• Sergeant Mia Malkova’s Sexy Drills

    Mia Malkova

    Mia Malkova

    We’re ten days away from Halloween so I’m going to try to feature as many babes in sexy Halloween costumes as possible. Continue Reading

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  • Interview

    When @NudesForTroops first starting tweeting at us, I thought it was a part of a government conspiracy to shutdown So did what I always do when the government tries to contact me, I ignore them.

    However, the tweets kept coming. Eventually I realized that it probably wasn’t a government conspiracy. So I checked them out and it turns out they’re just a hard-working porno blogger just like me. Except for one difference, is all about providing nudes for the troops. Strange right?

    I sat down with the man behind to find out more about his mission.

    So here it is, the interview: (my questions are in bold) Continue Reading

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  • Sexy Military Women



    Edit: Even though the caption says “via”, the photos are originally from @Loyal_Chivette. Follow her on Twitter!

    It’s Memorial Day, which means we need to take some time to remember and appreciate all veterans and active servicemen.

    Normally when we think of veterans we think of guys with crew cuts. But there are some veterans and servicemen that are actually sexy military women who from time to time like to take sexy selfshots. Let’s meet some of those sexy military women and honor them for Memorial Day.

    But before we do, I want to give a quick shout-out to friend of the Blog who taught us that there’s nothing sexier than a woman in uniform. Well, there’s nothing sexier than a woman in uniform other than a woman taking off her uniform.

    Sexy Military Women Top 10!    Continue Reading

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