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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: September 26th, 2014

    Alright all you motherfuckers! It’s the motherfucking weekend. We got sleep to catch up on. We got parties to go to. We don’t have to go to work for TWO WHOLE DAYS. It’s time to live life to its fullest.

    Here at the Blog, we want all you motherfuckers to have the best damn weekend possible. How can a porn blog help you have the best damn weekend possible? Every Friday, we supply you with YOUR WEEKEND FREE PORN PLAYLIST.

    You could spend your entire weekend searching for hot, free porn videos to fap to…or you could just let us do it for you!

    To save you time, we spend all week carefully curating the 7 best free porn videos from the past week for optimal weekend fapping.

    So let’s not delay a second longer. Let’s see the 7 best free porn videos from the past week in yet another edition of YOUR WEEKEND FREE PORN PLAYLIST.

    1. Naughty slut August Ames films a sex tape in a dive bar bathroom

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  • Chris Brown Throws Party, and for Some Reason Porn Stars Attend

    So, Chris Brown, right?

    I believe that people deserve second chances.  I really do.  Chris Brown, however, is on like his twelfth chance, and he just keeps fucking up.  Most recently, he went to jail for over a hundred days for violating his probation.  He was supposed to spend time in a re-hab facility to work on that whole anger management thing that led him to beat the crap out of Rihanna a few times.  The caveat for his probation was that, if for any reason he left re-hab, he would go directly to jail.

    And then he got kicked out of rehab.

    But Chris Brown did his time in jail, and now he’s back out.  What’s the first thing you do when you get out of jail?  Duh, isn’t it obvious?  You throw a huge massive raging party so everyone can celebrate that you’re back out into the world amongst society where you won’t beat up women, gay dudes, and generally just be a huge asshole…right?

    So Chris Brown threw a massive party, with lots of famous guests, and more specifically, there were a bunch of porn stars in attendance: some of the biggest porn stars in the industry in fact.  For the life of me I can’t understand why you would want to support/associate yourself with a guy like Chris Brown, but here we are.  The pictures don’t lie.

    Considering you are all frequenters of a porn blog, I assume you’ll want to know specifically who I’m talking about.  Click the link below to go check out some Instagram pictures from the party and you’ll get to see some of your favourite performers:

    Here it is!  No, I’m just kidding, here’s the link over here.

    So who was there?  We’re talking about:

    Alexis Texas

    5039647 fresh faced blond alexis texas Chris Brown Throws Party, and for Some Reason Porn Stars Attend

    Source: via cameronra79 on

    Bonnie Rotten

    1420993 bonnie rotten with new boob job Chris Brown Throws Party, and for Some Reason Porn Stars Attend

    Source: via Beauty Land on

    Alektra Blue

    1400261 alektra blue Chris Brown Throws Party, and for Some Reason Porn Stars Attend

    Source: via MOLLYG23 on

    Sarah Jessie

    1610025 gorgeous parole officer sarah jessie fucks her jail boy into Chris Brown Throws Party, and for Some Reason Porn Stars Attend

    Source: via VenusVixen on

    Kimberly Kendall

    2678255 sexy latina kimberly kendall gets her sport outfit on in the Chris Brown Throws Party, and for Some Reason Porn Stars Attend

    Source: via Thorsif on

    So yeah, some pretty heavy hitters all things considers. Can’t judge them for going to his party obviously – it would probably be pretty difficult to turn down an invitation from one of the biggest R&B singers in the world to a huge raging pool party filled with celebs.

    But, I dunno, it seems weird to be celebrating the release of a guy who, by all accounts, has run out of chances.

    via Daily Mail

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  • The Best Sex Links!

    Welcome back to another edition of THE BEST SEX LINKS where we check in with the best sex around the internet.

    How many times have you stopped everything you’re doing to wonder whether or not Miley Cyrus is rocking a bush? Well, the answer is over at TAXIDRIVERMOVIE. MILEY CYRUS’S PUBES VIA TAXIDRIVERMOVIE.

    PEEPERZ has an interview with a beautiful babe by Bianca Breeze. I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never heard of Bianca Breeze and I didn’t listen to the interview, but she’s a sexy brunette pornstar and they were nice enough to provide some pictures with interview. So if you’re not interested in what Bianca Breeze has to say, at least check it out for the pictures of this stunning brunette. BIANCA BREEZE INTERVIEW ON PEEPERZ.

    THE NIP SLIP has pics of Rihanna leaving some event for celebrities. Now normally that wouldn’t be worth sharing on THE BEST SEX LINKS but rest assured that Rihanna is showing some serious ass in the dress she wore to the event. So check it out. RIHANNA SHOWING HINT OF ASS VIA THE NIP SLIP.

    DRUNKEN STEPFATHER has pictures of a hot babe by the name of Madison Murray posing all sexy like. She’s gorgeous. You’ll love her. Check her out. MADISON MURRAY IS HOT ON A BEACH OF THE DAY ON DRUNKENSTEPFATHER.

    CELEBS EMPIRE is a great site for anyone that loves seeing nude celebrities or just sexy celebrities. Today I recommend checking out their selection of all new Jessica Alba GIFs, because who doesn’t want to see sexy Jessica Alba GIFs? CELEBS EMPIRE’S SEXY JESSICA ALBA GIFS.

    IMAGEPOST has a new gallery featuring the incredibly asstastic Jynx Maze. Join horny hottie Jynx Maze as she invites the pool cleaner inside to give her ass a nice licking and some glorious anal, riding his big cock with her tight back door until he shoots a creampie load of cum deep inside! JYNX MAZE FUCKS THE POOL CLEANER ON IMAGEPOST.

    Hey guys. Have you ever wanted a vibrator that’s just for men? Well one exists and you can find out all about it on FLESHBOT.

    Emma Glover is hot. She recently posed for Playboy. It’s like they went into my dreams and made it come true. EMMA GLOVER’S PLAYBOY PICS VIA MORAZZIA.

    SINN & SKINN has two hot videos of Vimeo porn that are definitely worth your time. WATCH SOME HOT VIMEO PORN ON SINN & SKINN.

    Are you familiar with nude model Kimber Cox? Well you will be after this gallery of KIMBER COX NUDE VIA THE FEEDING TUBE.

    And for those of you that like big round tits, Jessica Rose has some big round tits and she’s happy to show them off on TOPBABESBLOG. SEE JESSICA ROSE’S BIG TITS ON TOPBABESBLOG.

    ICANLICKIT wants you to revisit one of the most beautiful lesbian relationships ever captured on film. I’m of course talking about Malena Morgan and Elle Alexandra. Were they ever in a real lesbian relationship? Doubt it. But that on screen chemistry is undeniable. WATCH ELLE ALEXANDRA AND MALENA MORGAN ON ICANLICKIT.

    And finally, BOOTYSOURCE has pictures of the world’s favorite pornstar Alexis Texas looking classy at Exxxotica. And even all dressed up, that ass is one of the nicest in human history. ALEXIS TEXAS LOOKING CLASSY VIA BOOTYSOURCE.

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  • The Best Sex Links!

    bestsexwebcamtease The Best Sex Links!


    OKIE DOKIE. It’s that time of the week. Time to check in with all the other sites we like so that you can see the best sex on the internet!  Continue Reading

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  • Who Is The World Fapping To?

    Around this time last year, PornMD launched its “sex search” feature, which allows everyone to see what the Top 10 porn searches are for almost every country in the world.

    While PornMD’s sex search is enlightening, the problem I’ve always had with it is that we mostly only see categories and not specific babes that the world is searching for.

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  • Top 10 Things To Do If You’re Alone On Valentine’s Day

    valentines day alone Top 10 Things To Do If Youre Alone On Valentines Day

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Valentine’s Day sucks.

    It sucks when you’re in a couple but it especially sucks when you’re single because you’re alone. At least when you’re dating someone, you’re both having a miserable Valentine’s Day together.

    So yeah, Valentine’s Day sucks. But at least it only lasts 24 hours! That’s why if you’re feeling a little blue on Valentine’s Day, you can do one of these 10 things because this is the TOP 10 THINGS TO DO IF YOU’RE ALONE ON VALENTINE’S DAY.   Continue Reading

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  • Top 10 Tips For A Great Blowjob on National Blowjob Day

    BdY41a1CIAA4Qve Top 10 Tips For A Great Blowjob on National Blowjob Day


    I’m not sure how but the internet has declared January 7th to be National Blowjob Day!

    Some of you might be wondering why we need a National Blowjob Day when we already have Steak and Blowjob Day on March 7th. Well, we need a National Blowjob Day because vegetarians like to get their dick sucked too. Why should they be excluded from celebrating oral sex just because they don’t eat meat?

    Makes sense to me.

    Anyways, in the spirit of my new favorite holiday, I’d like to give you the Top 10 Tips For A Great Blowjob on National Blowjob Day. Celebrate the greatest holiday in the world the right way!  Continue Reading

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  • AVN Awards Fan Voting Now Open!

    Fan voting for the 2014 AVN Awards opened this past Friday (November 15th). There are ten Fan Vote categories this year and they are:

    • Best Body
    • Favorite Porn Star (Female)
    • Favorite Porn Star (Male)
    • Favorite Web Cam Girl
    • Hottest MILF
    • Most Promising New Starlet
    • Social Media Star
    • Favorite Studio
    • Best Boobs
    • Hottest Ass

    Though fans have until January 17th to think it over and cast their votes, I spent the weekend carefully deliberating who I was going to vote for. Since there’s no mention that the AVN Fan Voting is a secret ballot, I’d like to tell you who I voted for this year. Are you ready? OK let’s go!  Continue Reading

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  • Have Sex With Joanna Angel…

    43253 07 Have Sex With Joanna Angel...

    Joanna Angel

    GREAT NEWS! You can now have sex with Joanna Angel!

    Ermm…Sorry…That’s not entirely true. You can now have sex with a replica of Joanna Angel’s pussy because Fleshlight just announced that she is the newest Fleshlight Girl! Continue Reading

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  • How To Have Anal Sex

    3910033 busty blonde pornstar alexis texas showing her pro skills and How To Have Anal Sex

    For everyone obsessed with asses

    We’re in the middle of a paradigm shift.

    It doesn’t feel like  long ago that seeing boobs was the most important thing in a heterosexual man’s life. But nowadays the only thing on anyone’s mind is asses. That includes heterosexual and homosexual men and women.

    Everyone loves asses more than ever. And you know what? I love it!

    Just like the song, I love big butts and I would never lie about it because it’s just a fact.

    After admiring and smacking asses for an extended period of time, it’s only natural that you would want to have sex with an ass. Having sex with someone’s ass is a common practice known as ANAL SEX.

    I’m willing to guess that watching anal sex in porn is the extent of your experience with anal sex. Let me tell you now that anal sex in porn is very different than real anal sex.

    Experts estimate that 1 in 4 straight couples have had anal sex. Then why is anal sex so rare? If I had to guess, it’s because couples try anal without being fully prepared. They see how easy and orgasmic it looks in porn movies and they try it without the proper preparation.

    To help you achieve your dream of having and enjoying anal sex, I’m going to teach you how to have anal sex.

    Are you ready to go in through the outdoor? Good. Let’s begin.  Continue Reading

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