• We Can’t Get Enough of Corinna Blake’s Milk Covered Tits

    Could the reason why everyone loves tits so much is because they kept us alive when we were first born?  Continue Reading

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  • Babes On Instagram: Jillian Janson

    I’d like to start this new edition of BABES ON INSTAGRAM with an apology. It’s been far too long since we told which hot babes you absolutely need to be following on Instagram and for that everyone at the Blog is sorry.

    In an attempt to make it up to you, we’re going to tip you off on one of the best babes to follow on Instagram. The one, the only…Miss Jillian JansonContinue Reading

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  • FapShows Is Our New Favorite Site To Chat with Hot Webcam Girls For Free

    There’s no doubt that chatting and webcamming with hot webcam girls is one of the best uses of anyone’s time…BUT WHERE CAN YOU DO IT?

    The expression “Too much of a good thing” certainly applies to chatting and webcamming with hot webcam girls because there are so many free live cam sites that it’s tough to know where to start.

    If you find yourself unsure of where to go when you feel that urge to chat with hot webcam girls coming on, trust us when we say you need only visit FapShows.comContinue Reading

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  • Guess Which Busty Blonde Is Twistys December Treat of the Month!

    If there’s one thing that Twistys does better than any other porn site, it’s choose babes to highlight on a monthly basis.

    Since you like porn, I going to go ahead and assume that you already know all about Twistys Treats of the Month. But just in case you’re uninitiated, the head-honchos at Twistys pick one hot babe to be featured in for a month in a big batch of sexy, new porn pictures and porn videos.

    To close out 2014, Twistys selected a busty blonde for Treat of the Month that has never failed to totally knock our socks off.

    Twistys December Treat of the Month is… Continue Reading

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  • Alexis Adams Wins Twitter by Sharing Her Big Tits

    When Alexis Adams first arrived in the porn industry almost two years ago, her big tits totally knocked us on our asses.

    Two years later, we’ve come to expect great things whenever we see the name “Alexis Adams”. We also keep a bib handy because the name “Alexis Adams” has been known to cause us to involuntarily dribble all over ourselves because we can’t help but think about how sweet it would be to have one (or both) of her sexy tits shoved into our mouths.

    Needless to say, we’re huge fans of Alexis Adams’ porn videos and porn pictures. If only there was a way to see porn videos and porn pictures from Alexis Adams all the time, satisfying our many cravings for her all-natural mammaries throughout the day…

    If you feel the same way, we’ve got good news: Alexis Adams’ Twitter is basically a non-stop big titty extravaganza!  Continue Reading

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  • Tomorrow: Abigail Mac Fucks a Man in a Porn Video For Your Viewing Pleasure

    I honestly never thought that I would write these words, but here we go…

    Abigail Mac has crossed over to the other side!

    The other side, of course, refers to shooting porn videos (and porn pictures) wherein Abigail Mac fucks men.  Continue Reading

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  • 3 Porn Videos That Prove Alexis Rodriguez Has The Best Ass

    Guys, what’s the deal with girls named Alexis having great asses?

    There’s of course Alexis Texas who basically invented PAWGs. There’s Alexis Ford, whose big bubble butt used to get fucked on the regular. People love Alexis Adams‘ big tits, but she’s got a damn fine booty to go with her amazing rack.

    Just as naming your spawn “Krystal” guarantees them a life as a stripper, it seems to me that girls named Alexis almost always have incredible asses.

    Right now, I’d like to introduce you to a brand new pornstar named Alexis Rodriguez. And who would have guessed that a Latina named Alexis would have one of the best asses we’ve ever seen?  Continue Reading

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  • Obsessed with Jade Nile

    For those of you that don’t know, “Obsessed with” is a title that this porn blog bestows onto new and old adult industry talent. The pornstars that have ever an “Obsessed with” title are the pornstars that are just slightly a cut above everyone else. Some might go so far as saying that these are the hottest pornstars in the business. These are the girls that get us hard just from reading their names. Their the girls that we can’t stop looking at. You might say that we’re obsessed with them (in like a fun way! Not a creepy way!).

    Gather round everyone for I’m about to show you a sexy up and cumming teen porn star who is guaranteed to be your favorite new babe in porn. Her name is Jade Nile and her big natural tits, a smile that can break hearts and doe eyes will have you on your knees begging for more. It’s totally why we’re obsessed with Jade Nile. Continue Reading

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  • Janice Griffith’s 50 Ways To Fuck

    Exotic beauty and top pornstar Janice Griffith has just teamed up with Digital Playground to show you 50 ways to fuck.  Continue Reading

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  • Read This and Get Free Access to a Members-Only Lexi Belle Webcam Show

    If you read the title of this post, I’m sure you have an idea of what’s going on. By being on this page, you can claim free trial access to for her triumphant return to live webcamming for members of her exclusive site.

    Crazy, right? Here’s how it all went down.  Continue Reading

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  • See Jade Roper, “The Bachelor” Contestant That Posed For Playboy, Nude

    There’s a new season of The Bachelor…or that’s what I’ve been told. I don’t watch the show, so I can’t really say with any certainty whether or not there is or isn’t a new season of The Bachelor.

    What I do know about the show is that the vetting process for potential contestants seems to be getting leaner. According to RealitySteve, 27 year-old contestant Jade Roper has a career in modelling…specifically posing nude for Playboy Amateur under the alias “Jade Elizabeth.” Continue Reading

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  • Dakota Skye’s After School Special

    In 1972, the American Broadcasting Company (also known as ABC) coined the term “After School Special” with a series of didactic made-for-television movies to teach the youngins’ about controversial or socially relevant issues.

    These programs taught us all about the dangers of premarital sex, illegal drug use and alcohol by scaring viewers with religion-based idealogical brainwashing. Quality programming!

    Did after school specials corrupt the minds of a generation to think that sex was a shameful, unnatural thing? It’s possible. It certainly made me afraid of sex because if I remember correctly, everyone who had sex in an after school special inevitably died of AIDS. But thankfully, Dakota Skye and Digital Playground have teamed up to make an after school special that’s going to teach you lesson worth learning…

    How to fuck hot teens in the ass!  Continue Reading

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  • Abigail Mac Interview

    If you were to ask me who has been the best pornstar of 2014, I’d say Abigail Mac without any hesitation. Though she’s been around since 2012, after the year Abigail Mac has had, there’s absolutely no denying that she’s one of the best babes in porn.

    From her tanned skin, to her killer curves, to her natural ability to make the slightest glance or look seem incredibly sexy, Abigail Mac has risen to the top without having to rely on the usual “FIRST ANAL!” or “FIRST DP!” gimmicks. No, Abigail Mac’s rise to the top of the porn industry was accomplished on her own terms, which just makes us love her even more.

    We were lucky enough to sit down with the one and only Abigail Mac to talk about her career in porn, how she maintains her amazing body and her reputation for giving the best head.

    Enjoy our interview with Abigail Mac!  Continue Reading

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  • Stevie Shae Talks Sex, Snakes and the Apocalypse

    QUESTION: Is there a more exciting pornstar in the adult industry right now than Stevie Shae?


    Though she’s been in the business for a minute, Stevie Shae’s star rose this summer after starring in Digital Playground’s Girls of Summer. Now with the release of Digital Playground‘s latest blockbuster porn movie, Apocalypse X, Stevie Shae is set to reach new heights of greatness. That shouldn’t come as a surprise because Stevie Shae is talented, sexy and cool to the core.

    Continue Reading

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  • Sydney Leathers Is Now A Bonafide Pornstar

    You might want to file this under “OLD NEWS” since I’m writing about this roughly three weeks late, but it’s still important.

    Remember Sydney Leathers? The sexting babe that brought down Anthony Weiner’s bid for New York City mayor turned sex tape star?

    Now, almost a year removed from Vivid’s massive media blitz that turned Sydney Leathers into a household name, it seems that Sydney Leathers is making a run at becoming a bonafide pornstar.

    Continue Reading

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  • Teanna Trump Interview!

    Blessed with killer curves and sexy caramel skin, it’s no wonder that 19 year-old newcomer Teanna Trump is already making a name for herself in the porn industry. We were fortunate enough to get a hold of Teanna Trump despite her busy schedule to get to know her a little better, while restraining ourselves from putting our favorite NBA players, NFL players and rappers on blast.

    Big shout to for making this happen.

    Here it is! The Teanna Trump interview!  Continue Reading

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  • Interview: Phil Varone Talks Fucking and Filming Groupies

    Recently, I wrote a review of Vivid Entertainment’s Phil Varone Groupies: Music from Behind the Scenes.  Ultimately, I praised the movie for its sense of humour, light-heartedness and extremely sexy amateur vibe.  If you haven’t checked out my review, you totally should, and then you should sign up for Vivid Entertainment and watch the entire film as well as the other great celebrity sex tapes that they offer!

    Here’s a trailer for Phil Varone’s latest movie if you haven’t checked it out:

    Continue Reading

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  • Obsessed with Karla Kush

    Ever since becoming a contributor to the Blog, I’ve begun watching a lot more porn. This isn’t to say I didn’t watch obnoxious amounts of porn prior to joining Chico and the team here at but I can now justify my veracious thirst for porn to my friends and family. It’s a golden time to be alive.

    You and I aren’t all that different, either. I have a collection of porn that I love and certain stars make me way hornier than others. Part of our job here at the Blog is to inform you about the some of the best up and coming talent we’re obsessed with so that you can share in the greatness that is a good solid orgasm.

    Continue Reading

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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: August 22nd, 2014

    Browsing for porn is easy right? WRONG! It’s straight-up daunting given how much free porn there is on the internet.

    With all the free porn on the internet, how are you supposed to know what’s hot and what’s not? I suppose you could watch thousands of porn videos a day to find the hottest free porn on the internet…but who really has the time to watch all that free porn?

    Oh wait.

    I have that much time! I watch all the free porn on the internet!

    So if you’re willing to trust my taste in pornography, you’re about to see the 7 hottest free porn videos (in my humble opinion) on from the past week! It’s just something we like to call our Your Weekend Porn Playlist.

    Your Weekend Porn Playlist happens every Friday only on the Blog, so if you like what you see, make sure you come back next week. And if you don’t like what you see, try your luck with last week’s Weekend Porn Playlist!

    Ok, enough shameless self-promotion. Let’s see the 7 hottest free porn videos on from the past week!

    1. Emily Grey’s laundry day turns in to a hot POV fuck

    Continue Reading

    August 22, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars • Views: 43380

  • Is Kelly Divine’s Ass Real?

    Earlier today, I got an email from an avid porn fan with an interesting question.

    Anonymous porn fan writes:

    “Chico. Is Kelly Divine’s ass real? I read somewhere that Kelly Divine got ass implants and I was hoping you could confirm it for me since you know a lot about the porn industry.”

    Now that is an interesting question.

    I’m not one to air-out someone’s dirty laundry just because I was asked a question, but this is the sort of investigative porn journalism I was born to do.

    Continue Reading

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