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  • Halloween Sex With Monsters (Very Spooky)

    Last week, after revealing that 75% OF PEOPLE WOULD HAVE SEX WITH A GHOST IF THEY COULD, I was curious to know what Halloween monster you would NOT have sex with.

    I’m still trying to figure out where women draw the line when it comes to having sex with things, but I do know that men will literally fuck anything. Any hole, crease, or crevice you can think of, I can guarantee a man has tried putting his penis inside of it and thrusting in and out.

    But as far as fictional monsters go, the majority of you draw the line with Zombies.

    Let’s take a look at the results.  Continue Reading

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  • Alyssa Milano Sex Tape

    Alyssa Milano sex tape

    Alyssa Milano’s sex tape

    Ever since Alyssa Milano appeared braless on the cover of Maxim this June, our attraction to her has been as strong as it was in the 1990’s. The 40-year-old actress looks as good, if not better than she did.

    Now, it’s with great pleasure that I get share with you the Alyssa Milano sex tape. It leaked earlier today and it’s one of the hottest celebrity sex tapes I’ve ever seen:  Continue Reading

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  • Alyssa Milano: ageless and braless on Maxim cover

    Alyssa Milano braless sexy maxim


    Do you see the picture at the top of this blog post?

    That’s Alyssa Milano on the cover of this month’s Maxim Magazine.

    Yes, that’s the same Alyssa Milano from Who’s The Boss and Charmed.

    Are you wondering what Alyssa Milano is doing on the cover of Maxim Magazine? Well, I imagine she’s primarily there to promote her new show Mistresses, which seems like a fine show. I know nothing about it but the title leads me to believe that it’s a very sexy show with lots of intrigue and as much sex as the censors will let them getaway with. Can someone please confirm on deny this assumption in the comments? I won’t be able to watch it myself.

    Even though Alyssa Milano is a total babe, Mistresses airs on Monday nights, which means I can’t watch it because I’ll be at my other job, stripping for quarters at the male stripclub by the docks.

    We’re not here to talk about Mistresses, we’re here to talk about Alyssa Milano’s sexy new Maxim pictures.

    Let’s take a look at more of Alyssa Milano’s sexy new Maxim pictures right now:  Continue Reading

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