• Samantha Rone’s Tight Ass Gets Spanked Red and Fucked for

    Samantha Rone, the petite, blonde pornstar we can’t see get fucked enough, has made a two year-old dream come true by teaming up with Since Samantha Rone started doing porn in 2013, we’ve wanted nothing more than to see this too-cute-for-porn angel get her tight ass get fucked. And now, we finally can.

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    Seeing Samantha Rone’s get little ass get fucked for the first is definitely something to be thankful for. However, now that we’ve seen it…a couple hundred times, we are just generally appreciative that a girl as cute as Samantha Rone not only does porn, but makes amazing porn videos. The day we get tired of seeing Samantha Rone play an innocent chick that turns into a super slut at first sight of a cock or the first lick of her clit, we want you to euthanize us.

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    And finally, here’s a tip for any guys reading this that have trouble cumming: If you feel like you are not able to orgasm, simply close your eyes and imagine Samantha Rone on her knees in front of you, patiently waiting to taste and swallow your cum. Picturing Samantha’s pretty face eagerly anticipating your hot load to fill her mouth. You have the Blog’s guarantee that thinking of this image whenever you are having trouble finishing will bolt you across the finish line in spectacular fashion. If not, you are SOL, I guess.

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  • These Three Sluts Sure Know How to Party

    Farrah Flower, Jade Jantzen and Tiffany Cane sure know how to party. One minute they are straddling lawn flamingos, which quickly escalates to a simulated blowbang with lawn flamingos, which then turns into a blowbang, which then turns into an orgy.

    While we’re pissed that we weren’t invited to party with these three sluts, we are sure as hell glad that Real Slut Party was there to capture the whole thing go down.

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  • This Is Busty Babe Destiny Dixon at Her Hottest

    Question: Have you ever watched a Destiny Dixon that didn’t make you think she was the hottest chick in the whole wide world? The only answer we are willing to accept is “No” because Destiny Dixon is easily one of the most bewitching porn stars in the industry thanks to her banging body, big tits and insatiable appetite for sex.

    While Destiny Dixon is super hot in all circumstances, we’re putting it out there that she’s her hottest in Mike Adriano’s Banging Beauties. See why with the preview video below (or watch the full scene here).

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  • Janice Griffith’s Mofos Live Show is Going to Blow Your Load Over and Over Again

    Men can’t have multiple orgasms because they physiologically have to go through a refractory period after orgasming. However, this Janice Griffith live show from Mofos, which thank God someone recorded and pinned to the official Mofos page where you can stream free Mofos video on, is so hot that your refractory period will be non-existent. Prepare to blow your load over and over again to the incredibly sexy Miss Janice Griffith.

    Source: Uploaded by Mofos on

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  • Ashley Adams’ First Interracial Video is as Glorious as Her Big Tits

    Though she’s still new to porn, Ashley Adams has quickly risen through the ranks as one of our favorite stars to watch thanks to God-given glorious big tits. Dare we even say that Ashley’s big tits are almost as good as Alexis Adams‘ big tits? We don’t because we’re not in the business of playing favorites. We try to love all pornstars equally for they each bring something unique to the table.

    However, Ashley Adams’ first ever interracial video from makes it really damn hard not to fawn over her incredible tits. Of course there’s a thrill in watching Ashley Adams handle his first big black cock like a champ, but Blacked went the extra mile and put Ashley Adams and her amazing tits in what might be the sexiest bra known to man. Watch a free preview below.

    Source: Uploaded by user via Blacked on

    It’s kind of a shame that the bra had to come off. Don’t you like seeing those big titties outlines and minimally supported for your viewing pleasure?

    We have a theory: That bra was initially a regular lace bra that evaporated upon contact with Ashley Adams’ tits. Why? Because that’s how hot her tits are.


    Mic drop.

    But for real, does anyone have nicer big natural tits than Ashley Adams right now? We’ve already nominated Alexis Adams as her competition. Who else has big natural tits that you simply can’t get enough of? Let us know in the comments!

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  • FapShows Is Our New Favorite Site To Chat with Hot Webcam Girls For Free

    There’s no doubt that chatting and webcamming with hot webcam girls is one of the best uses of anyone’s time…BUT WHERE CAN YOU DO IT?

    The expression “Too much of a good thing” certainly applies to chatting and webcamming with hot webcam girls because there are so many free live cam sites that it’s tough to know where to start.

    If you find yourself unsure of where to go when you feel that urge to chat with hot webcam girls coming on, trust us when we say you need only visit FapShows.comContinue Reading

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