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  • True Detective Season Finale Tonight!

    BSLkHXb True Detective Season Finale Tonight!

    Alexandra Daddario

    The first season of True Detective ends tonight!

    To celebrate what’s been the most enjoyable show I’ve seen in years, I think it would be a good idea to revisit the scenes that made me realize that True Detective is a show worth watching.

    I’m of course talking about Alexandra Daddario sex scenes on True Detective.

    Alexandra Daddario playing with handcuffs:

    And “What good is cake if you can’t eat it?”

    This show rules. Almost as amazing as Alexandra Daddario’s tits.

    So now that we’ve revisited one of best sex scenes in recent memory, I gotta ask…


    I have a feeling that there is no Yellow King and that Rust Cohle is an alien who will go back to his own planet because they need him more than they need him in the Bayou.

    You all owe me a dollar if I’m right.

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  • Lili Simmons True Detective Sex Scene

    tumblr n1jbazuc1y1rzturvo1 500 Lili Simmons True Detective Sex Scene

    Lili Simmons

    Are you guys watching True Detective?

    For those of you who aren’t, it’s Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as two Louisanan homocide detectives trying to trace a series of grizzly murders over the course of 17 years. If that doesn’t scream excellent TV to you, then I feel bad for you because it is worth watching.

    But even if the cast and the plot doesn’t interest you, I feel like the sex scenes in True Detective will. In classic HBO fashion, True Detective finds a way to shoe-horn in some very hot sex scenes into their tense dramas to let the audience and the characters blow off a little steam.

    Last episode (episode 6 “Haunted Houses”), featured a sex scene with the very sexy Lili Simmons.

    I had never heard of Lili Simmons until I was in the middle of watching her sex scene and thought to myself, “I need to find out who this actress is.” She’s an actress/model that you might recognize from Ford and JC Penny ads, or maybe you’ve seen her on her Cinemax show Banshee.

    Whether you know Lili Simmons or not, you’ll always remember this sexy young actress from these incredibly seductive scenes from True DetectiveContinue Reading

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