• The Right Way To Hang Mistletoe with Hot Asian Amy Parks

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    When I first came across this POVD video starring my new favourite up-and-coming asian porn star Amy Parks, I instantly knew that they had managed to finally clear up one of the most common Christmas misconceptions: the right way to hang mistletoe.

    In the video above, the male talent (who will be henceforth referred to as “you” because c’mon that’s the intention of POV porn, right?) arrives home to find a gift on the steps. “Hey! This don’t belong here!” you scream to no one in particular. “This is supposed to be under the tree!” But since you don’t care about being naughty or nice, you go ahead and open it anyways, launching you on a sexy scavenger hunt.

    Piece by piece, you assemble a salacious Santa outfit and find adorable asian porn star Amy Parks sitting on the bed, waiting to play with your Yule log (which is not to be taken literally but meant more as a fun, holiday-themed euphemism). All you need to do is hold a little bit of mistletoe over your cock and she’s all yours.

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  • Surrender to Morgan Lee’s Asian Seduction

    My name is Chico and I’m an Asian pornstar-aholic. It’s been six weeks since my last Asian porn binge. Every day, I wake up and promise myself that I won’t spend 24+ hours glued to my computer/mobile device, browsing through pictures and videos of hot Asian girls getting fucked. However, since Morgan Lee entered the porn industry in 2014, I’ve found it impossible to resist her porn videos.

    That’s why I’m happy to announce that I’m giving up resisting spending all day and night watching Asian porn videos. Life’s too short to resist a beautiful Asian babe like Morgan Lee’s seductions. I encourage you to surrender as well. Just watch Morgan Lee’s latest video “Asian Seduction” from Passion-HD below.

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