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  • Mixxxer, The New Tinder That’s Strictly For Sex

    When Tinder first came out, the app was billed as the world’s first hook-up app. And though there’s nothing more satisfying than swiping left and seeing “NOPE” appear over someone’s pictures in big red letters, Tinder is ultimately flawed because “hook-up” is a loosely definable term.

    Personally, I would define a “hook-up” as penis in vagina (vagina on vagina for lesbians and penis in ass for gay men). Though some people say, “We didn’t have sex, we just hooked-up.” Now what the fuck is that supposed to mean? You made out? You went down on each other? You exchanged phone numbers? What the fuck is hooking-up exactly?

    Tinder promised us unlimited access to casual sex partners but has only given us a handful of one-night stands. Surprisingly, liking each other’s pictures doesn’t necessarily mean you’re looking for the same thing. Your latest match might be looking for a relationship rather than 45 minutes of underwhelming sex. It’s totally fucked up.

    It was a bachelor party in Arizona, where a group of friend were expressing the same malaise toward Tinder that bore a brand new hook-up app that doesn’t leave you wondering whether or not the cutie you’re checking out is DTF or looking for something serious. Mixxxer is the new Tinder that’s strictly for sex.  Continue Reading

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  • Aurora Snow and Life After Porn

    img 7379 Aurora Snow and Life After Porn

    Aurora Snow

    I still get hundreds of emails every day from men asking me for advice on how to become pornstars.

    Personally, I don’t understand why I get all these emails because I’ve already outlined the steps you need to take to become a pornstar in this blog post: So You Want To Be A Pornstar…

    But seriously, I have no idea why so many people want to become pornstars because it’s NOT the glamorous, have-sex-all-the-time lifestyle you think it is.

    I’d like you all to watch Aurora Snow talk about her experience as a pornstar and her life after her porn career and decide whether or not you really want to be a pornstar:

    So…Are you going to stop sending me all those emails?

    If you’re still not convinced that doing porn isn’t as glamorous as it seems, make sure to check out Teacher Could Lose Her Job Over Playboy Pics.

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  • Interracial sex scenes still taboo

    sashainterracaila 242x300 Interracial sex scenes still taboo

    Sasha Grey never shied away from interracial scenes.

    Earlier this week, former porn star Aurora Snow wrote a piece for The Daily Beast examining one of porn’s final taboos for performers: interracial sex scenes.

    The piece was written in reaction to TMZ’s revelation that Alexis Texas had never done an interracial sex scene, even though she is one of the biggest stars in the adult industry and has appeared in over 100 films.

    Based on the 10,000 porn star study, we know that only 53% of all performers appear in interracial sex scenes. Why are interracial sex scenes still considered to be taboo in this day and age of porn?

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