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  • New Video On Demand Site Makes Sure Pornstars Get Paid

    In recent years, all porn has become totally free and this free porn phenomenon has completely eliminated literally all the problems in the world. No longer are people roaming the streets with bent up sexual energy and frustration. Everyone is now at home jacking off to free porn online (hopefully on but I understand if you check other free porn sites too), thus eliminating all of society’s and human nature’s ills…except for one…

    Ironically, the only people that aren’t benefitting from the wonderful world of free porn whenever you freaking want are the stars of such pornographic films.

    “How can that be!?” you’re probably shouting at your computer right now. “Surely with the ubiquity of free porn on the internet, pornstars have more exposure and a broader reach to promote their personal brand than ever before. Shouldn’t that eventually convert into profits?”

    Yeah it should. But it doesn’t.

    In spite of the fact that more and more pornstars are able to scratch the surface of the mainstream and leverage their internet followings into cool projects outside the adult industry, the truth is that no one is paying for the porn videos they’re starring in, so they can’t make a decent living if they are no profits to be made.

    Sadly, most pornstars must now supplement their income by doing other things such as feature dance appearances, webcam shows and escorting.

    While I firmly believe that you do whatever you got to do to survive, I’ve always thought that pornstars producing their own content was the most efficient way for them to supplement their income.

    Escorting could put a pornstar in dangerous situations, and the risk of contracting an STI and bringing it in to the porn community can be high. Meanwhile feature dance appearances are probably exhausting what with the travel and hours of dancing and fake flirting you have to do. But when you produce your own content, it’s as simple as filming yourself masturbate and then uploading the clip where people need to pay for it to view it.

    Though I’m not entirely certain, I’m willing to guess that uploading your own content as a pornstar is a good way to avoid piracy, simply because the file doesn’t get passed from person to person. So the risk of a pirate getting their hands on your clip is lower. Right?

    Anyways, there’s a new free, DIY Video on Demand service that has just launched called VUIER.COM and it wants to make sure that your favorite pornstars get paid for producing their own content.

    In plain English, anyone with a video can post their videos to VUIER.COM, set whatever price they want to charge for their videos, and if they have an audience or fans to pay, they profit from it.  There is no revenue share, as they return all the profits to the uploaders of the video. They’re hoping to become the easiest and best video distribution platform that returns the most money to the creators.

    Sounds great, right?

    What’s especially surprising is that they’re welcoming members of the adult industry with open arms. Seems counterintuitive to accept submission from pornstars, but they simply recognize that pornstars need to and deserve to get paid for their work, so they want them contributing!

    I whole-heartedly recommend any pornstars that might be reading this right now to film a sexy little video, upload it to VUIER.COM and see how it works. I mean, why wouldn’t you try it? If you don’t like it, then you don’t need to keep making videos yourself and distributing them online. But this site promises profits. So why not try it?

    What’s the worst that can happen? No one buys your video $1.99 masturbation scene?

    It seems impossible to get the world paying for porn again since so many people expect it to be free now. So to get them paying for porn, why not make them buy an exclusive, personalized clip?

    Fetish models, webcam girls and pornstars can all potentially take advantage of this new platform. I say try it out and see if it helps you get paid! Because you deserve it!

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  • Condoms In Porn: Does It Bother You?

    A few days ago, I was reading an XBiz special report called Porn & Condoms: Adult Industry Stands Divided, which obviously surmised the current, “Should condoms be mandatory on porn shoots?” debate within the porn industry.

    Since pornstar Cameron Bay contracted HIV, the debate has come to the forefront of industry news.

    The belief is that Cameron Bay wouldn’t have contracted HIV if condoms were mandatory on porn shoots.

    I’m not here to discuss whether or not condoms should be mandatory. If we were to talk about condoms in porn, I would say that Nina Hartley has it figured it out already. Nina opposes the mandatory condoms in porn, favouring a “condoms optional” policy.

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  • Cameron Bay’s HIV+ Status Confirmed

    Cameron Bay HIV positive pornstar

    Cameron Bay

    Yesterday, we wrote about Cameron Bay and her HIV positive test results. At that time, the HIV positive test results were still unconfirmed.

    Sadly, Cameron Bay’s HIV positive status has been confirmed.

    The following statement was issued by the trade association for the adult industry, the Free Speech Coalition:

    “In cooperation with ATMLA, LATATA, FSC and APHSS, we are saddened to report that the tests involving performer Cameron Bay have been confirmed as positive for HIV. Both Cutting Edge Testing (CET) and Talent Testing Services (TTS) have run separate tests and have confirmed this information.  Continue Reading

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  • HIV Positive Pornstar “Unconfirmed”


    Cameron Bay, a female adult performer, may have tested positive for HIV. Continue Reading

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  • The Porno Dress Code

    Why do sweatpants always get such a bad rep? You wear sweatpants one time and everyone’s against you. It’s like people want to shame you for wanting to be as comfortable as possible.

    Wearing sweatpants to work is always the worst. For some reason they aren’t considered “appropriate” or “professional”. Strangely enough, the “No Sweatpants At Work” rule not only applies to most businesses, government offices, and restaurants, it also applies to porn sets. Continue Reading

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  • Measure B Debate on HuffPost Live

    Babe with condom


    If you check this blog often, you should know quite a bit about Measure B.

    If not, Measure B is the L.A. County ordinance introduced last November to make all condoms mandatory for adult performers.

    It’s a controversial issue to say the least.

    Policy makers and health officials who are for Measure B believe that making condoms mandatory will promote safe-sex and diminish the risk of disease among adult performers.

    People working in the adult industry think that condoms will be bad for business, that it’s a waste of tax-payer money, and that shooting with condoms can be logistically complicated.

    Now you have a very basic understanding of the Measure B issue. So let’s watch as Diane Duke, CEO of Free Speech Coalition; adult performers Danny Wylde and Steven St. Croix; Michael Fattorosi, an adult entertainment attorney; and Mark McGrath, policy and research analyst of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation go at it on a (recorded) live stream via The Huffington Post. Continue Reading

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  • Measure B has Killed Porn Scenes in LA

    Measure B

    Unintentional Durex Product Placement

    Last November, the people of Los Angeles county voted to make condoms mandatory in all porn scenes filmed in their jurisdiction.

    Almost the entire porn industry was against the mandate because condoms can be impractical while filming porn scenes and also production companies would be forced to pay lots of money and jump through hoops to get the necessary film permits.

    As usual, the public wasn’t sympathetic to the plight of their local pornographers. They thought, “Well, porn studios would have to pay more…but to enforce this law, the county will have to make condom inspector jobs and we’ll be promoting safe sex at the same time…What could possibly go wrong?”

    Let me tell you, a lot could go wrong… Continue Reading

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  • What can we learn from 10,000 porn stars?

    John Millward took six months to analyze 10,000 porn star profiles on Internet Adult Film Database to determine who the average porn star was.

    Sounds interesting, right? If only there was a blog that could provide a synopsis of this study with NSFW visual aids. Good news, there is a blog that can provide a synopsis. It’s this blog. The Blog.

    Ok, Mr. Millward, what do you have for us?

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  • Nina Hartley gets podcasted

    Nina Hartley was on the Two White Guys podcast. If you like porn or sex, then you better listen up because Nina knows it all.

    Here’s part 1:

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