Arianny Celeste

  • Arianny Celeste Wins Instagram

    Sometimes, I wish was a lady. Not to suggest that I don’t like being a man because I do, but the problem is I’m a very pretty man.

    No one respects pretty men. Men that command respect are “ruggedly handsome”, which is just another way of saying butt-ugly. But if I was a pretty lady, all I would have to do get respect, legions of fans, and wealth beyond my wildest dreams is post sexy pictures and videos on Instagram.

    Speaking of sexy videos on Instagram, professional pretty lady Arianny Celeste recently won Instagram by posting these videos:

    I’ve been watching these Arianny Celeste Instagram videos on repeat and I’m willing to go out on a limp and say that Arianny Celeste has one of the hottest bodies in the world. My only complaint is how poorly edited the videos are. They cut from shot to shot too quickly! How are supposed to savor the sweet, sweet image of Arianny Celeste in smiley-face bikini, in a crop top, in a revealing bathing suit, and more when they keep cutting so quickly? For shame.

    Of course, it’s not her fault. Instagram videos have a time limit, so she had to work in those constraints. Still, Instagram should make a special exception and allow Arianny Celeste to post longer videos. And maybe also allow her to post nude photos? I don’t know, just an idea.

    Since Arianny Celeste’s Instagram videos are extremely sexy, but don’t let us ogle her to our heart’s content, I figure that this is a perfect opportunity to share with you some of the hottest Arianny Celeste pictures pinned to Big thanks to everyone that pinned these photos. You have excellent taste in babes.

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    Life’s good when you’re looking at pictures of Arianny Celeste.

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  • Arianny Celeste strips for nerds

    Film Strip has finally answered the prayers of nerds everywhere. All the useless Star Trek trivia that permeates their brains can now be applied for a good cause, to get Arianny Celeste to take her clothes off.

    Unfortunately, it’s on YouTube so the striptease can only go so far. But still, Arianny Celeste is gorgeous and it’s a pretty innovative use YouTube’s annotations feature.

    Still if you’re looking for full-frontal nudity and hardcore action, why not just go back to the main page?

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