• Aphrodisiac Scents Might Get You Laid!

    A while ago, my awesome colleague Chico posted an article about aphrodisiacs you should all go take a look at here. While everyone’s always talking about the food side of aphrodisiacs, I really feel like people completely forget that scent can play such a huge role in arousal and that it’s the strongest of the five senses. Here’s a couple of tips dealing with scent you should look into if you’re looking to get somebody in the mood:  Continue Reading

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  • Aphrodisiacs on the menu for this weekend


    High heat and humidity is what I can expect for this weekend. Combine this report with a long week, it could mean trouble doing anything at all. Is there nothing worse than knowing that a whole weekend could be wasted stewing in sweat? Well just like Dee Snyder and Twisted Sister, I’m not going to take it.

    This weekend, I’m making sure I feel chipper even in the intense weather. You’re probably asking, “Chico, how are you going to do this?” Simple.  Aphrodisiacs.

    Now I’m talking about grinding up a bunch of Spanish fly to keep me awake. It’s all about what food to eat. Sex and diet are incontrovertibly linked. Certain foods can function as an aphrodisiac. So let’s see what’s on the menu this weekend to ensure frisky feelings when everybody else is slow and sluggish.

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