• Tennis with Natalia Starr, Anyone?

    The French Open concludes this weekend and if you’ve been following it at all, you’ve no doubt developed a hard-on for the short skirts, sweatbands and erotic grunting of the female competitors.

    However, these three things can only get you so far. Trust us, we’ve tried to make ourselves cum to women’s tennis and it’s not enough. It can get you started but it can’t finish you off. Thankfully, Digital Playground had the foresight to film a tennis-themed porn video with the incredibly sexy Natalia Starr playing the tennis player of your dreams. It gets the job done. Trust us.  Continue Reading

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  • Pornstar Spotlight: Dillion Carter

    For those you who don’t know, Pornstar Spotlight is a daily feature (at least we try to do one every day) here on the Blog where we tell you everything you need to know about one pornstar, including their top 5 hottest porn videos. Click here to browse the Pornstar Spotlight Archives.

    Today, the Pornstar Spotlight shines on an honest-to-God freak in the sheets that’s yet to fake or phone it in: DILLION CARTERContinue Reading

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  • Watch Staci Carr Get Deep Inside Abella Danger For

    An ex-girlfriend of mine, a full-booty’d Latina, used to only ever workout with her hot friend, an ample booty’d blonde.

    Whenever they did workout, which was weekly, it was impossible to get in touch with either of them. So one day, I made a joke in passing that when they said they were going to “workout”, it was a flimsy cover for lesbian sex. After all, who could not be turned-on by their beautiful backsides in yoga pants?

    I must have touched a nerve because that was the maddest I had ever seen a woman (and let me tell ya, I have a long history of women getting pissed off at me).

    I tried to reassure her that there was nothing wrong with getting some lesbian pussy on the side. Of course I did feel a bit of jealousy, but I’m man enough to swallow my pride and keep my eyes on the prize, which was the possibility of being sandwiched between them for a hot threesome (or front row seats to their weekly lesbian sex romp).

    Unfortunately, that never materialized. She dumped me shortly after I hinted at the fact that I knew there was something going on.

    The reason I’m telling you this is because this new video from is eerily close to what was going on between my Latina girlfriend and her sexy blonde workout buddy.  Continue Reading

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  • Behind The Scenes Interview with Kimber Lee

    Normally when a pornstar picks a screen-name that’s pun-based, I’m quick to write them off.

    I know that one must judge a pornstar by her physical assets, sexual ability, on-screen presence and personality rather than judge them by the name they’ve chosen (or sometimes what they’re agent has chosen) to protect themselves from internet creeps like myself. But I just hate puns so much that I get rage boner just thinking about how much I hate puns.

    Now that I’ve established my hatred for puns and prejudice for pornstars whose names contain puns, I must (as per usual) address the exception to this rule: KIMBER LEE. (Sounds like Kimberly! I see what you did there!)

    Continue Reading

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  • Nina Agdal Makes A Half-Court Shot, We Think…We Were Too Busy Admiring Nina Agdal’s Ass

    It’s been a minute since we checked in with Danish supermodel and woman we’d trample over our own mother to get next to, Nina Agdal.

    Last time we checked in with Nina Agdal, it was because we could see her boobs. We decided to end our regular coverage of Nina Agdal after seeing her boobs, since we were sure nothing could ever top that.

    And while nothing will ever top seeing Nina Agdal’s boobs, she did display some sick basketball skills on Instagram. Since the NBA season starts this coming Tuesday, the least we can do for Adam Silver’s association is share the video of Nina Agdal playing hoops to get you excited for basketball.  Continue Reading

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  • Facebook Bans University Rowers for Nude Charity Calendar

    Facebook’s censorship bullshit has hit a new low. They’ve been much maligned in recent years for their draconian anti-nudity rules, but when you’re punishing a bunch of young women for posting images from a tasteful nude calendar they produced to raise money for Cancer awareness and support, you know you’ve got a problem.

    Students from the University of Warwick rowing team put together this calendar to raise money, and FB laid down the iron fist. Here’s a video of their photo shoot:

    So, their Facebook page, which had 2000 likes, got taken down. They were only trying to drum up a bit of extra publicity, in the most effective way possible these days, through social media. The worst thing about this whole debacle? As quoted in the article:

    But Sophie, who is originally from Upminster, Essex, added: ‘It is a charity calendar – how can it be porn?
    ‘The Facebook account for the male rower’s charity calendar hasn’t been deleted and their page is the same as ours. It is borderline sexism.

    This shit doesn’t even begin to get explicit. It’s all tastefully done – hell, there aren’t even any exposed nipples. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since FB is run by a bunch of heartless robots. Hopefully these gals can get something figured out and have their page restored.

    Stuff like this pisses me off. We deal with a lot of bullshit from Facebook about our FB page, but we’re a porn site, so that makes total sense. It seems like Facebook needs to go through some reforms to make sure shit like this stops happening.

    But they won’t, because they’re Facebook, and they’re a giant faceless corporation run by morons. So there we have it. Here are some of the photos from the calendar in question. Judge for yourself. Hot? Yes. Pornographic? Well, I don’t think so personally!

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  • Predicts FIFA 2014 Winner

    Some coaches believe that professional soccer players should be celibate during tournaments, because, as the age-old wisdom suggests, celibacy is a performance enhancement.

    Basically, all that copped up sexual energy, instead of shooting that out of your dick, well, could be shot into a goal. Yeah.

    At the office, people are rooting for different teams and bickering at each other – so to settle it once and for all, we decided to check out traffic analytics, and determine which of the 10 favorite teams is more susceptible to win, based on how damn horny it is as a nation.

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  • The Supermodel World Cup

    Since last Thursday, I’ve really tried to enjoy watching soccer but I just can’t be bothered to care about it. Ultimately I think soccer’s fundamental flaw is that the pitch is just too dang big for any real tension or action to transpire. When watching the World Cup, all I see are blips running around on a green rectangle chasing after a white blip.

    Maybe that’s just my unshakable North American-ness. But seriously soccer fans, how the heck am I supposed to care about soccer when I’m still coming off that high I got from watching the San Antonio Spurs and their fluid offence dominate the dreaded Miami Heat? All sports could learn a thing or two about being entertaining from Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, Kawhi Leonard and especially Greg Popovich.

    And while the World Cup can’t hold my attention, the good people from i-D have inadvertently stumbled upon a way to make all sports infinitely better than they are (even though sports are pretty good for the most part). How has i-D improved sports forever? It’s so easy you’ll be kicking yourself for not having thought of it first…

    Instead of building sports teams with athletic, homely men…MAKE AN ALL-STAR TEAM OF SUPERMODELS!

    Not that there’s anything wrong with these homely men that sweat and bleed for their country, employer or own personal glory, but when you see the all-star lineup of sexy supermodels in skimpy athletic gear, it’s clear that professional sports featuring only supermodels would be freaking awesome.

    After all, who doesn’t like ogling sexy women in athletic gear?

    Check out The Supermodel World Cup below:

    Don’t you want to live in a world year supermodels were also professional athletes?

    I do.


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  • Who Does Think Will Win the NBA Playoffs?

    Continuing with our sports themed playoff prediction poll coverage (because porn viewers are the most knowledgeable sports analysts in the world), we at are curious to know who our readers think will take home the NBA championship title?

    Last week, we asked you who was going to take home the NHL Stanley Cup.  The winner was the Montreal Canadiens – a somewhat surprising result considering we get more American readers here than we do Canadian.

    Now, with the NBA playoffs having reached the conference finals, it seems like a good time to pick the winner.  The remaining teams are about as unsurprising as one could imagine.  The conference finals bracket probably mirrors many analysts’ pre-season playoff selections down to a tee.  That’s one of the reasons why I don’t enjoy the NBA as much: there seems to be less room for underdog stories and upsets.

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  • KY’s Sexercise Program

    Super sex lubricant brand KY thinks that we’re not having enough sex because the stress of our daily routines and our obsession with technology is too distracting for us to have sex.

    To get people interested in sex again, they enlisted the help of sexologists, personal trainers and pornstars to develop a sexercise program that will solve all your sexual problems.

    The classes were supposedly offered at Buenos Ares’s largest gym complex, with over 5,000 participants hoping to spark an interest in sexual activity and build sexual stamina. However, I did some research on that and there’s no evidence that it actually happened.

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  •’s Official Predicted Stanley Cup Winner: Montreal Canadiens!

    You pornography viewers and faithfuls, or at least, those of you that watch hockey, must be geniuses or something.

    Well, except for those of you that voted for Boston as the winners of the Stanley Cup, because Boston got eliminated last night and fuck the Boston Bruins, dirtiest team in the league.

    Recently, we asked you, the readers, which team you thought would win the NHL Stanley Cup.  It was a heated battle, and for awhile, it seemed like Boston was the clear-cut frontrunner.  In a fit of sadness and depression, I logged off of the internet for several days and refused to look at the poll results.  Would those dastardly Bruins win?  Could I possibly work for somewhere where the user-base rooted for the team I hated the most, the worst team in the world, that group of babies and divers, the Bruins?

    Continue Reading

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  • NHL Playoffs Poll

    Every Spring, the best teams in the NHL face off in a brutal, agonizing war for the Stanley Cup. The NHL playoffs are the culmination of all hard work, dedication and pain the players have gone through.

    Currently, the Stanley Cup playoffs are in the semi-finals round. Tempers are already hot, and people are already beating the shit out of each other. We’ve already had a fair share of emotion and controversy (how about Boston’s twitter reaction to Montreal’s PK Subban)

    We have our personal favourites at (go Habs), and fuck all of the other teams because they’re all a bunch of losers whose careers will fade into obscurity in a few years anyways. Although the Montreal Canadiens are 100% guaranteed to win the NHL Stanley Cup this year (and that’s a guarantee), we thought we’d ask the readers who they thought would take home the grand prize.

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  • There’s a NEW Worst Porn Star Music Project – Melanie Muller

    And it’s not even a new song by Farrah Abraham.

    Continue Reading

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  • McKayla Maroney Is 18, So It’s OK To Follow Her On Instagram


    McKayla Maroney

    You may remember McKayla Maroney from the 2012 London Olympiad, where her dissatisfied expression upon winning silver in the vault finals sparked an Internet sensation known as “McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed“.

    Lately, McKayla Maroney’s hasn’t been “not impressed”. Instead, she’s been Instagramming lots of sexy selfies. Is it to show that she is not that unimpressed? Is this just what hot teens do on a regular basis? Is it to show us all that she’s actually super hot?  Continue Reading

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  • Can We Give Brittany Renner’s Hot Body An Award?


    Brittany Renner

    I’m so happy that women want fit bodies more than skinny figures.

    Skinny was fine for the 90’s but it’s nearly 2014 and the world wants curves! Toned, muscular curves!

    Speaking of toned, muscular curves, I’d like to introduce you to Ms Brittany Renner. She’s a fitness coach, which explains why she has one of the most incredible bodies of all time. Thankfully, Brittany was nice enough to film her workout routine for WorldStarHipHop, which of course means it’s less of a workout video and more of an HD ode to Brittany’s big booty and hot, toned body.

    Let’s watch it right now!

    I realize I already asked this question in the title of this post, but can we please get Brittany Renner’s hot body an award?


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  • The Sexiest Body Types For Women

    Nikki Benz and Kortney Kane

    Big fake boobs are out

    A decade ago, one in eight women said that they aspired to have a “pornstar body”.

    That means big fake boobs, thin waist, exaggerated ass, etc. You’ve all seen pornstars before, you know what I mean.

    A new study has found that women aren’t aspiring to have the pornstar body anymore. Only one in two hundred women said that they still want to the big boobs and minuscule waist.

    Young women are saying that the pornstar body is “tacky and dated” and describing it as “overhyped, oversexed and demeaning”.

    This image of pornstars (I’m talking huge boobs, blonde hair, and tiny waist) is even dated within the adult industry. In fact, if you were to calculate the average of every pornstar in the adult industry to create the “generic pornstar” you would get a brunette with size 34B boobs. But you can read more about that in this article:

    What Can We Learn From 10,000 Pornstars?

    In addition to rejecting the pornstar body, more women are finding the plus-sized look or BBW‘s more attractive (up from 1.5% to 3%) and they’re also rejecting the super thin Kate Moss-look. Only 7% feel the pin-thin figure is attractive.

    So with the pornstar body and super-thin figure falling out of favor and the plus-sized body slowly gaining ground, what body types do women find the most attractive?

    There are two:

    1. Fit not thin
    2. The “Soft Body”

    What exactly are the features of these two new sexiest body types? Well, allow me to explain them to you.  Continue Reading

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