•’s Christmas Gift Guide (Part 2)

    Thousands of years ago, the holiday we know as Christmas used to be a lot different…

    Christians everywhere would gather together for eight nights, from December 24th until the 31st, to light their Christian-Menoras to celebrate the birth of their Lord. However, this eight day form of Christmas was shockingly similar to the Jewish tradition of Hanukkah.

    To differentiate themselves from the Jews, St. Nicholas (the artist formerly known as Santa Claus) tabled a motion to turn Christmas from eight days of lights to one fabulous day of presents. The new Christmas was so popular, we continue to celebrate it today.

    However, when St. Nick came up with his “one day of presents” idea, there was very little variety in consumer goods. As time went on it became harder and harder to shop for people for Christmas. With so many great products available, the only way to shop is being told what to buy from a pornography website’s Blog.

    That’s why The Blog is proud to present the second part of’s Christmas Gift Guide (Part 2).

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    December 10, 2012 • Reviews, Toys • Views: 790

  • L.A. Woman’s billboard ban campaign Xposed

    Xposed’s billboard offensively advertising free admission and a full bar.

    Ursula Pyland, a mother of two in the San Fernando Valley, has had enough of the billboards advertising strip clubs around her neighborhood. Specifically, the Valley strip club Xposed that has roughly 50 billboards in the area. She has launched an online petition to ban all strip club advertising in public spaces nationally, much like cigarette ad ban.

    She told the Daily News that, “It’s almost like there’s a prostitute standing on the corner. There’s a woman for sale.”

    Pyland claims that her campaign was motivated by her 11 year old son who routinely sees the Xposed billboards while driving to 7-11 or Taco Bell.

    “He started crying one night,” she said. “He thought the woman on the billboards was going to be hurt by men.”

    Though her story about her son may win some support, we feel it is a threat to Pyland’s credibility.

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    September 12, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 312