• The Sex Noises of Mes Voisins Baisent

    Mes Voisins Baisent

    Mes Voisins Baisent

    Have you ever been sleeping peacefully and then rudely awakened by your neighbors having loud sex?

    Being woken up by loud sex noises isn’t the worst thing in the world. It’s much better than hearing loud domestic disturbance noises from across the hall.

    Whenever I get woken up by loud sex noises I’m like, “Ok we get it. You’re having sex right now. Wrap it up!”

    If the neighbors aren’t finished having sex within 30 seconds, what can I do other than listen intently to the sex noises and get very aroused?

    Well now there’s something you can do whenever you’re woken up by loud sex noises. There’s a new blog called Mes Voisins Baisent (which is French for My Neighbors Are Fucking) that encourages people to record their neighbors loud sex noises and share them online!

    Here’s a sample of the aural pleasure you derive from listening to strangers loud sex noises:  Continue Reading

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  • Hentai explained

    If you’ve ever been confused by the weird world of Hentai, maybe this explanation will help you:

    Nope. Still don’t understand Hentai. I don’t want to pass judgement on anyone but even that guy who loves Hentai doesn’t even seem to get Hentai.

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  • CHEATING: Do’s & Don’ts

    Is this cheating or pimping? I'll let you decide.

    Is this cheating or pimping? I’ll let you decide.


    Whether it’s to win a race, pass a test, or to get unlimited ammo in a video game, we’ve all cheated or considered cheating at least once (if not hundreds of times). While these examples of cheating are clear cut breaking the rules to gain an advantage, cheating in a relationship is way more ambiguous. Because what advantage does cheating in a relationship give you? More sex, I guess. But the stress cancels out that advantage.

    What even constitutes cheating in a relationship anymore? Are you cheating on someone when you tightly close your eyes and imagine Kagney Linn Karter during sex? Are men and women allowed to talk to each other once they’re involved? What the heck is it?

    Lucky for us polled some Redditors for a definitive info-graphic on cheating. Everything you wanted to know about cheating’s Do’s and Don’ts is here. Let’s take a look:
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  • Vaginas cost $218 on Valentine’s Day


    International sign for Sugar Daddies

    How much is a vagina worth?

    Be careful when and where you ask that question because it could be misinterpreted as objectifying women, which you don’t want to do.

    A few months ago, Jezebel calculated that the average woman spends approximately $2,663.02 on vaginal maintenance in a year. That includes birth control, pubic grooming, toilet paper, tampons, pads, etc.

    $2,663.02 is a lot of money to spend on one area of your body. I wonder how much men spend on their penises? You can get condoms for free. Hand moisturizer can be substituted with literally any liquid. Without any investigation at all, I’m going to guess that the average man spends anywhere from $0 to $300 annually on his penis.

    But the real question is, how much money does your average man spend on a vagina?

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  • is changing the dating game



    Dating isn’t easy. Especially for music lovers.

    There are few things worse as a music lover than going out with someone you like, having a great, getting an invite back to their place, and then… hen you get to their place…you see not only the entire Nickelback discography but Nickelback posters everywhere.

    What the heck are you supposed to do once you’re hit with this revelation? Even though the date itself was good, you can’t possibly ever see them again because of their musical taste (which, if I’m being nice about it, is questionable at best).

    Are music lovers doomed to make concessions to all their potential mates with terrible musical taste? Or perhaps die alone in a pile of records?


    Now that exists, music lovers don’t have to compromise their favorite artists for physical and emotional human love.

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  • Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (part 3) – Fake Girlfriends

    It is now officially Valentine’s Day shopping crunch time.

    Football has ended.

    Part 1 and Part 2 of’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide have been online for almost a week.

    You have no more excuses. You have all the tools to make Valentine’s Day great.

    I’m sure a lot of you are single and couldn’t care less about celebrating Valentine’s Day or shopping for Valentine’s Day because the holiday is a reminder that you will be alone forever.

    Well, in Part 3 of’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, we’ve found the perfect gift for all the singles in the world…

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  • New App helps you have sex with co-workers

    In porn movies, the office is all about sex. No one does any work and they get to have sex on a desk. Wouldn’t it be great if real offices were like that? Believe it or not, the sex based office we know and love from pornography could be coming soon to real life with a new LinkedIn app called “BangWithProfessionals“.

    Abbey Brooks, add me on LinkedIn!

    Abbey Brooks, add me on LinkedIn!

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  • Reasons to love Ron Jeremy

    Ron Jeremy is currently in critical condition due to an aneurysm near his heart. Hopefully, he pulls through. He’s a total weirdo but we can’t help but love him.

    Love you, dog.

    Love you, dog.

    While we have our fingers crossed, hoping that he’ll recover, we’d like to share with you  our Top 10 Reasons to love Ron Jeremy.
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  • Sex surrogacy and the elderly

    Old people need love too

    Old people love sex too

    Homer Simpson once said, “If you ask me, old folks have it pretty sweet.” And that couldn’t be more true when you think about Social Security, bus discounts, Medic-Alert jewelery, Gold Bond powder, pants all the way up to your armpits, and all those other senior perks. Yes, old people do have it pretty sweet.

    But it’s not all fun and games for the elderly, especially for the residents of Chaseley nursing home in Eastborne, Sussex. At least not anymore now that the East Sussex City Council is launching an investigation into the nursing because they believe the home has been arranging prostitute visits for their residents.

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  • Remy Lacroix is back! Gets a Top 10!


    Remy Lacroix

    Remember at the end of June 2012, we were all sad because our favorite new porn star Remy Lacroix retired? Well we had no reason to be so sad because her retirement was just a dirty little tease.

    As it turns out, she only quit for the summer. She did the shoots that were scheduled post-retirement, she started working at’s talent department, and continued to promote her new releases on social media. Good thing too because she just won AVN’s Best New Starlet.

    “In hindsight, I wish I never made that original announcement, and instead just took the physical break that I needed,” she told AVN. “Regardless, I am back for more, and with this amazing award to back me up, and with a better outlook on how to handle myself and my body in this industry.”

    Remy made a second announcement in November that went largely unnoticed retracting her retirement. Though we’re late in recognizing that Remy Lacroix is back for good, we’d like to celebrate her return and her Best New Starlet win with a Top 10. So please, enjoy the Remy Lacroix Top 10:

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  • The Normal Bar sex survey


    Sex, it’s great. Do it more.

    Do you ever find yourself asking, “What is normal?” It’s only natural to wonder because your daily routine, habits, quirks, whatever all seem normal to you. This is especially true of sex. Your sex routine is something that very few people get to see so it can hard to judge whether or not it’s normal.

    A new book, The Normal Bar, has painstakingly surveyed almost 100,000 people from around the world to finally determine what is normal when it comes to sex.

    While we can’t give you all the info that The Normal Bar dug up, we can give you a preview of it.

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  • Rate Jennifer Lawrence’s butt!

    "90-year-old butt"

    “90-year-old butt”

    Hollywood darling Jennifer Lawrence has been trying to convince the public that the Hawaiian paparazzi pics that have recently surfaced have been unjustly Photoshopped to make it look “90-years-old”.  Continue Reading

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  • Spongebob Porn Parody & Rule 34 announced today that they will be releasing a SpongeBob SquarePants porn parody as a free five-part series called SpongeKnob SquareNuts. Director Lee Roy Myers, who you may remember from such porn parodies as The Simpsons Porn Parody, Family Guy Porn Parody, and The Big Lebowski Porn Parody, described his latest work as, “something much funnier, sexier, and we’re going to hell-ier.”

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  • Internet porn ruins memory? We say, “No!”

    The internet is the greatest innovation since the domestication of the dog. It provides us with so much information and allows us to communicate with so many people in a way that the common house-dog could ever understand. As you know, the best part of the internet is the convenience of pornography.

    This is your brain on internet porn

    In a world without internet, the only way to see pornography was to buy a nudie magazine or find a discarded home-made VHS of someone’s favorite scenes or go to a porno-theater wearing your hat real low and your trench-coat real high. How uncivilized…

    With the internet, porn is at our fingertips all the time (unless there’s no Wi-Fi, which is another problem altogether). But if you’re like me, then you know that whenever something good happens (like easy access to pornography at all times) something a hundred times worse is about to happen.

    But what could be possible wrong with easy access to pornography? Well, a group of German researchers are now reporting that watching pornography could be wiping our memories.

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  • Slutroulette = Chatroulette with more boobs!

    Remember February 2010? Queen Rania Al Abdullah had just reformed Jordan’s educational system and the Northern hemisphere was coming down with a bad case of Winter Olympic fever. But all that excitement pales in comparison to the thrill of going on Chatroulette.

    A Chatroulette session only had three possible outcomes in those days (aka the Wild West era of Chatroulette). 70% of the time it would be a man masturbating in a room lit only by his computer screen. 25% of the time it would be a group of jocks hoping to gay call someone gay.

    But 5% of the time you would land on a girl who wanted to flash you. Like so:

    Adult Chatroulette Alternative

    Even though the odds were slim, the idea of seeing a stranger’s boobs for free over the internet was impossible to resist.

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  • Christmas Gift Guide (Part 4)

    Justin Timberlake wasn’t cool until he put his dick in a box

    Christmas presents used to be so simple! Let’s run through how easy it used:

    1. Cut a hole in the box.

    2. Put your junk in that box.

    3. Make her open the box.

    Then, of course, Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake had to ruin it for all of us regular Joe’s. I know I’ve said it before but it needs to be said again: you can’t trust Hollywood celebrities. They are all bad news.

    So now that putting your dick in a box is no longer an option, what are you supposed to do for Christmas presents? Well, you’re in luck because we have been preparing’s Christmas Gift Guide for almost thirty minutes to ensure that this Christmas is the best Christmas ever.

    Let’s see what Part 4 of’s Christmas Gift Guide has in store for us!

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  • Lupe Fuentes, porn star/musician?

    Lupe Fuentes at the AVN Awards. Next stop, Grammy’s!

    There’s nothing that excites us more than when porn stars branch out into new medias (also seeing them naked and performing various sex acts on camera can be pretty exciting).

    The most recent addition to this club is that tiny latina you know and love, Lupe Fuentes. She’s recorded a single with her new group The Ex Girlfriends.

    We’re about two weeks late in posting this but who cares we’ve been busy improving the site for all you ingrates. Better late than never…

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  • Christmas Gift Guide: Musical Vibrators!

    Christmas. It really is the greatest time of year.

    For only a few more days, the government will be lifting its embargo on Egg Nog and you can throw out all those gallons of milk you bought yesterday. You can now live in sweet ecstasy, slurping back a thick cup of Nog. Some people like to put a little rum in it…

    …it’s a good way to keep nice and warm ;).

    There is one catch. You have to buy expensive and thoughtful presents while you’re out buying Egg Nog. AND NO, Egg Nog is not an expensive and thoughtful present. It’s cheap and lazy and very delicious.

    What is there to buy other than Egg Nog? Don’t worry, we’ve found the perfect gifts this Christmas and we’re proud to share them with you in part three of’s Christmas Gift Guide!

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  • Anne Hathaway’s upskirt

    Anne Hathaway’s junk

    So Monday night, Anne Hathaway was getting out of a limousine to attend the premier of her new movie Les Misérables.

    She had a little oops. As she explained to Vanity Fair, “I was getting out of the car and my dress was so tight that I didn’t realize it until I saw all the photographers’ flashes. It was devastating.”

    But really, is it that big of a deal?

    Had anyone seen her movie Havoc, you would’ve seen a whole lot more. Or maybe not, I don’t know. I haven’t seen Havoc, no one has. Apparently she’s a real bad girl in it, showing her boobs and presumably flashing her vagina as she gets out of limousines.

    I’d like to speak directly to Ms Hathaway, if I may…

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  • Nuri Cops crackdown on porn

    The “Porn” key is virtually useless on South Korean computers

    Sometime during the summer, we saw a little music video that totally knocked our socks off. It was a catchy little K-Pop song that grew up to be the world’s most popular video.

    Like the rest of the world, we fell in love with Gangnam Style and by proxy all of South Korea. Yesterday however, our love affair with South Korea has turned sour.

    It seems now in South Korea there are more than 800 volunteers called “Nuri Cops” (translation: Net Cops) made up of university students, IT workers, professors, and housewives searching the South Korean Internet to remove all porn.

    Sorry but volunteering, snitching, and no porn are three things that we just can’t get behind.

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