• Mellisa Clarke: Sexy Goth

    Melissa Clarke sexy beach babe goth

    Melissa Clarke

    Summer can be hard for goths.

    They have to deal with sunshine and good vibes all summer long. Let me tell you, sunshine and good vibes are two things that don’t go well with goth culture.

    Normally I would just feel bad for goths in the summer time. However, while scrolling through pages and pages of free porn on, I came across Mellisa Clarke posing on the beach (specifically, the sexy Mellisa Clarke picture at the beginning of this post).

    For all intents and purposes, Mellisa Clarke is goth.

    Feel free to tell me otherwise in the comments, but the truth is I don’t care. I really do not care if she doesn’t actually listen to Bauhaus or if she’s never seen The Crow or whatever goths are into these days. Melissa Clarke looks sort of goth, which is good enough for me.

    Just be happy that I didn’t choose Kate Upton for this beach goth Babe of the Day.

    Anyways, seeing Mellisa Clarke’s sexy beach pic on got me thinking…

    Why are there no sexy goths hanging at the beach? There’s nothing I like better than incongruity and a sexy goth at the beach is full of incongruity.

    In general, where are all the sexy goths?

    They used to be all over the high school.

    I’m making Mellisa Clarke (the sexiest goth of all time) Babe of the Day on the condition that the sexy goths of the world come out of hiding. We love your pale skin, dark hair, and bleak outlook on life and humanity.

    For anyone who doubts that goths can be sexy, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Mellisa Clarke, the babe of the day:  Continue Reading

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  • Christy Mack wins Miss Freeones

    Christy Mack

    The Mack Attack

    Can you believe another Miss Freeones contest has come and gone? Is it any surprise that Christy Mack was named Miss Freeones 2013 and Best Newcomer 2013? Not really. That’s because Christy Mack is a super sexy, tattooed, badass that was overdue to win something!

    And boy did she ever win. Not only did Christy Mack win two titles but she also took home $12,500 in prize money. Remind me to enter next year. I’m trying to come up on prize money like that.

    As you may or may not know, was one of the sponsors for Miss Freeones this year and we couldn’t be happier that Christy Mack is taking home or money. Well, I would be happier if I had been given the money but you can’t always win! Anyways, as a proud sponsor of Miss Freeones we would like to congratulate Christy Mack on her win. In order to do that, we thought we’d help you better acquainted with Christy Mack by giving you a Christy Mack Top 10.

    So let’s get straight to it, here now is the Christy Mack Top 10: Continue Reading

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