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  • Top 15 Reality Kings Videos of 2015 So Far

    The Blog’s premature Best of 2015 coverage continues with the 15 best porn videos fit for kings. Reality Kings, that is.

    We had tried to do this earlier but 67% of the list were We Live Together videos, which didn’t seem fair to Reality Kings’ 37 other porn sites. So if you’re wondering why there are no We Live Together videos on this Reality Kings Best of, it’s because they’re here: Top 10 We Live Together Videos of 2015 So Far.

    Now onto the Top 15 Reality Kings Videos of 2015 So Far (excluding We Live Together Videos)!

    15. Bethany Benz and Elisse “Amazing Body” – Round and Brown

    Holy smokes. These two ebony babes are hot. Curves in all the right places. You girls may be the bread in our sex sandwich any day.

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  • EuroSexParties Finds Out How Many Cocks It Takes To Please Anissa Kate

    Have you ever finished an Anissa Kate video and she looks like she’s left wanting more? Not to say that she doesn’t appreciate a rough pounding from a single cock but it goes without saying that Anissa Kate is a whole lot of woman. So much woman that sometimes one man isn’t enough quench her thirst for cock.

    So just how many cocks does it take to please Anissa Kate? EuroSexParties sacked up and figured out just how much cock this gorgeous French porn star needs to get off in the video below.


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  • Help Anissa Kate Find Love in LifeSelector’s New Sex Game

    Suspend your disbelief for a moment and imagine a world where French pornstar Anissa Kate just can’t catch a break when looking for love. I know it’s hard to imagine a world wherein Anissa Kate can’t find love because there are at least a million men chomping at the bit to play with her big tits, pound her sweet pussy, smack that tight ass and satisfy her every need.

    We need to pretend that Anissa Kate can’t find love for the purpose of playing LifeSelector‘s new sex game Forbidden Amour starring the lovely French seductress as a beautiful jewelry model that needs your help to lead her to a life of passionate, sensual, erotic sex without her sneaky rival and backstabbing friend getting in the way.

    Watch the trailer for the new Forbidden Amour sex game below.

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  • Pornstar Spotlight: Anissa Kate

    Time for another Pornstar Spotlight!

    For those you who don’t know, Pornstar Spotlight is a daily feature here on the Blog where we tell you everything you need to know about one pornstar, including their top 5 hottest porn videos. Click here to browse the Pornstar Spotlight Archives.

    Today, the Blog’s Pornstar Spotlight shines on a pornstar who is so hot, she makes me feel guilty for dropping out of French class in high school: ANISSA KATEContinue Reading

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  • AEBN’s Top 40 Pornstars of 2014

    Rather than judge on the pornstars on their highly subjective physical attributes and ability to fuck on camera, porn-on-demand giant Adult Entertaiment Broadcast Network (AEBN) takes the position that when it comes to genuine porn star status, sales data is more revealing and credible.

    There’s no doubt that casual viewing figures collected from free porn tube sites or “performer-of-the-minute” search trends only reveals a small segment of a performer’s popularity.

    For example, Belle Knox spent most of 2014 as the adult industry’s poster girl mostly because mainstream media outlets couldn’t wrap their heads around her being comfortable with her decision to star in porn movies to pay for Duke Universty’s $63,530 estimated cost of attendance. That doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone searching for “Belle Knox” was trying to watch her porn videos. They could have just as easily been trying to watch her appearance on The View.

    AEBN is in a unique position to reveal which performers are bona fide porn “stars” as voted by the viewers. Every day, AEBN compiles consumer data showing what its customers truly prefer. At the end of the year, AEBN distills this data into a list of the top 40 stars of the year.

    After all, what better indicator of a pornstar’s stardom than the fans being willing to pay for their porn? There are a lot of pornstars and a lot of their videos can be seen for free. But these are the girls so hot that fans say, “To hell with getting it for free, she’s so fine that I need to pay for this porn.”

    Based simply on the dollars that AEBN’s customers have spent, these were the AEBN top 40 pornstars of 2014.  Continue Reading

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  • 2014 AVN Award Winners: The Porn Industry’s Favorite Porn

    Congrats Bonnie, Manuel, and Mia!

    Congrats Bonnie, Manuel, and Mia!

    I don’t like paying attention to awards this time of year because I feel people are too easily influenced by nominations and winning to actually form an opinion themselves.

    For example, last year when Argo won Best Picture at the Oscars, people stopped sharing their thoughts on the movie and instead say, “It won the Oscar.” But why does that matter to you? The old guard of the Hollywood elite decided that Argo was the best picture of 2013, not you. Your opinion is just as valid as theirs so why does an award supersede your opinion? Who cares about a little gold statuette?

    With that said, the AVN Awards were last week. The entire porn industry got together in Las Vegas, Nevada to celebrate the best porn from 2013.

    Now, I can’t guarantee that your favorite pornstar won anything. But that shouldn’t discourage you. Life’s not about winning awards and porn especially isn’t about awards. It’s about hot, graphic sex that we get online for free.

    So yeah, don’t blame me if your favorites didn’t win anything and don’t let it discourage you. Hopefully, the results of the 2014 AVN Awards will just introduce to new favorites.

    Anyways, here are the winners from the 2014 AVN Awards:  Continue Reading

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