Austin Powers

  • Government is dumb, wastes millions on penis pumps


    American senators all swear by this penis pump (probably)

    We all know penis pumps are hilarious.

    You’ve seen the movie Austin Powers, right?  See, even the world’s most mysterious and sexually desirable secret agent sometimes needs to enlist the help of a pump to get his ‘mojo’ ‘popping off’ or whatever.  Here’s the problem though, ever since I saw Austin Powers and declared it my favourite/the most cinematically important film of all time, I’ve always wanted to buy a penis pump as some kind of hilarious gag gift.

    Apparently, however, the American government finds Austin Powers REALLY hilarious, and I mean like, waste hundreds of millions of dollars on penis pumps hilarious.  According to Reuters, penis pumps cost the American government $172 million between 2006-2011 – yeah, so about all that unemployment and failing healthcare…

    So yeah, that’s a lot of money.  Apparently, American Medicare, the government health insurance for seniors, has paid close to 500,000 claims for vacuum erection systems.  So that’s 500,000 old men with raging boners that you now have to think about.  Enjoy!

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    January 21, 2014 • Sex News • Views: 595

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    Heather Graham

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    Do you remember Walter?

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