• 7 Amateur Porn Stars You Need to Watch Fuck Right Now

    Every day, the Mofos offices are getting flooded with sex tape submissions from amateur porn stars trying to see if they’ve got the goods to make it big in the porn industry. While each amateur porn star’s submission to Mofos is worth at least one watch, we just finished vetting’s collection of free Mofos videos and there are 7 amateur porn stars you need to watch fuck right now.

    Some you may recognize, whether from previous amateur porn work or, hopefully, they’ve gone on to make professional porn videos. Either way, make sure you are alone, drop your pants and prepare to have your load blown over and over again by some spectacular amateur porn stars courtesy of Mofos.

    1. Sexy ebony teen Anya teases the camera

    Anya’s big tits are simply hypnotic. Enjoy. Thank goodness her amateur sex tape led her to a professional porn career. See more Anya.

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  • Dirty Amateur Euro Teen Fucks For Money

    I don’t know if I’ve been watching too many Public Pickups videos but I’m starting to think that living anywhere but Europe is a bad idea. To fully understand what I mean, watch the Public Pickups video embedded below.

    Source: Uploaded by Mofos on

    We all saw that, right? Homie just rolled up on that dirty amateur euro teen, told her she was pretty, flashed some cash and then all of a sudden her tits came out and she was blowing him! That hot, dirty euro teen even sucked the thumb he stuck in her ass while he fucked her from behind.

    I can’t speak on how regular girls from the other 6 continents would respond to: “Hey, I’m a stranger with some money. Want to fuck? I’ll film it,” but thank goodness for these euro teen sluts are so ready and willing to take a strange cock on camera because without them, there would be no Public Pickups. And without Public Pickups, there would be a severe dearth of quality amateur porn videos.


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  • This Flexible Blonde’s Sex Tape Is The Best Sex Tape Ever

    Not all sex tapes are created equal, even though all sex tapes are worth watching at least once.

    We recently stumbled upon this sex tape on the official Mofos page and were very impressed. We don’t know how I Know That Girl got their hands on this flexible blonde’s sex tape, but it is without a doubt the best sex tape known to man. Watch it below and prepare to be blown away.

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    What makes this the best sex tape ever? Well did you see that blonde chick’s big round tits, plump booty and how she can bend her body to get fucked in literally any sex position imaginable? Man, if she remained just an amateur after receiving the I Know That Girl stamp of approval, that’s a real waste of pornstar-calibre talent.

    Furthermore, too many sex tapes start with the guy doing the coaxing while the girl acts all shy and takes her time to get turned on by the thought that millions of men will be happy to fap to her sex tape. This sex tape is entirely initiated by the flexible, busty blonde. She chose to film herself teasing in the bathtub and she’s the one that gets her man ready to fuck before he has two feet in the door.

    Best sex tape of all time, hands down.

    If you want to see more amateur sex tapes that come close to rivalling this, the greatest sex tape ever released on the internet, then head over to Mofos now. There are so many amateur sex tapes that your head will be spinning for days.

    And please, if this chick went on to shoot professional porn videos, please let us know. If not, that’s a damn, damn shame.

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  • Train Your Cock To August Ames’ Workout Sex Tape

    All men want the same two things: to last longer in bed and August Ames‘ big tits. While you are unlikely to enjoy August Ames’ big tits IRL, you can still watch them on video and actually train yourself to last longer in bed.

    The idea is that there’s nothing hotter than August Ames, especially in her workout-themed sex tape for Mofos. Masturbating to the video below will help you last longer in bed because if you can make it to the end of the video without blowing your load, you can fuck anyone without worrying about premature ejaculation.

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  • Stella Cox Is Even Hotter When Stranded

    If any of you guys aren’t totally in love with U.K. porn star Stella Cox‘s big tits yet, you are in for a real treat.

    In the video below from Stranded Teens, we find Stella in the back of a cab. She hasn’t got any money to pay for the ride, which is no big deal for Stella. She knows all she needs to do to get a free ride is flash her gorgeous tits. Stella Cox’s big tits are better than any legal tender anyways. But being a horny British slut, Stella’s little flash turns her on so much that she needs the cabbie to pull over so that she can taste and get fucked by his big cock.

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  • Janice Griffith’s Mofos Live Show is Going to Blow Your Load Over and Over Again

    Men can’t have multiple orgasms because they physiologically have to go through a refractory period after orgasming. However, this Janice Griffith live show from Mofos, which thank God someone recorded and pinned to the official Mofos page where you can stream free Mofos video on, is so hot that your refractory period will be non-existent. Prepare to blow your load over and over again to the incredibly sexy Miss Janice Griffith.

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  • We Should All Aspire to Have Sex Like Isabella de Santos

    While browsing through free Mofos videos on, we found an old amateur sex tape starring one of porn’s sexiest Latinas: the one and only Ms Isabella de Santos.

    Though she hadn’t adopted the “Isabella de Santos” moniker yet when the amateur sex tape was shot, one thing was immediately very clear: this chick can fuck. No wonder she’s found fame and acclaim starring in porn videos for a living. Isabella de Santos, even before she was the pornstar we know and love today, was having incredible sex. Sex we should all aspire to have. So please revisit Isabella de Santos’ old amateur sex tape below or watch the full video in HD when you visit and take notes because this is perfect sex.

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