Ava Devine

  • Ava Devine Will Bang The Cleveland Cavaliers…

    ava devine cavs

    Ava Devine

    …if they make the playoffs that is.

    But wait, let me explain what’s happening.

    Ava Devine is a half-Asian pornstar that’s been in the porn industry since 2003. In that time, Ava Devine has managed to do it all. She’s done gangbangs, double anal, and she’s even performed with transexuals. Throughout her career, Ava Devine has shown us time and again that she has no boundaries and she’s willing to do anything. Former pornstar Hannah Harper¬†once said that Ava was the porn industry’s “lady of the lake”, meaning that she is the mythical woman willing to have sex with anyone at any time. Including the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    Yes, on top of being a pornstar totally obsessed with sex, Ava Devine is also a sports fan, specifically of the underdog teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    While it’s admirable when any fan continues to support their favorite team despite their terribleness, Ava Devine has upped the ante by vowing to TMZ Sports that she (and maybe a couple of her pornstar friends)¬†would bang the entire Cleveland Cavaliers team if they make the playoffs. Continue Reading

    February 11, 2014 • Sex News • Views: 1849