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  • Guess Which Pornstars Simulate Lesbian Sex in the Entourage Movie…

    The Entourage movie is coming out on June 3rd and our prediction is that the movie will be two and a half hours of inane chatter between the leads with too many celebrity cameos sprinkled in to really care about how the razor-thin plot unfolds.

    HOWEVER! There are two celebrity cameos that we’re excited for. Rumor has it that there are two pornstars in nonspeaking parts we’ll see simulating lesbian sex during a hotel-room showdown (at Montage Beverly Hills) between Jeremy Piven’s Ari Gold and Haley Joel Osment’s character. Ready to see which pornstars scored this prime screen-time?  Continue Reading

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  • Pornstars Celebrate Their Moms For Mother’s Day

    The old pornstar stereotype states that anyone who has consented to having sex on camera for a living must come from a broken home or was disowned long, long ago.

    Of course, that stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth today.

    Pornstars can be well-adjusted people like you and me. They can have relationships with their families. Heck, some families are even super supportive of their careers.

    If you don’t believe us, take a look at the video below from RatedXLife featuring pornstars celebrating their moms for Mother’s Day. It’s all the proof you need to see that a good mom still loves you even after the whole world has seen you with cum all over your face.  Continue Reading

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  • Does Marijuana Make Sex Better?

    Despite its ubiquity, marijuana is a substance shrouded in myth.

    It’s a gateway drug they say. It doesn’t give you a hangover they say. It leads to crime and delinquency they say.

    And while I can personally attest that all these so-called marijuana myths are in fact 100% true, there’s really only one question that needs to be asked of marijuana: DOES MARIJUANA MAKE SEX BETTER?  Continue Reading

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  • Twisty’s Treat of the Year 2014


    The toughest decision you’ll ever make…

    2013 was a great year for Twisty’s Treats. I remember thinking at the end of 2012, “Well, it’s too bad that Twisty’s has already made all the hottest girls Treats of the Month. I’m going to miss those monthly babes.” But somehow they pulled it together and out did themselves!

    Now it’s time to decide which one of these sexy Treats deserves to be Twisty’s Treat of the Year 2014.

    Choosing the Treat of the Year is no easy task, which is why Twisty’s has decided to let the fans choose!

    To vote, you need to be a Twisty’s member. But the good news is that a Twisty’s membership is only 1 DOLLAR WHILE VOTING IS OPEN.

    Why should you vote for your favorite Twisty’s Treat? Because the Treat of the Year wins a Twisty’s contract, a trip to Costa Rica to shoot with the runner-up and last year’s winner (Mia Malkova), and a diamond Twisty’s necklace. So if you have a favorite Twisty’s Treat, you need to vote for her because we’re guaranteed more amazing pictures and videos of your favorite babe later in 2014.


    2 days of Twisty’s plus supporting your favorite Treat of the Month for $1? Now that’s a deal.

    If you’re ready to vote, you can do that right now: TREAT OF THE YEAR VOTE.

    But if you need help deciding which Treat to vote for, continue reading to get to know the contestants.   Continue Reading

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  • Anna Morna – November Treat Of The Month


    Anna Mona is your Treat of the Month!

    So another Halloween full of horrible mistakes like trying to make-out with a Bert and an Ernie is in the books and the Halloween hangover is finally starting to fade.

    Last night might have been a bust but I’ve got good news for you. It’s a brand new month! That means we have a brand new Twisty’s Treat of the Month.

    November’s Treat of the Month is none other than Anna Morna. Continue Reading

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