click here for more information on the porn moratorium.

    Since Brianna’s last scene isn’t happening anymore, why not wish her the best of luck moving forward on Twitter: @BriBrookxxx

    While there won’t be any porn shot until the moratorium is lifted, you can still watch hot girls get nude and masturbate live here: Free Live Cams

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  • 75 Percent of Men Want Their Partners To Look Like Pornstars

    uzbHfva 75 Percent of Men Want Their Partners To Look Like Pornstars


    Ladies porn magazine Cosmopolitan surveyed 4,000 men and 4,000 women to find out what they think about porn.  Continue Reading

    February 21, 2014 • Sex News • Views: 3434

  • An Aperitif with Adriana Chechik

    adriana aperitif cover An Aperitif with Adriana Chechik

    Adriana Chechik

    Just as I was recovering from my crippling obsession with Adriana Chechik, she comes waltzing back in with a brand new scene from X-Art.

    Adriana Chechik comes into the kitchen wearing only an open dress shirt belonging to her man, which by the way is one of the sexiest things you can ever do. Then instead of having a drink, she decides to show us how she likes to build up an appetite.

    And yes, you guessed Adriana Chechik aperitif means you get to taste that sweet puss and serve it with meat.

    Before you watch the video on X-Art, take a look at these pictures featuring your new favorite pornstar for 2014, Adriana Chechik:  Continue Reading

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  • Obsessed with Adriana Chechik

    BaYGAdeCEAA82oK Obsessed with Adriana Chechik

    Adriana Chechik

    Like a good joke or a catchy song, some babes are just so hot that they get stuck in my head. They’re all I can think about, like an itch that desperately needs scratching. It’s agonizing but also amazing because it’s only the sexiest babes that get stuck in my head like this.

    Today, I’d like to share with you a babe that’s been on my mind for weeks: Adriana Chechik.

    Adriana Chechik is still relatively new to the porn industry, but she’s quickly establishing herself as one of the best new talents around. Her perfect 32B breasts are just to die for and she always looks like she’s having so much fun getting naked and having sex.

    You know when people just have “it”? That’s Adriana. Whatever that “it” is that just makes some people a cut above everyone else, well she’s got all of “it”.

    I can’t even begin to describe the hotness that is Adriana Chechik, which is why the only thing I can do is share her pictures and hope that you’ll become obsessed too. Because if we’re all obsessed with Adriana Chechik, she’ll be in high demand and we’ll get to lots of more of her.

    So please, take some time to see why I’m so obsessed with Adriana Chechik.  Continue Reading

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