• Couple Gets 15 Years in Jail for Sex on the Beach

    Anything goes in Flordia. At least…that’s what we thought…

    Turns out, it’s not true. You especially can’t have sex on a public beach in Florida unless you want to serve 15-year prison sentence thanks to a new court ruling on May 4th.

    Jose Caballero, 40, and Elissa Alvarez, 20, were charged with two counts each of lewd and lascivious behavior for having sex on Bradenton Beach in Miami on July 20, 2014.  Continue Reading

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  • Hey Nina Agdal, We Can See Your Boobs!

    How does one pose nude while still conveying that it’s art and not porn?

    Pornography is often defined as “obscene”. The famous quote from the Supreme Court’s Ruling on pornography came from Justice Potter Stewart. He was stuck on how to describe pornography, and Novak said to him, “Mr. Justice, you will know it when you see it.” 

    So how do you ensure that you they don’t know porn when they see it?

    Well there are two things you can do…First option: turn up the colour saturation, turn down the contrast, add a hip filter and people will not know whether or not what they’re seeing is porn.

    Second option: throw a wet, lace article of clothing over yourself (or the model if you’re shooting and not posing) thus obscuring the nudity just enough so that people don’t know what they’re looking at.

    And as we all know, when you’re looking at something that you’re not quite sure what it is…that’s what we call art.

    You know who seems to know this principle more than anyone else? Nina Agdal.

    Just the other day, some low contrast and high color saturation pictures of Nina Agdal surfaced online posing on the beach in a see-through top. And yes…you can totally see Nina Agdal’s boobs and her butt. Thank goodness someone pinned them to!

    Having followed Nina Agdal’s posing for sexy pictures extensively, we’ve always felt that she has probably the most rocking body in history. These new nude pictures of Nina Agdal only confirm these assumptions:

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

    Source: via youngchop on

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    Source: via youngchop on




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  • Jesse Jane and Leanna Decker Get Sexy On A Beach

    Sometimes, good things just happen for absolutely no reason at all.

    Take these photos for example. Here we have the gorgeous and big breasted Leanna Decker, whom you know as Playboy’s Cybergirl of the Year 2012 (or more likely that hot red hot all over because no one in their right mind would never pass up an opportunity to pin pictures of a hottie like Leanna Decker) with adult superstar Jesse Jane (whom you definitely know already).

    For whatever reason, these two busty beauties decided to spend a day at the beach together. Were they doing anything besides realizing the sexual fantasies of millions? I know personally, I’ve always wanted to see these two together but I never thought I’d see the day.

    If they aren’t dating (which would really be the ideal scenario), I hope that the reason Jesse Jane and Leanna Decker decided to spend a topless day at the beach together was not just a one-time realization of our sexual fantasies but an effort by Jesse to pass the torch to Leanna Decker.

    The reigning Queen of Porn just happens to be hanging out on a beach with a nude model that is universally loved by all that have seen her?

    Here’s what I imagine went down in between pictures:

    JESSE JANE: “You know, nude modelling is cool and all but if you really want to hit the big time you should really consider trying porn.”

    LEANNA DECKER: “Do you think I could make it as a pornstar?”

    JESSE JANE: “No doubt about it. You’re the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. Now let’s press our boobs together so that I can give you some of my power.”

    We can dream, can’t we?

    Anyways, that’s enough rambling. Time to check out Leanna Decker and Jesse Jane on the beach:

    Source: Uploaded by user via youngchop on

    Source: Uploaded by user via youngchop on

    Source: Uploaded by user via youngchop on

    Source: Uploaded by user via youngchop on

    Source: Uploaded by user via youngchop on

    Source: Uploaded by user via youngchop on

    Now that’s hot.

    So what do you guys think? Would you want to see Leanna Decker do hardcore porn or stick to glamor modelling?

    Thanks for voting! Now enjoy this video that illustrates the immense sex appeal of Leanna Decker:

    Killer (Model: Leanna Decker) from Jose Luis on Vimeo.

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  • Sofia Vergara’s Topless Photo Shoot From 1998

    Everyone already thinks that Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara is one of the sexiest celebrities in the world. I mean, think about it mathematically…

    Latina + Big Tits + MILF + Celebrity = Sofia Vergara.

    When anyone can fit into three or more categories, well there’s nothing much else we can do other than admit THEY HOT.

    Long before Sofia Vergara was a household name, she was just a humble Colombian bikini model. Now I’d like to share with you some pictures from Sofia’s time as a bikini model, dating all the back to 1998 when Sofia was only 26 years old. I just think it’s important that Sofia Vergara was smoking hot way before she got on TV.

    Now please enjoy these vintage pictures of Sofia Vergara topless. Well…almost topless. If it weren’t for that stupid cowboy hat we’d be able to see more of the goods. But hey! Sideboob ain’t bad. Never complain about sibeboob.

    Source: via bubblegumtaint on

    Source: via bubblegumtaint on

    Source: via bubblegumtaint on

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    You know why I like Sofia Vergara? Because she once said, “I’ll tell you something. I’ve always been known for my boobs, but it pisses me off, because I do also have a great ass!” I COULDN’T AGREE MORE. Sofia, if by some miracle you ever see this, please know that you are always welcome to come through the office and we can work together to figure out a way to get people focused on your ass as well as your boobs.

    Just to compare, check out Sofia Vergara at age 41 (present day Sofia Vergara):

    Source: via senorita25 on


    Girl’s been smoking hot for decades. Good job!

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  • Rosie Huntington-Whitely Wears See-Through Top

    Rosie Huntington-Whitely beach see-through

    Rosie Huntington-Whitely

    Rosie Huntington-Whitely wore a see-through top to the beach.

    I would ramble about how hot Rosie Huntington-Whitely or tell you about some despicable things I would do to get up inside her, but I can’t.

    Rosie is exempt from the usual Chico Dusty treatment  because she’s engaged to Jason Statham. The last thing I want is to write something salacious about the future Mrs. Statham, only to have Jason Statham waiting outside my apartment where he will promptly curb stomp my brains out of my skull.

    No, instead I’ll just share these pictures of Rosie Huntington-Whitely wearing a see-through top on the beach:

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  • How To Have Sex On A Beach


    You’re right! We should have sex on this beach.

    Maybe it’s because the end of winter is in sight…maybe it’s because Ashley Sky on a beach was too damn sexy and it broke my brain.

    Whatever the reason, I just can’t stop thinking about being on a beach, soaking in the sun, drinking an ice cold cocktail, and having lots of sex right there on the beach.

    So whether you’re going to be celebrating Spring Break this year, or you’re just pining for a sunny beach, it’s high time that I taught you how to have amazing sex on a beach.  Continue Reading

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  • Ashley Sky’s Banned Buffalo Commercial


    Ashley Sky

    Brazilian (by way of Central Florida) model Ashley Sky is the new face of Buffalo Jeans.

    While that does sound like excellent news because it surely means more Ashley Sky in our lives, there is just one slight problem.

    As you know, Ashley Sky is extremely sexy. She’s so sexy that her commercial for Buffalo Jeans that features her prancing around the beach and getting her white tank top all wet to the point where she has to take it off and pose for the camera with just a hand-bra because you can see her tits clear as day through that wet tank top…wait what was I talking about?

    Oh yeah. Ashley Sky’s Buffalo Jeans commercial has been banned from Youtube because it is far too sexy. The Youtube-ban isn’t surprising because Ashley Sky’s see through tank top and hand-bra isn’t something that the world should see. I mean if everyone were to see Ashley Sky’s tits through that tank top, it would surely make all other tits seem totally irrelevant.

    Thankfully, since the commercial is only banned from Youtube, we can still watch it on Vimeo. But be warned, her boobs may ruin all other boobs for you.

    I can’t help but think that the Youtube-ban is also a good idea because when you see Ashley Sky topless on a tropical beach, it really makes you reevaluate all the decisions you’ve made in your life up to this point in an attempt to figure out why you’re not on that beach with her.



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  • Farrah Abraham: Pornstar Turned Football Player?


    When is the Farrah Abraham-Football sex tape coming out?

    According to old labor data, the average American will have roughly seven careers in their lifetime.

    Farrah Abraham has already had two: reality TV star and pornstar.

    As many of you already know, Farrah Abraham has recently been desperate to put her career as a pornstar behind her. But in order to truly move on from a previous career, you need to find another career to fill the void left by your previous one (this is especially true if you’re a pornstar).

    Thankfully, Farrah Abraham has found a new career she seems passionate about and it doesn’t involve getting F’d in the A on a regular basis. It appears that Farrah Abraham is moving on from porn so that she can be a football player!

    Does that sound too ridiculous to be true? Well here are the pictures to prove it:       Continue Reading

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  • Ashley Salazar Cures SAD


    Ashley Salazar

    Now that winter is in full swing, everyone’s set to come down with a case of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

    There are lots of different things you can do to improve your mood while suffering from the winter blues. You can take a Vitamin D supplement. You can buy a special SAD lamp. You can limit your alcohol and caffeine in take. You could take a vacation or even try and get some exercise.

    But I find the best cure for seasonal affect disorder is to just watch this video made by our friends from featuring the beautiful Ms Ashley Salazar writhing around in the sand in the sexiest one-piece bathing suit we’ve ever seen.

    Suddenly I’m not so depressed anymore. I feel motivated to go to the airport and fly down to Malibu so I can see Playboy’s Miss Social, ex-US Airforce, MMA fighter, and total babe Ashley Salazar do this in person.

    To see pictures of Ms Ashley Salazar move around in the sand with that tight, blue bathing suit, check out

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  • Alyssa Arce Bikini Pics!


    Alyssa Arce in Miami

    I need to say a few thank you’s before we get to Alyssa Arce running around the beach in Miami in a red bikini.

    First of all, I’d like to thank the great state of Florida for it’s climate that allows beautiful babes to run around the beach in bikinis all year long.

    Second, I’d like to thank whoever spotted Alyssa Arce in her red bikini and was able to snap a few photos. You have done the internet a great service. I know if it had been me on that beach, I would have just fainted from over-arousal.

    Third, I’d like to thank Alyssa Arce for looking the way she does. There is no question that she is one of the sexiest women alive.

    Now, on to the bikini pictures:


    If you like Alyssa Arce in this bright, red bikini then you’re going to love these:

    Alyssa Arce in a See-Through Bodysuit

    and of course,

    Alyssa Arce Nude

    That ought to hold you over until I come across some more Alyssa Arce pictures. As soon as I do, they’ll be online.

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