Alyssa Branch

  • Girls Get Sugar Daddies For New Boobs

    Alyssa Branch plays a college student in need of cash from her Sugar Daddy

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    Why do girls get Sugar Daddies?

    The simple answer is money. But ultimately, that answer was too simple for

    For their ten year anniversary ( has been around for ten years?), polled their female users to see why they had signed up to have sex with rich, older men. Aside from the fact that they need / want money.

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  • College babes trade sex for tuition


    College Sugar Babe

    There’s a new craze sweeping college campuses around the globe: SEX!

    Sex has always been popular with college students. Being free from their parents allows students to shrug off their scholastic responsibilities and fuck a stranger. Yes, college chicks sure are great.

    But it’s not just regular, young people sex that’s popular among today’s students. More and more college students are going to site’s like to get themselves a sugar daddy. College babes are trading sex to pay for their studies.

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