Beth Humphreys

  • Beth Humphreys B-Roll


    Beth Humphreys

    It’s hard to consider any picture of Beth Humphreys as “B-Roll”.

    For whatever reason, Front Magazine didn’t feel like these pictures were good enough for her feature.

    However, I’d like you all to take a good long look at them and wonder what the hell Front was thinking.


    If you get a chance to photograph Beth Humphreys, you better use every photo because they’re all going to turn out super sexy.

    Please now, if you haven’t already, get the Beth Humphreys 2014 Calendar.

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  • Beth Humphreys Made The Best Calendar Ever

    Beth Humphreys

    Beth Humphreys

    The new year is approaching and that means you’re going to need a new calendar. But not just any old calendar, you need to get yourself a calendar that will ensure you have a fantastic year.

    That’s why I’m getting myself a Beth Humphreys calendar. It’s the only 2014 calendar that guarantees your 2014 will be the best year ever.

    How can a calendar guarantee that? Because Beth Humphreys will be hanging on your wall for 365 days. How could you not have the best year ever when you saw a woman as gorgeous as Beth on a daily basis?

    There’s a short behind the scenes video of the Beth Humphreys calendar, which you absolutely must watch right now:

    Looks great right?

    If you’re convinced that this calendar will make next year the best year ever, click here to get it.

    If you’re still not convinced, let’s look at some sexy pictures of Beth courtesy of


    Now you must be convinced that Beth will make 2014 the best year ever, so get the Beth Humphreys Calendar now!

    If you’re still not convinced, then I just feel sorry for you. You’re missing out on one the hottest babes on Earth. Oh well, to each his own.


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  • Beth Humphreys Nude Again! (And Retired)

    Beth Humphreys nude

    Beth Humphreys

    I have an agreement with one follower of the blog, a Mr. Wallace Wesley Cranking, to share any Beth Humphreys pictures I may come across.

    Well, Mr. Wesley…today’s your lucky day because you’re about to see Beth Humphreys nude…again.

    New Beth Humphreys nude pictures below:   Continue Reading

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  • Beth Humphreys: the booby brunette is back!

    boobie brunette Beth Humphreys

    Beth Humphreys

    It’s a holiday today, yet here I am with a Babe of the Day post for all of you.

    Normally I’d say, “This can wait until Monday.” But we’re not talking about just any Babe of the Day, we’re talking about Beth Humphreys!

    I realize that Beth Humphreys was already Babe of the Day once before, but sometimes new sexy pictures come out and I have no choice to allow them to repeat. This is just the beginning of a Babe of the Day dynasty for Beth Humphreys.

    Just as a rule, whenever new sexy pictures of those sexy British hipster babes in Front, Nuts, and Zoo, they will be in contention for Babe of the Day. That means Rosie Jones, Nicole Neal, Lucy Pinder, Mellisa Clarke, and all those girls that we and the rest of the internet just can’t get enough of.

    It should also be noted that if I was sitting on some new sexy pictures of Beth Humphreys that had not yet been posted and friend of the Blog Wes Crnkng found out, he’d probably kill me. Don’t worry Wes, I got your back. Enjoy these new pics of everyone’s favorite booby brunette Beth Humphreys:

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  • Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

    Beth Humphries

    Beth Humphries

    Babe of the Day isn’t supposed to be just me picking hot babes to shine a spotlight on for a day and highlight their sexiness for everyone on the internet. Babe of the Day is supposed to me and all of you picking hot babes that are so sexy they deserve a whole day dedicated to them regardless of what’s happening in the rest of the world. That’s why I was so excited when I got this message from loyal fan of the Blog WesCrnkng:

    yo dust master, massive fan of “the blog” over here & many congrats on garnering “blog of the year”, “blogger of the year”, & “post of year” nominations at the blog awards. but how about that young lass beth, eh? can we puh-lease get a “babe of the day” post featuring that petite vixen whom we all admire so much? be a trailblazer dude. she’s a most sensational ambassador of the crop top & she seems chill. a big WHAT UP to the UK! keep the blood pumping, chico.

    WesCrnkng sold me on the idea of making a Babe of the Day post for two reasons.

    1. Crop-tops
    2. “Petite vixen”

    However, WesCrnkng didn’t specify which “Beth” he was talking about. So I’m taking a chance on a petite vixen, who has been known to wear crop-tops, and who is from the UK by making Beth Humhpreys Babe of the Day! Continue Reading

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