• Searching For Porn Made Easy

    At the risk of being labelled incompetent, stupid or a boneheaded rube, let me just say that browsing for porn online is not an easy task. Where does one even being when they have millions and billions and trillions of free porn videos and pictures to look at? It’s no secret that our Weekend Free Porn Playlist is so successful because it saves people the trouble of browsing for their own porn.

    Not only is browsing for porn difficult because of the wide variety of quality porn the internet has to offer, but the mainstream search engines like Google are by in large working against adult sites by avoiding adult-related results. Just look at how reluctant Google is to show me what I’m looking for if I were to search “DEEPTHROAT“.

    Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 10.19.16 AM

    Three Wikipedia articles and one IMDb page. Thank God for Reddit or we’d all be miserable.

    If you’re like me, you rely on Google to find everything for you. What time is the bus coming? What’s that song I’m thinking of? Why does my fridge smell so bad? How do you wash your sheets? These are questions that Google can answer with ease, but when I ask it to find me a video of a hot girl taking cock all the way down her throat, I have to go all the way to page 3 like some kind of animal before it gives me what I want.

    “It’s this corporate cowardice thing that’s been going on the last several years,” Colin Rowntree producer of told BetaBeat. “Mainstream companies that have investors [or are] trying to go public [are] trying to distance themselves completely from adult entertainment.”

    And that’s why Colin Rowntree has, along with some fellow experienced content producers and webmasters, taken matters into his own hands by created Boodigo, a new search engine that finds you porn.

    First of all…HOW DOES BOODIGO WORK?

    It works like a search engine. If you don’t understand what that means then please enrol yourself in to an internet class immediately. It lets people “find legitimate, legal, non-scary, non-damaging content for their adult entertainment needs,” Mr. Rowntree said.


    It works. It will really find you porn instead of the etymology of the term you’re searching for.

    I understand that Tumblr new NSFW search restrictions are the poster boy of the whole “mainstream internet distancing itself from adult material” issue, but does Tumblr really need its own tab? Why wouldn’t it come up on its own.

    Rowntree responds “The sheer volume of Tumblr porn pages made it necessary to give those results their own area to avoid them dominating the search results.  Plus, it’s a nice place for Tumblr fans to come and find what they are looking for now that Tumblr has banned internal search for adult terms on their site.”

    What about an image search function? Rowntree responds “This function is ready to go later this week after we fine tune the reporting system to allow surfers, models and producers to tag some images as “stolen” so we can remove them from the database. We are VERY much against online piracy as this harms the adult industry, so we are being very mindful to do it to protect performer and studio’s interests”.

    Video search? That’s on its way too. Rowntree responds “Much the same answer as the Image Search topic, but much bigger as far as the piracy topic.”

    The best part? You mean besides all the hot new porn you’re about to discover? The best part of is that they don’t track any of your data, unlike some other search engines (I’m looking at you, Google).

    As they explain in their About Us page: “Boodigo does not use cookies or other user-tracking technologies to gather information about our users. We aren’t interested in building a ‘profile’ on our users; our core mission is simply to help you find what you’re looking for in a way that’s as efficient, effective and enjoyable as possible. In other words, using Boodigo means finding what you’re looking for without having to worry about what someone else might be finding out about you.”

    Complete and utter privacy when searching for porn. Isn’t that nice?

    Since has only been online for approximately 24 hours, I must ask you to be patient with this one-of-a-kind porn-friendly search engine as they work out the kinks.

    Even though it’s only been a day, has proven itself to be a more reliable source for porn than Google or even Bing. I fully recommend you try it out now to find some hot new porn!

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  • People Will Switch to Bing for Porn

    I’ll be the first to admit it, I love Google.

    How on earth are you supposed to look something up without Google?

    I always remember Hank Scorpio asking Homer Simpson if he knew who invented the hammock. And of course he didn’t know who invented the hammock. So Hank Scopio says to Homer, “There’s something for you to do: find that out.”

    Find out who invented the hammock without Google? That’s a huge task. Without Google I would have had to walk to the library and open a book instead of immediately finding out that hammocks were invited by Native Americans in the West Indies and brought back to Europe by Spanish colonists (also maybe hammocks were invented by the Ancient Greeks, no one knows for sure. Hammocks been around a long time).

    Google has made all of our lives easier and therefore better by providing us with the fastest way to find things on the internet.

    So Eden sank to grief, so dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay.

    What this Robert Frost quote means is that even in all its glory, Google may not last forever simply because nothing gold can stay.

    More and more Google seems to be removing internet porn from itself. They’ve made it harder to find porn on Google Images, they banned porn from Google Glass (even though the only purpose anyone can think of for Google Glass is POV porn) and they’ve banned the monetization of porn on Blogger. Though they aren’t officially going porn-free, it sure looks like Google is moving in that direction.

    Because I’m such a big fan of Google (did you guys see The Internship?), I decided to run a poll to see how you guys would react to a porn-free Google.  Continue Reading

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