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  • An Interview with Former Dominatrix, Wicked Contract Star and Sex Factor Host Asa Akira

    Do I really need to introduce Asa Akira? Surely you already know everything there is to know about Asa Akira because she’s only one of the best and most popular pornstars in porn.

    Let me just say that I never thought that I would ever get the opportunity to interview the incredible Asa Akira. So while I’m too starstruck and bashful to read this interview, I sure hope you’ll enjoy it because Asa Akira is even cooler in person than she is on screen.

    So here it is! My interview with Asa Akira!

    210439 asa akira is a luscious asian angel An Interview with Former Dominatrix, Wicked Contract Star and Sex Factor Host Asa Akira

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    If my calculations are correct, your 1-year exclusive contract with Wicked is almost up. What was it like shooting exclusively for such a well-respected company?

    Being exclusive to Wicked has been an amazing experience so far- the last year of my life has definitely been different than the six before it. I’ve always wanted to be a Wicked Girl, since before I even got into porn- so the greatness of this opportunity has not been lost on me. I actually just signed on for another year, so I’m very excited!

    Were you at all surprised to see your name alongside Lisa Ann and Sasha Grey in the most recent “Most Popular Porn Searches” study?

    I’ve been seeing these lists for the last two years or so, these “porn analytics” things. So while I’m extremely flattered every time I see my name on one of the lists, I can’t in all honesty say I was surprised. It makes me very happy to know that people are enjoying my porn. One of the biggest reasons I got into porn was because I love the idea of people getting turned on by me, jerking off to me- so to know that I’m in the top ten terms people search for when masturbating, is pretty fucking awesome.

    Before you were one of the most searched for pornstars on the Internet, you were a dominatrix in New York City. I find that interesting because I’d qualify you as a strong-submissive based on your movies. If you had to classify yourself, are you more of a dom or a sub?

    I like to switch it up depending on who I’m fucking, but I’d say I’m more drawn to the submissive side. I learned the term “Power Bottom” a few years ago, and I strongly connect with it- basically, it’s a submissive who demands to be dommed.

    923905 asa akira An Interview with Former Dominatrix, Wicked Contract Star and Sex Factor Host Asa Akira

    Source: via PornstarAction on

    Why did you choose a career as a pornstar over a career as a dominatrix?

    Domming is something I did when I was 19 years old, straight out of high school. It was the first job I had ever had in the adult industry, and it was a priceless learning experience- not just in regards to sex, but to myself as a whole. I wouldn’t trade that year for anything, but doing it now, at this point in my life is completely out of the question. I know too much about my own sexuality now- and I’m just not a dominatrix. It’s not my happy place. For me, porn is/was the ultimate fantasy- I see dominatrix-ing as one of the stepping stones I took to get here.

    Based on their recent performances, New York pro athletes seem to be gluttons for punishment. Did members of New York sports teams make up most of your clientele?

    Funny you should say that, because I did have quite a few clients who claimed to be pro-athletes… baseball players, mostly. I don’t follow sports though, so I couldn’t tell you if they were truthful. I also just realized that maybe you are making a sports joke – in which case, it’s totally gone over my head.

    I was making a New York sports, but not a very good one. Why is New York City infinitely better than Los Angeles?

    I’d say both cities have their pros and cons. Of course, NYC is where I grew up, so by default I think it’s the best place in the world. For a long time, I secretly even thought people from other cities were lame. There’s a sense of culture there that LA lacks. You can (and do!) walk anywhere, you can find virtually anything you need 24 hours a day, and the people are just way funnier, cooler, more down to earth. But one thing LA has over NYC, and it’s very major, is good weather. The winters in NYC are torturous. In LA, it’s warm and sunny most of the time. Also, the majority of porn is shot in LA- so for me, living anywhere else right now is unfathomable.

    3632359 asa akira An Interview with Former Dominatrix, Wicked Contract Star and Sex Factor Host Asa Akira

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    Everyone knows that you’re amazing in front of the camera but you’re also an accomplished director. Any plans to get behind the camera again soon?

    I’d love to direct a movie for Wicked sometime in the future, but I will admit I’m completely intimidated. Wicked sets are much larger than the gonzo sets I’m used to directing – bigger crew, bigger budget, just overall bigger production. It’s a lot to be responsible for!

    Your memoir Insatiable is a very candid look into your life. You talk about doing drugs, relationships and female sexuality as a whole. Were there moments while writing the memoir where you paused and thought, “Shit, I definitely can’t print this.”?

    Oh for sure. Mostly, it was when I was writing about other people. When it comes to myself, there’s really nothing I won’t talk about. But I’m also not trying to exploit my family, friends, etc. When I wrote the chapter about the couple times I escorted, my publisher actually had me take out some details about one of the clients, because even though I had changed his name, it was too obvious who I was talking about.

    Your husband is performer and director extraordinaire Toni Ribas. What marriage advice can you impart on us?

    Toni has really taught me a lot about being in a healthy relationship. I’ll even go as far as to say this is the first truly healthy relationship I’ve ever been in. Giving advice seems silly, though, considering I’ve only been married for two years. I will say this to the guys: Happy wife, happy life.

    7346507 asa akira An Interview with Former Dominatrix, Wicked Contract Star and Sex Factor Host Asa Akira

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    Why are people still baffled by the idea that a pornstar can be a feminist?

    I think a lot of people just don’t want to believe that a pornstar can be a feminist. They have very conservative views on women’s sexuality, which I think is counter-productive to feminism to begin with. To them, porn = exploitation of women, whereas I see it as a celebration. It’s ironic to me that people who supposedly believe in gender equality are so adamant that women can’t want to do porn, while men can.

    What makes a good feminist in your opinion?

    Believe in gender equality, and live by it.

    How excited are you to be hosting The Sex Factor?

    So excited! It’s a project I really believe in, I’m really hoping it will be a big hit. I also think it’s a great way for people to get into the industry- when I got in, I was lucky to have a “mentor,” Gina Lynn. Not everyone is so lucky- and this can be a scary business to navigate on your own when you’re brand new. These contestants will have six of us (Belle, Remy, Lexi, Keiran, Tori, and I) showing them the ropes as they compete to be the next big star. I wish there had been something like this when I got in. The million dollar prize doesn’t hurt, either.

    Of the four judges (Remy LaCroix, Tori Black, Lexi Belle and Keiran Lee), who do you think will be the toughest to impress?

    A hundred percent Keiran. I know each of the judges quite well (I’ve fucked all of them,) and I can say without a doubt the most critical one is Keiran. He will straight up tell me to my face if I’ve had an off-day, performance wise.

    I think Lexi is going to surprise people. She has this image about her that’s just totally adorable, she’s practically synonymous with the word “sweet.” But she has a very dark and twisted sense of humor which I love- right when she’s convinced you she’s this innocent, nice girl, she’ll say something that’s just so fucked up you can’t believe it came out of her mouth. It’s even better coming from her, because you don’t expect it.

    Tori and Remy are both amazing performers, passionate and genuine, so I think they’ll be quick to weed out anyone who is “faking” it.

    3210936 asa akira An Interview with Former Dominatrix, Wicked Contract Star and Sex Factor Host Asa Akira

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    What qualities should Sex Factor contestants have if they hope to advance to the finals?

    I’d say first and foremost, have fun, and make sure the judges can see that. But also be aware of the camera. Open up so that we can see the penetration.

    Boys, get hard fast, stay hard through the scene, and cum on cue.

    Girls, fuck the guys back, don’t be lazy and just lay there.

    Any chance that you’ll declare yourself the winner of the Sex Factor and run off with the million dollars?

    Unfortunately, I’ve signed a contract specifically agreeing not to do that. I’ll let you know if I find any loopholes.

    Last one. Fill in the blank: “After reading this interview, everyone should ________________________. “

    Watch my porn, duh. and And look out for my new movie Holly Would directed by Brad Armstrong. It’s the best movie I’ve ever made, I think I have something like ten anal scenes in it.

    You heard her! Visit & for all your Asa Akira needs!

    asaakira 900x250 An Interview with Former Dominatrix, Wicked Contract Star and Sex Factor Host Asa Akira

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  • The Sex Factor Gets Tougher By Adding Asa Akira As Host

    Ever want to win a million dollars and while becoming one of the world’s most popular pornstars? Well, the upcoming reality series The Sex Factor gives you that chance (watch the trailer), but be warned…it’s not going to be easy.

    To become the world’s next hottest pornstar and claim the million dollar jackpot, you had to impress Sex Factor judges Remy LaCroix, Tori Black, Lexi Belle and Keiran Lee (an host Belle Knox).

    As if the thought of impressing four people that have had some of the hottest sex ever captured on film wasn’t enough to make you impotent with performance anxiety, The Sex Factor has added none other than AVN’s reigning Performer of the Year Asa Akira as a host.

    Here’s what Asa Akira tweeted last Friday:

    And if that wasn’t intimidating enough, here’s Sex Factor host Belle Knox with Asa Akira.

    Originally, Belle Knox was slated to be the host of The Sex Factor, however a busy schedule at Duke University will keep Belle from full-time hosting duties. That’s where Asa Akira comes in.

    Don’t worry, Belle Knox will still be involved, doing more remote work from North Carolina.

    Still, you’ll have to impress Asa Akira, Belle Knox, Remy LaCroix, Tori Black, Lexi Belle and Keiran Lee.

    Just watch Asa Akira in action and you’ll see why impressing her will be no easy feat.

    Source: Uploaded by user via missydcup on

    Then again, Asa Akira might be easy to impress. Maybe Tori Black will be the jaded one? Maybe Keiran Lee will serve fulfill the role of grumpy British judge since he’s British?

    All I know is that I never had any intention of auditioning, and that’s only been solidified by the addition of Asa Akira. Though I have my fair share of sex moves, I know that the combined star power of Remy LaCroix, Tori Black, Keiran Lee, Lexi Belle, Belle Knox and Asa Akira would cause me to faint before I could even get hard.

    But hey! Just because I get starstruck by famous pornstars doesn’t mean you will! If you want a chance to become the biggest adult star in the world while cashing a million dollar check in the process, you need to audition for the Sex Factor! Here’s the first step in becoming an adult superstar:

    While you’re readying your Sex Factor audition tape, there’s something I’d like to know…

    Which Sex Factor judge will be the hardest to impress?

    (Even though two of them are technically hosts, it’s still fun to speculate. Why wouldn’t we include the hosts in our speculation?)

    Remy LaCroix?

    1036871 remy lacroix The Sex Factor Gets Tougher By Adding Asa Akira As Host

    Source: via PP Provocador on Tori Black?

    3626479 cum faced tori black The Sex Factor Gets Tougher By Adding Asa Akira As Host

    Source: via Estephania Marka on Keiran Lee?

    5222608 siri pounded by kieran lee The Sex Factor Gets Tougher By Adding Asa Akira As Host

    Source: via JessReneex on Lexi Belle?

    5395215 lexi belle james deen The Sex Factor Gets Tougher By Adding Asa Akira As Host

    Source: Uploaded by user via Johnlyall on Asa Akira?

    935064 asa akira The Sex Factor Gets Tougher By Adding Asa Akira As Host

    Source: via kryzz on Belle Knox? (even though she’s technically the host)

    6158565 belle knox sucks a cock The Sex Factor Gets Tougher By Adding Asa Akira As Host

    Let’s vote!

    Thanks for voting!

    Make sure you follow @TheSxFactor on Twitter to stay up to date on the goings-on of the show!

    Follow Chico on Twitter!

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  • Pornstars Weirdest Masturbation Fantasies

    Do you ever find yourself laying on your bed totally nude? The lights are dim to create a romantic ambience. Your hands start to explore your private regions. You try to connect to the internet but the wi-fi isn’t working. You’ve committed to masturbating, but you’re not sure how to proceed without free porn found online.

    So you close your eyes and try to replay your favorite porn scene (or porn GIF or porn pictures) in your mind. However, your memory of your favorite porn just doesn’t have the same arousing effect as watching porn so you decide to do something you never thought you’d be forced to do for the rest of your life: use your imagination to masturbate.

    And you’re lying there, desperately trying to think of something that will get you hard.

    All the classic scenarios are there…

    …Teacher and student…

    Boss and secretary

    Patient and nurse...

    Pizza delivery man and woman who ordered a pizza with no intention of eating it...

    But those classic masturbation fantasies do nothing for you, so you start to think of strange new masturbation fantasies for you to work with.

    Like for example, you’re in an elevator with an older woman when suddenly the elevator stops. In shock, the older woman keels over. She’s had a heart attack. You call for assistance right away but you’re both still trapped in the elevator. By the time emergency services arrive to release you from your mechanical grave, the older woman has died.

    Weeks later you find yourself in the same elevator but this time alone. Just as you’re thinking, “Imagine how much it would suck if this elevator got stuck again?”, the elevator screeches to a halt. The lights flicker.

    From out of nowhere, the older woman who died next to you in the same elevator emerges. She turns to you and says, “The last thing I wanted to do before I became a ghost was suck your dick to pass the time while we were in this elevator. I must fulfill this task if my spirit is to move on from this plain of existence.”

    So she drops to her knees, undoes your pants and you start to receive the best damn ghost blowjob of your life.

    Everyone resorts to weird masturbation fantasies at one point in their life. But wouldn’t it be great if we knew what weird masturbation fantasies our favorite pornstars had?

    Well, thanks to our friends over at PEEPERZ, we now know! They took the time to ask all our favorite pornstars (like Asa Akira, Kennedy Leigh, Brandy Aniston, Mischa Brooks, Bonnie RottenKendall Karson and more!) about their weirdest masturbation fantasies. Needless to say, it’s good fun to found out what gets off the girls that get off for a living.

    SPOILER ALERT: some of them are pretty weird. But it only serves to make our favorite pornstars hotter because it solidifies them as true freaks in the sheets.

    via PEEPERZ.

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  • Alina Li and Tori Black Team Up For Girl Of The Month

    Alina Li is a gorgeous, tall, slender, Asian porn star with long black hair, brown eyes that’s been skyrocketing through the porn industry since her debut last year (2013, in case you don’t remember) culminating with Friday’s announcement that she’s Elegant Angel’s latest Girl Of The Month.

    How has Alina Li risen through the ranks to become one of the most in-demand porn stars in the industry and Elegant Angel’s Girl Of The Month for June 2014? Well, it helps that she’s an incredibly beautiful Asian porn star. Just by reading the words “beautiful Asian porn star“, your boner has already reached critical mass. But on top of being a beautiful Asian porn star, it’s important to point out that Alina Li is extremely good at sex.

    It also helps that Alina Li is following in the footsteps of the hottest Asian porn star in the world Asa Akira (though arguably, Asa Akira is the hottest porn star in the world, no need to distinguish the fact that she’s Asian). In an interview with XCritic, Alina Li said, “I started because I’ve been a big fan of Asa Akira for years and one day I told myself ‘Fuck it. I should follow her footstep and see where I end up.'”

    Equipped with an abundance of sex appeal, a natural talent for sex on camera, and modelling herself after Asa Akira, it’s a no brainer that Alina Li has been selected for Elegant Angel’s Girl Of The Month.

    950x200 Alina Li and Tori Black Team Up For Girl Of The Month

    But you know what makes Alina Li’s exclusive Girl Of The Month scene an instant classic besides the fact that Alina Li is an irresistibly sexy Asian porn star? Alina Li’s scene marks Tori Black‘s directorial debut!

    Yes, Tori Black, Sex Factor judge and one of the most beautiful porn stars ever, has added directing porn to her wheelhouse.

    “Directing my first scene was a great experience. For all these years, I’ve had so many ideas and very few opportunities to impart them,” Tori Black said. “Not only was Alina Li the perfect artist to work with, but [director of photography] MimeFreak made a great partner on this project. Alina was beautiful and confident—elegant in the way she moved, and passionate in the way she fucked. What a perfect way to pop my cherry.”

    “I had so much fun working with Tori,” Alina Li said. “She was very friendly, and she taught me a lot of new poses. We got along very well, and I hope I can have her as a director again. The sex we shot was amazing. I had never never worked with Karlo one-on-one before, but after that scene I’d have to say he’s one of my favorites now! I can’t wait for people to see it. I’m very proud of it, and honored to be Elegant Angel’s Girl of the Month for June.”

    On top of directing Alina Li’s exclusive Girl Of The Month scene, Tori Black also conducted an intimate interview where Li shares details about her work and personal life. It’s an interesting look inside the mind of a gorgeous Asian porn star and it can all be seen on

    Let’s watch an exclusive trailer for Alina Li’s Girl Of The Month scene, directed by Tori Black!


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  • The Best Sex Links!

    Well, well, well…what have we here? A collection of the best sex on the internet besides what can already be found on the mainpage of Why yes! We do! So strap yourself in and get ready to see some hot sex because this is THE BEST SEX LINKS!

    TAXI DRIVER MOVIE has a picture of Kate Middleton’s, that is to say future Queen of England Kate Middleton, bare bottom. Wait. Will Kate Middleton be the future Queen of England? Or is she just like a duchess? Regardless of her future title may or may not be, there’s no questioning Kate Middleton’s hotness. SEE KATE MIDDLETON’S ASS ON TAXI DRIVER MOVIE.

    Question: “What are you doing for the next 23 minutes?” Answer: “Listening to Aaliyah Love’s new interview on Peeperz Radio because I can’t get enough of that petite blonde pornstar.” LISTEN TO AALYIAH LOVE ON PEEPERZ RADIO.

    You know who’s a very hot celebrity? Ashley Greene. Too bad she’s only really been in the Twilight movies. The good news is that THE NIP SLIP has candid pictures of Ashley Greene showing a lot of nipple. ASHLEY GREENE ON THE NIP SLIP.

    DRUNKEN STEPFATHER found pictures of Gisele Bundchen posing completely nude for Lui Magazine. I like Gisele, she’s good looking, but the fact that she’s married to Tom Brady really grosses me out. Maybe if you have no contempt for everything New England, then you’ll like these pictures. GISELE BUNDCHEN NUDE ON DRUNKENSTEPFATHER.

    Hey, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane to 2008 when Dita Von Teese posed for a seriously hot Playboy set. DITA VON TEESE PLAYBOY PICTURES VIA CELEBS EMPIRE.

    Mellisa Clarke fans! YOUR DAILY GIRL has Mellisa Clarke’s new Page 3 photos with her posing topless in a pool. Ain’t nothing better. MELLISA CLARKE TOPLESS IN A POOL VIA YOUR DAILY GIRL.

    Summer is upon us. What better way to celebrate the return of summer than by watching busty pornstar Siri hose down her massive tits? SIRI WITH A WATER HOSE VIA BOOBIE BLOG.

    IMAGE POST has a preview video and a gallery from X-Art featuring two of the sexiest lesbian pornstars you’ll ever see. You’re going to love it. TWO HOT LESBIANS VIA IMAGEPOST.

    FLESHBOT sat down with Asian anal queen and popular pornstar Asa Akira to ask her five quick questions. You can’t not check it out. ASA AKIRA INTERVIEW ON FLESHBOT.

    SINN & SKINN an hour long compilation of hot nude babes gyrating to house music. If that sounds like your kind of thing, here’s the link: ONE HOUR OF NUDE BABES DANCING VIA SINN AND SKINN.

    Are you obsessed with Bar Refaeli? Then PRETTY HOT AND SEXY has you covered with the Bar Refaeli topless issue of Elle Spain. Enjoy! BAR REFAELI TOPLESS.


    SEXY BLOCK hooked us up with one of the best twerk videos of all time. Damn that Russian girl’s got ass! RUSSIAN BABES TWERK VIDEO VIA SEXY BLOCK.

    Leanna Decker’s back, showing off those amazing big tits, looking damn fine with that red hair. Everything about this gallery from BUSTY BLOOM is dope. LEANNA DECKER STRIPTEASE VIA BUSTY BLOOM.

    A sexy Hungarian babe named Andrea taking off her clothes for Playboy? YES PLEASE. ANDREA’S STRIPTEASE VIA TOPBABESBLOG.

    Can you handle 48 minutes of Juelz Ventura having anal sex? I don’t think you can but I CAN LICK IT believes in you. I think it’s too hot for you to handle. Prove me wrong, folks! JUELZ VENTURA ANAL SEX VIDEO VIA I CAN LICK IT. 

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  • The Best Sex Links!

    Hey y’all. It’s been way too long since we checked in with the BEST SEX LINKS and I’m sorry about that.

    I’ve just been so busy trying to cop one of those iPad Minis from Sadly, I’m still not allowed to have one. But you could! If you managed to find 10 Bunny Codes last week and you sent all ten to us, stayed tuned for the winners announced later this week.

    In the meantime, I say it’s time for us to check in with the best sex on the internet with the BEST SEX LINKS. Enjoy!

    How Many Times Can You Cum? - Peeperz

    Scarlett Johansson Nude in “Under The Skin” – TaxiDriverMovie

    Lisa Ann’s Afternoon Tease - ImagePost

    On Set with Asa Akira – DrunkenStepfather

    Kristen Bell’s Naked Sideboob – The Nip Slip

    Classic Porn Star Teri Weigel Flashes Boobs on Twitter - BoobieBlog

    Sexy Kate Beckinsale GIFs - CelebsEmpire

    Lea Michelle Nip Slip – FleshBot

    Hannah Davis For GQ Magazine – Your-Daily-Girl

    Ryan Ryans Strips Nude – Morazzia

    Introducing (a stripping) Epiphany – SexyandFunny

    The Merits of Being a Nudist – SINN & SKINN

    Black Celebs Nude - Pretty Hot and Sexy

    Dani Mathers Playmate Miss May 2014 – The Feeding Tube

    Daisy Watts Presents Britain’s Best Bums – TopBabesBlog

    Shay Laren’s Hottest Gallery Ever – ClubGlamour

    Babe of the Day: Shane Van Der Westhuizen - iSexy

    FTV Rachel – LetThereBePorn

    Never Underestimate The Power Of Underboob – The Chive

    20 Perfect SFW Porn Edits – College Humor

    Behati Prinsaloo Alluring in Lingerie – Egotastic!

    Rihanna Gets High – BootySource

    Yara via Hegre-Art – ExGirlfriend Market

    Nude Bowling Night - ICanLickIt

    Sorry to go back to the old format but things done changed.

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  • What You Need To Know Before Becoming A Pornstar

    tumblr mzc3buKxKJ1skelzwo1 1280 What You Need To Know Before Becoming A Pornstar

    Stoya is the main reason I’d ever consider becoming a pornstar

    If you’ve ever looked at porn (and I’m guessing that you have because you are reading this on a porn site) then I’m willing to bet that you’ve considered becoming a pornstar at least once in your life.

    How could you not?

    There you are in your bedroom lit only by the fluorescent of your computer screen. You’re watching a sexy, young lady choke herself on a penis and you think to yourself, “That would be so tight if it was my penis she was choking on.”

    Getting paid to have sex sure sounds like everyone’s dream job. The only job I can think of that would be better than having sex all day is ice cream flavor taster.

    However, being a professional pornstar is much more complicated than just collecting a check for having sex all day.

    That’s why James Deen, Asa AkiraStoyaNina Hartley, Chanel PrestonCasey Calvert and several more of the porn industry’s top stars have come together for to tell you everything you need to know before you try becoming a pornstar.

    So if you’re seriously considering a career as a pornstar, please pay attention to this video. It will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a pornstar, because I’m sorry to say again that being a pornstar is more complicated than having sex all day.

    I hope that they show this video at Career Day in schools. It’s certainly very informative.

    The porn industry just needs more PSA’s like these. It’s easy to forget that pornstars are real people and not sexual objects. The humanizing effect this PSA has on its audience could definitely improve the porn industry’s image in the mainstream.

    Or maybe not, I don’t know!

    At least now you know all the in’s and out’s of being a professional pornstar.

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  • Have Sex With Joanna Angel…

    43253 07 Have Sex With Joanna Angel...

    Joanna Angel

    GREAT NEWS! You can now have sex with Joanna Angel!

    Ermm…Sorry…That’s not entirely true. You can now have sex with a replica of Joanna Angel’s pussy because Fleshlight just announced that she is the newest Fleshlight Girl! Continue Reading

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  • Asa Akira Is Wicked

    asa akira 257002 Asa Akira Is Wicked

    Asa Akira

    Asa Akira (pronounced ASS-UGH and not ACE-AHH), one of the most popular pornstars in the world, has just announced that she will be joining Wicked Pictures as a contract girl.  Continue Reading

    October 11, 2013 • BABES • Views: 2344

  • Porn’s Dirty Dozen (Penthouse Edition)

     Porns Dirty Dozen (Penthouse Edition)

    Definitely dirty…but in the best possible way.

    The November issue of Penthouse highlight 12 of porn’s naughtiest babes. Hence the name, “The Dirty Dozen” (not to be confused with the other Dirty Dozen or the Filthy Fifteen).

    These are the top twelve babes that Penthouse believes to down and dirty in the best possible way.

    So who made the list? Well, I’ll tell you! Here now is your Dirty Dozen preview:  Continue Reading

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