• Up And Cumming Porn Star Alert: Jade Nile Is Your Favorite New Babe

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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: September 19th, 2014

    Why do all good weekends start with a visit to the Blog? Because the Blog is the only free porn blog that saves you the trouble of searching for porn yourself (especially on weekends)!

    We spend all week watching porn videos. It’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it. Every Friday, it is our duty to share the 7 hottest free porn videos we saw in the past week so that our loyal readers are watching only the best free porn the internet has to offer. It’s called Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist and you better believe it’s fucking dope.

    Are you ready to see the 7 hottest free porn videos from the past week? Enjoy yet another edition of Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist!

    1. Tasha Reign introduces P.A. Taylor Whyte to threesome sex

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  • Vivid Presents Phil Varone Groupies: The Music From Behind

    Every warm-blooded man has fantasized about life as a rock star. Phil Varone, the former drummer for Skid Row and current drummer for Saigon Kick, sums things up succinctly:

    “Let’s face it, the three reasons why guys dream of being rock stars is for fame, fortune and women. The questions I get asked most often are, How many girls have you had? How do you get girls?  Is it easy to get laid? Can you tell us some stories?  Phil Varone Groupies: The Music From Behind answers all these questions and curiosities.  It also introduces some very hot girls and visits places never before seen except by rock stars.”

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  • Sara Jay and Siri are Live-Streaming Their Promised World Cup Blowjobs

    Remember the World Cup?  No?  It’s that thing that all of those people were going wild about earlier in the summer.  That soccer thing.  Though there are some soccer fans amongst the staff at, most of us had a very specific reason for following the world’s biggest soccer tournament.  Fellow blogger Chico Dusty wrote a blog post about it earlier in the summer, but here’s the key point:

    Sara Jay and Siri promised free blowjobs to all of their Twitter followers if one of Germany, Brazil, the US or UK won the World Cup.

    #TeamBJ, as they’re known, cast the net pretty wide on this one, as there were pretty solid odds that one of these teams was going to walk away with the gold. And they did!  Germany ended up beating Argentina 1-0 in the finals, and beyond glory and good times for Germans everywhere, that means a bunch of free blowjobs are going to get given.

    Here’s the video of their promise, the video that got thousands of blowjob and twitter fans salivating:

    When is #TeamBJ of Sara Jay and Siri going to make good on their promise?  I’m glad you asked, because the answer is tomorrow!  And, even better, they’re live-streaming the whole thing!

    You can check out the live-streams at various different websites:, and  Now, if you’re not already a member on all of these sites, then what the heck are you waiting for, but also, you can catch the first 15 minutes of the live-stream for FREE at the following link:

    Now, here’s the really important part;

    If you want to check out the action after that initial 15 minutes (and trust me, you’re definitely going to want to) you’re gonna have to sign up for one of the above mentioned sites.

    Sara Jay had this to say about her #TeamBJ exploits:

    Having done one #TeamBJ in the past, it’s fascinating to see who actually shows up to collect. It is reality porn at it’s finest. Real guys hooking up with their dream porn star through twitter… while people watch!”

    Meanwhile, Siri offered her two cents:

    “I am genuinely excited. We won’t actually know just how many people will show up literally until the time of the event. It is personally thrilling and I hope my fans are as excited as I am.”

    I know I’m going to be tuning in, if only so I can be jealous and throw shade at all of the lucky bastards who are going to be getting free blowjobs for simply following Siri and Sara Jay on Twitter and becoming sudden soccer fans.

    In case you’ve been living under a porn rock for awhile, here’s why you should also be jealous that you’re not getting a free blowjob from one of these busty babes.  And if on the off chance you ARE going to get a celebratory soccer BJ, then be sure to let us know how the experience was.  Here’s Sara Jay and Siri at the cock-sucking finest:

    543581 sara jay Sara Jay and Siri are Live Streaming Their Promised World Cup Blowjobs


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  • Product Placement In Porn Top 10

    Whether you’re conscious of it or not, you should know that in almost all the media you consume there’s been a product strategically shoe-horned in to make you want to buy it without you even really realizing it.

    Like for example, how many times have you been watching Seinfeld reruns only to find yourself craving a cold, refreshing Snapple? That’s product placement (though allegedly Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld never got a cent for their numerous Snapple references, they kept it up because they loved the joke).

    Product placement is simply the presentation of a product either in the background or as a prop within the context of a movie or TV show. The advertiser’s product is visible but not the focus. The product must fit seamlessly in the scene, so not only does it add realism to the scene but it also helps sell the product. This is especially true if you identify with the characters.

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  • Some Lady’s Been Shooting Porn in an Austrian Church

    And, as you can imagine, the church authorities are none too pleased.

    Recently, some videos surfaced of a 24-year old Austrian porn actress named Babsi fondling herself in a church.  The priest of the church found out through an anonymous tipster, and is trying to take legal action against those people who were involved with the photo shoot.

    As much as I don’t give a shit about churches or religion – I feel bad for the priest.  Show at least a little decorum people, I mean, maybe there’s some sort of deep-rooted prudishness surfacing in me here, but in a church?  Kinda grimy guys.

    You can watch the not-particularly sexy video here.  I can’t directly embed the video in the post.  So sue me.

    Is this even pornographic?  Vaguely, I guess.  But when I clicked on the news article I expected like, a full on big budget production with camera crews, props, make-up, costumes, several different actors all gang-banging on the pews and in the confessional, all dressed up likes nuns and priests.  As you can imagine, I was slightly disappointed to discover this ‘porno’ is simply like, a Windows-phone shot 3 minute clip of some woman lightly fondling her boobs and general crotch area, over her jeans.

    Perhaps there are additional videos where things get a little more hardcore, but I can’t find ‘em if thats the case.

    Whatever, it’s still pretty funny because it’s getting all the conservative-types all twisted up.


    “Meanwhile the local diocese is considering how to go about restoring the church’s dignity, and says “The sacraments which were celebrated in the past few weeks in the parish church are still considered valid.”

    So there’s that.

    Anyways, I’ll update my post if any additional information about this or any full-length videos surface.  Until then, you can look at these vaguely religious-themed porn pics from that probably weren’t ACTUALLY shot in a church and like, I dunno, have a weird catholic-guilt ridden masturbation session or something?

    5241985 hot nun does a great bj on her knees Some Ladys Been Shooting Porn in an Austrian Church

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  • Obsessed With Shae Summers

    As you might have guessed, watching porn for a living comes with its share of Pros and Cons. For example…

    Pro: get paid to watch porn.

    Con: too much of my blood gets directed to my penis to maintain an erection throughout the work day, thus causing me to have bad circulation in my extremities.

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  • Belle Knox’s Secret Stash Of Homemade Porn

    As some of you may already know, school’s out for the summer. Unfortunately that means young people are literally everywhere with absolutely nothing do, thus endangering the lives of adults everywhere. Though this summer, at least one young person is doing something cool…

    I’m of course talking about none other than the world famous Duke University pornstar Belle Knox.

    Belle Knox is currently doing an internship with Pornhub for the summer. What does that entail exactly? Well, if you’ve ever had a summer internship, you know that there’s nothing to do other than get bossed around and have people talk about your inadequacies when they think you can’t hear them but you heard every word they said and you spend the rest of the day contemplating whether or not it would be professional suicide to confront them about their harsh words but then again you don’t want to spend the next two months as their good-natured doormat either.  Ah yes, internships truly do suck.

    Belle’s on the other hand doesn’t sound so bad. Pornhub’s been teaching her all about internet marketing, branding, how the tube sites work and so on and so forth. It’s a good opportunity for someone who was unjustly thrust into the position of “Face of the Porn Industry” by the mainstream media to get a fuller understanding of how the adult industry works in this.

    Unfortunately, Belle’s internship means that she has to take time away from her other job as a pornstar…or does it?

    To keep herself in top pornstar condition during her internship, Belle Knox has been maintaining a surprisingly under-viewed Pornhub account and uploading homemade porn videos. So let’s appreciate Belle Knox’s dedication to her fans by watching some videos from Belle Knox’s secret stash of homemade porn videos:

    To stay up to date on Belle Knox’s secret stash of homemade porn videos, check out her Pornhub channel here: BELLE KNOX ON PORNHUB.

    And when you see something you like, don’t forget to pin it to your boards!

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  • Miss Colorado Runner-Up Has a New Porn Scene

    Do you guys remember Kristy Althaus? The Miss Colorado Teen Runner-Up that had her title stripped after it was revealed she had shot a scene for

    Do you seriously not remember her? It happened like…only 5 months ago at the time I’m writing this (June 16th, 2014).

    Now we’re talking about Kristy Althaus of Miss Colorado Teen Runner-Up. She is not to be confused with Melissa King, the former Miss Delaware Teen USA who lost her crown and title when she shot with

    Though Melissa King was the first teen beauty Queen to be busted for shooting porn and was the topic of more media coverage and controversy, Kristy Althaus was a straight up pornstar.

    Melissa King is a very pretty girl, however looks will only get you so far in porn. There’s an element of performance, a nuance to exaggerating the sex and the pleasure that’s derived from it that’s often lost on non-pornstar (and I can back that claim up with at least a billion different amateur porn videos). Melissa King was a very pretty girl but she just did not grasp the performance element of being in a porn video and her debut porn scene was ultimately a disappointment.

    Kristy Althaus had it, however. Or I guess I should say, “has it.”

    When Kristy Althaus’s porn scene dropped, it blew everyone away. Not only was this young, former beauty Queen smoking hot but she also knew how to sell it to the camera. I imagine that scouts for professional sports teams get a similar feeling when they see a blue chip prospect when I saw Kristy Althaus for the first time. You could just tell that she could be a star.

    “Too bad this is a one and done,” I said to myself five months ago. Oh how naive I was.

    You know who else recognized Kristy Althaus’s talent? The guys over at They must have because they just released a brand new scene featuring your future favorite pornstar, former Miss Colorado Teen Runner-Up Kristy Althaus. Looking as hot as ever and banging better than ever, the teen beauty Queen turned pornstar is going to rock your world. Plus, they tease at a Kristy Althaus solo scene. New hardcore plus and an upcoming solo masturbation scene? Could this be a sign she’ll give being a pornstar a try? I truly hope so because she’s a natural.

    To watch Miss Colorado Teen Runner-Up Kristy Althaus’s incredible new scene in full, visit

    Or watch the free preview on ImagePost:

    Screen Shot 2014 06 17 at 12.05.50 AM Miss Colorado Runner Up Has a New Porn Scene

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  • Sheri Chiu Poses in an Amazing Erotic Photo Shoot

    It’s not often that I see erotic photography that truly strays into the realm of art. The idea of ‘artistic erotica’ in the fashion world has become so normal that seeing topless women in the pages of your favourite fashion rag is no longer shocking, or even surprising. Maybe the magazines realized that print media is slowly dying, and wanted to try and sell a few extra copies to the teenage male demographic? Probably.

    Sheri Chiu is a major babe, and based on some limited research, it seems like she’s relatively new to the whole erotic modelling game. Welcome the rookie! Let’s hope that she sticks around for a few more shoots, because she’s got ‘it,’ whatever ‘it’ is. Disclaimer: I have no idea what qualifies as ‘it.’

    Sheri Chiu posed in this photo shoot for a photographer named Marc Hervouet, and the photos are for a S Magazine, which has never shied away from giving the people what they truly want. If you like tasteful erotica like this, you should go buy S Magazine, because they always have a pile of awesome nude and semi-nude photos.

    Sheri Chiu is an fashion editor for a magazine called Schön! Magazine, so perhaps she had a hand in the artistic direction of these photos. Everything about them looks totally gorgeous, from the lighting, to the set, to the model herself. The whole thing reminds me of hot summer nights and lying with someone in a sticky hot bed, both of y’all covered in sweat. Man, the summer is dope. Anyways, here are the pics:

    5972768 hot asian girl 1 Sheri Chiu Poses in an Amazing Erotic Photo Shoot

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