• Adultery Is the Hottest New Trend Sweeping Japan

    I was once told that all trends start in Japan. They then slowly work their way across the continent to Paris, where eventually New Yorkers posing as Parisians bring it back to the Big Apple, and the trend continues to spread until it dies in Los Angeles.

    Now, this is not necessarily true of all trends. In fact, it’s probably not true at all. But I personally hope that it is because the latest trend sweeping Japan is adultery (aka cheating).


    Ashley Madison, the dating site for people looking for affairs (their tagline: Life is short. Have an affair), has seen its Japanese members skyrocket to a million users in eight-and-a-half months, which is the fastest growth among any of the 37 countries where the adultery site operates.

    Adultery is by no means a new phenomenon in Japanese culture. Japan’s male-dominated society has always accepted outlets for married men to have casual sex such as “love hotels”, “soap lands”, and lets not forget that they are the nation that invented Geishas.

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  • What porn is the world watching?



    Everybody is all excited about this new Pope, but frankly I don’t get it. So an old man took another old man’s job? The economy is tough everywhere.

    Thankfully, PornMD has violated the privacy of millions and created one of the most interesting sex/porn infographics we’ve ever seen. They broke down the fapping habits by U.S. state and country to show everyone the top 10 most common searches in the last six months. “Milf”, “teen”, “college”, and “asian” were the most common across the United States.

    For some reason Montana’s most searched category is “compilation”, which is not a real category. Get it together, Montana. Continue Reading

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  • Chico Dusty’s Top 10 Asian Girls

    Hiromi flashes her hot ass

    Today, China’s State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television issued new rules that forces webmasters to pre-screen and censor all violent and vulgar content. Not surprisingly, that includes porn. The Chinese government said that the rules are being implemented to protect, “young people’s physical and mental health in accordance with the law.” via ZD Net

    Just when you thought the Communist threat was over…Censoring porn from the internet is one of the most radical and offensive things I have ever heard. How do you protect young people’s physical and mental health by banning porn? You know, I don’t care to find out. I’d rather be physically and mentally ill than live in a world without internet porn.

    To show our support, this week’s Top 10 is all about Asian girls. While China will be missing out on some amazing content, we can keep oogling the hottest babes from their continent.

    WARNING: By viewing this Top 10 board, you risk contracting yellow fever. You will find Asian girls completely irresistible if you contract this strange disease. There is also a risk of turning japanese.

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