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  • Ask a Porn Star: What Do You Masturbate To?

    As someone who works in the adult industry, I can confirm that the most common questions people who don’t work in the adult industry ask me is: “So…like…what do you masturbate to?”

    The answer is of course porn because realistically, I’m a fringe member of the adult industry and the insider knowledge I do have doesn’t hinder my enjoyment of videos and pictures.

    Porn stars, on the other hand, have it a lot tougher than me. Their enjoyment of porn is no doubt spoiled by knowing all the behind the scenes gossip and just generally being too close to the produced material.

    If anyone in the adult industry can’t enjoy porn, it’s porn stars. So with that in mind, just what in the hell do they masturbate to? Lucky for us, Wood Rocket caught up with porn stars Allie Haze, Anikka AlbriteApril O’Neil, Jade Nile, James Deen, Kimberly Kane, Mick Blue and many more to find out just what in the hell porn stars masturbate to as a part of their on-going “Ask A Porn Star” series. Check it out!

    I was really hoping that someone was going to say Sesame Street or something that could be considered the polar opposite of porn. That would be totally hilarious and messed up.

    Oh well, at least we now know what these porn stars are masturbating to.

    Hey, if for some reason you couldn’t watch porn anymore, what would masturbate to? Your imagination? Your memories? Sears catalogue? Why not tell us in the comments?

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  • Pornstars Describe Their Weirdest Videos

    How many times have you been browsing for porn only to find a video that makes you scratch your head rather than manipulate your genitals?

    Unless this is your first foray into the world of pornography, I’m willing to bet you’ve sat through at least a handful of weird porn videos if only in an attempt to understand what the appeal of squashing hamburgers with high-heels while getting fucked is.

    While most of the time we tend to try and rationalize what the viewer is getting out of a weird porn video, we rarely take the time to find out what the stars think of them.

    WoodRocket.com has corrected that oversight by sitting down with a bunch of pornstars to ask them about the weirdest porn video they’ve ever shot.  Continue Reading

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  • Tommy Wiseau Hates Pornstars (Specifically April O’Neil)

    Let’s go ahead and file this story under the “Totally Batshit Crazy” category.

    Apparently, notable crazy person and filmmaker Tommy Wiseau hates pornstars.  Continue Reading

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  • New April O’Neil Porn Video Ends April O’Neil Porn Video Drought That Was Totally Unbearable

    “Favorite pornstar” is a term that we’re awful generous with here at the Sex.com Blog.

    It seems like every five minutes we’re declaring someone to be our “favorite pornstar”. Part of the reason we do this is because they are, at the time, our favorite pornstar and we want to give them this label because we feel that it’s a safe endorsement. Gotta give these girls some shine.

    But deep down, we know that there is only one woman who can truly hold the title of our favorite pornstar. The one, the only April O’Neil Continue Reading

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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: December 5th, 2014

    Guess who’s back! Back again!

    Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist is back! Tell a friend!

    Yes, once again, the Sex.com Blog staff spent a good chunk of our week combing through the free porn videos on Sex.com to select the seven hottest free porn videos for your viewing pleasure.

    Rather than waste all weekend trying to find the best porn yourself, we’ve done it for you!

    Let’s see the 7 hottest free porn of the week in another edition of Your Weekend Free Porn PlaylistContinue Reading

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    The other day, I received a lengthy email from a concerned Sex.com Blog reader, which I can surmise in a single question:


    As you can imagine, the thought that everyone’s favourite sexy nerd and owner of some of the most spectacular breasts the internet has ever seen retiring from porn caused an absolute panic.

    What would we do without April O’Neil? Probably find a way to carry on. Try to fill that April O’Neil sized hole in our hearts with new sexy nerds entering the adult industry, but it wouldn’t be the same.

    Thankfully, I’m happy to report that no panic is necessary. April O’Neil has yet to retire from porn and I know this because four months ago she released the following PSA on her Instagram heyitsaprilagain.

    See! April O’Neil is not retired from porn! She’s just busy attending cosplay conventions and Phoenix Suns games to be shooting porn every day of the week. And good for her! She should enjoy some quality time to herself. She’s earned it.

    And since she has us all eating out of the palm of her hand, so it’s not like she needs to be in every porn movie. What other busty pornstar would understand the Dalek love poem you wrote for her? No one, that’s who! And that’s why April O’Neil isn’t going anywhere. Because she’s a real nerd. Not just a nerd, but the hottest nerd. Therefore she is Queen of the Nerds and has the freedom to do as much or as little porn as she wants and her popularity will not falter. Way to go April!

    Anyways, while combing through her Instagram for clues as to whether or not she’d retired from porn, it became abundantly clear that April O’Neil’s Instagram is singlehandedly one of the best things on the internet. And this is the entire purpose of this post…EVERYONE NEEDS TO FOLLOW APRIL O’NEIL ON INSTAGRAM. Because while she might not have a new gallery or scene every week, at least you’ll get your fix of April O’Neil through some sexy selfies she’s posting herself.  Continue Reading

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  • How To Use Your SmartPhone During Sex

    phone sex

    Who says looking at your phone isn’t sexy?

    Did you know that 1/10 Americans admit to using their cellphone to answer a call or text during sex?

    According to the 2013 Mobile Habits Consumer Study, it’s true!

    I love sex, but why should sex keep me from checking the Sex.com Blog or a bunch of text messages that I will end up ignoring anyways?

    Just because you’re having sex doesn’t mean you should be forced to disconnect from the outside world. You might have better sex if you do, but this is America! This is the greatest country in the whole world (even if there is currently no government) and goddammit it is our duty as Americans to have our cake and eat it too. And then to keep the obesity rates high, we should eat another cake after having and eating the first cake.

    You can have it all! You can use your smartphone during sex! Just let me explain how you can use your smartphone during sex. Continue Reading

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  • Is This The End Of Penthouse Porn Mag?

    Kagney Linn Karter penthouse

    Kagney Linn Karter on the cover of Penthouse porn magazine

    FriendFinder Networks has filed for has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today in order to cut its debt load as the company struggles to make loan payments.

    FriendFinder, which houses sites like AdultFriendFinder.com, GetItOn.com, XMatch.com, Cams.com, Danni.com, and Penthouse.com and also has reportedly not turned a net profit since 2008, listed out estimated liabilities of $500 million to $1 billion and assets less than $10 million, according to a court filing.

    “Despite continuing member interest and high volume traffic, the debtors did not make certain payments to the holders of existing first lien notes and cash pay second lien notes which constituted a default under their respective indentures,” FriendFinder said in the filing.

    Why should you care about FriendFinder Networks filing for bankruptcy?

    Well if they don’t start to turn a profit, AdultFriendFinder.com will go out of business and you’ll have to download Tinder to find casual sex.

    Worse, if they don’t start to turn a profit, this could mean the end of Penthouse. FriendFinder Networks operates Penthouse.com and they publish Penthouse Magazine.

    Penthouse porn is consistently some of the best porn around. There’s a reason why Penthouse porn is such a trusted brand name with consumers.

    When you take your daily trip to the corner store to buy candy or cigarettes, I highly recommend that you pick up an issue of Penthouse porn magazine to do your part to help ensure its existence.

    To convince you that buying a Penthouse porn magazine is a good idea, here are some of the best porn pictures pinned from the pages of Penthouse featuring some of your favorite pornstars (Malena Morgan, Samantha Saint, Jenna Rose, Sunny Leone, Sasha Grey, Alexis Ford, Devon, Emily Addison, April O’Neil, Ash Hollywood, Whitney Westgate, Nicole Aniston, and many more!):


    Continue Reading

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  • Two Hot Pornstars Looking For Boyfriends

    Brooklyn Lee and Tasha Reign

    Brooklyn Lee and Tasha Reign

    In case you haven’t noticed by now, finding love is hard to do. And that’s true of sexy pornstars too.

    Many of you are probably a little hesitant to believe that it would be hard for a sexy pornstar to find love because there are literally millions of men all over the world that would step over their own mother to try and get a piece.

    But it’s just this over-eager attitude that’s a turn off for a sexy pornstar. Don’t believe me? Well luckily two sexy pornstars, Tasha Reign and Brooklyn Lee have documented their quest to find boyfriends. And it ain’t pretty. (Don’t worry, Tasha Reign and Brooklyn Lee are pretty, their search isn’t). Continue Reading

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