• Pornstar Spotlight: Summer Brielle

    Welcome back to another edition of Pornstar Spotlight!

    Pornstar Spotlight is a daily feature here on the Blog where we tell you everything you need to know about one pornstar, including their top 5 hottest porn videos.

    Today, the Blog’s Pornstar Spotlight shines on a babe that’s ok with labelling herself slut or whore but never a bimbo: SUMMER BRIELLEContinue Reading

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  • Pornstar Spotlight: Nina Elle

    Welcome back to another edition of Pornstar Spotlight!

    Pornstar Spotlight is a daily feature here on the Blog where we tell you everything you need to know about one pornstar, including their top 5 hottest porn videos.

    Today, the Pornstar Spotlight shines on the Arch Angel herself: NINA ELLE Continue Reading

    February 20, 2015 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars • Views: 12151

  • Cum Cam with Lexi Belle Tomorrow!

    Wednesday. Hump day.

    You know why they call it hump day? Because if you manage to get through Wednesday, you’re over the week’s hump and it’s smooth sailing to the weekend.

    This Wednesday (February 18th, 2015), we’ve got an amazing way for you to ring in the closing out of the week: a Lexi Belle live show!

    So cancel whatever you have planned tomorrow between 4:00pm and 5:30pm Pacific Standard Time because you don’t want to miss the cutest lil porn slut under the sun chatting and cumming live on cam for all her fans.

    Continue Reading

    February 17, 2015 • Porn, Porn News & Highlights, Pornstars • Views: 5134

  • Spend Valentine’s Day with Nicole Aniston

    Holy crap. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!

    Normally when your Valentine’s Day comes around, everyone focuses on things for couples to do. No one ever takes the time to think about us poor saps that plan on spending Valentine’s Day alone.

    This year, Naughty America has come through big time for everyone that’s got nobody to love. Thanks to Naughty America, we can all spend our Valentine’s Day with a woman so gorgeous words can’t do her justice: Nicole AnistonContinue Reading

    February 13, 2015 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars • Views: 10960

  • Ex-OSU Student Hopes Library Masturbation Video Will Launch Her Modelling Career

    In her first interview since being slapped with a $6,250 citation for filming herself masturbate in the Oregon State University library with the New York Daily News, 19 year-old Kendra Sunderland revealed that she hopes the viral-nature of her story will help launch her modelling career.  Continue Reading

    February 10, 2015 • Porn, Porn News & Highlights • Views: 5920

  • Corinna Blake Talks Implants, Deep Throat Blowjobs and Loving Dick

    It was mid-October, 2014 when I first laid eyes on Corinna Blake. Instantly, I became totally obsessed with her beautiful big tits.

    Even though she’s still new to the porn industry, Corinna’s classic looks and sexual charisma has helped her stand out in a tough rookie class of hot pornstars.

    Recently, we were lucky enough to catch up with Corinna Blake and get to know this blonde bombshell better. So please, enjoy the Blog’s interview with Corinna Blake!  Continue Reading

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  • OSU Amateur Pornstar Kendra Sunderland’s Greatest Hits

    Kendra Sunderland, the former OSU student facing a $6,250 fine and up to one year in jail for filming herself masturbate in Oregon State’s library, has been receiving a lot of attention this week. Most of the attention is negative because people are appalled that someone would do something so egregious as film themselves masturbating in a library.


    But that’s not the point.

    The point is, Kendra Sunderland is an accomplished exhibitionist that loves to get naked and finger herself on camera. As of right now, she has twelve smutty videos on her viddme account and they’re all amazing because Kendra Sunderland is absolutely mesmerizing when she’s fully nude and playing with herself on cam.

    So, to give Kendra Sunderland’s other amateur porn videos the shine they so desperately deserve, here are OSU Amateur Pornstar Kendra Sunderland’s Greatest Hits.  Continue Reading

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  • Ex-Oregon State Student Fined for Camming in Library

    Kendra Sunderland, a 19-year-old former Oregon State studen, was fined on Tuesday for allegedly filming a topless video of herself masturbating in the college’s library.

    Sunderland reportedly told police she filmed the video on the sixth floor of OSU’s Valley Library last October, when she was still enrolled at the university. Acoording to the Oregonian, she’s not enrolled at OSU at the school for the spring semester.  Continue Reading

    February 2, 2015 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Porn News & Highlights • Views: 11180

  • Another Hot Pornstar Has Personally Invited You To Her Private Live Show…

    Great news, guys! Another hot pornstar has personally invited readers of the Blog to chat and cam with her tomorrow (Friday, January 30th, 2015)!

    Here’s the email I just received:  Continue Reading

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  • Holy Moly! Olivia Austin Is Freaking Hot!

    Despite what you might think, being a pornstar isn’t easy.

    It’s especially hard for someone like Olivia Austin whose getting her start as a pornstar at 26 (which, sadly, is often considered old in the porn world).

    Even though Olivia Austin isn’t your prototypical new pornstar, she’s quickly establishing herself as a porn talent to keep your eye on. Not only does she write, direct and act in porn movies, she’s got an hourglass physique, huge natural tits and genuine love for getting fucked.

    In her debut scenes for Brazzers, Olivia Austin proved that she’s got what it takes to be a star in the adult industry by going toe to toe with legendary porn MILF Julia Ann.

    Taking on Julia Ann is no easy task but Olivia Austin was able to hold her own. Fucking impressive for noob. In watching her Brazzers debut, we came to the obvious realization: HOLY MOLY! OLIVIA AUSTIN IS FREAKING HOT!  Continue Reading

    January 28, 2015 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars • Views: 5698

  • Jenna Ivory’s First Anal Is The Only Porn Video You Need To Watch This Week

    Sometimes I feel like the emphasis put on firsts in the porn industry is a bit overblown. First anal, first gangbang, first interracial. Does it really matter that one pornstar is doing something we’ve seen others do a thousand times before?

    In most cases, the jaded porn fan inside of me says that firsts don’t matter. But then Brazzers puts out a porn video like Jenna Ivory’s first anal.

    To see Jenna Ivory’s perfectly sculpted ass lose its on-screen virginity with the unbridled enthusiasm only found in true nymphomaniacs, it puts it all in perspective again. Firsts are important in porn videos because that excitement of the first time doubles the intensity of the sex, making it a porn video you’re going to want to put on repeat.  Continue Reading

    January 27, 2015 • Pictures & Vids, Pornstars • Views: 4179

  • Taylor Whyte Will Give You a Bodysuit Fetish

    We love Taylor Whyte because at first glance, she looks like your average innocent, hot babe. But then you take another look at Taylor Whyte and you see that she’s got two of the most perfect 32C titties and a huge cock deep inside her tight, 21 year-old pussy. That’s when you know that Taylor isn’t the innocent chick you thought she was.

    Looks can be deceiving. Remember, just because a girl is one of the prettiest creatures you’ve ever (like Taylor Whyte) doesn’t mean that she’s not a total slut deep down (like Taylor Whyte).

    Though we were already sold on Taylor Whyte thanks to the fact that she’s absolutely stunning and is an expert at getting both guys and girls off, she recently upped her hotness to a whole new level in her latest video for Teens Love Huge Cock.

    How’d she do it? Easy. All she had to was show up in a bodysuit.  Continue Reading

    January 20, 2015 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars • Views: 8329

  • See Payton West Take Her First Cock in “Teacher Knows Breast”

    Payton West started doing porn in 2007. Only lesbian porn and solo masturbation scenes, but as a busty blonde, she left an impression on us.

    Sadly, Payton West went on hiatus and totally left us hanging. We had to find another busty blonde to fap to, which isn’t as easy as it sounds, you know.

    But good news! Payton West is back from her hiatus with sexy, new tattoos and with her big tits looking better than ever. Plus, she’s already branching out by getting her on-screen cherry popped for BrazzersContinue Reading

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  • Your Coed Crush of the Day: Jillian Janson

    You know what I like about coeds? They have absolutely no responsibilities, unless you count school work, which I do not because I’ve been to university and I know you don’t really have to do anything at all. As long as your check doesn’t bounce and you show up when you need to, you damn right you’re gonna a B-. Worst 20 grand I’ve ever spent. I should have just hung around the campus bars instead actually paying for that diploma.

    This void of responsibility affords coeds lots of time to party and experiment with their sexuality. And that’s why coeds are the best.

    Today, I’d like to call your attention to an incredibly sexy coed that prefers to find hard cocks to play with rather than attend a boring ass lecture. It’s none other than uber cute pornstar Jillian JansonContinue Reading

    January 15, 2015 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars • Views: 6272

  • Guess Which Busty Blonde Is Twistys December Treat of the Month!

    If there’s one thing that Twistys does better than any other porn site, it’s choose babes to highlight on a monthly basis.

    Since you like porn, I going to go ahead and assume that you already know all about Twistys Treats of the Month. But just in case you’re uninitiated, the head-honchos at Twistys pick one hot babe to be featured in for a month in a big batch of sexy, new porn pictures and porn videos.

    To close out 2014, Twistys selected a busty blonde for Treat of the Month that has never failed to totally knock our socks off.

    Twistys December Treat of the Month is… Continue Reading

    December 5, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars • Views: 7544

  • 4 Reasons Why Sex With Your Ex Can Be The Best Sex Ever

    If you were to ask any of your friends if hooking up with your ex is a good idea, they’d unanimously say, “Of course it’s a bad idea, you moron.”

    They’re not wrong. Having sex with your ex delays the inevitable moving on, there can be a ton of drama, you might be getting used, yadda yadda yadda.

    This free porn blog believes in balance. And from what we can tell, no one on Earth has ever argued for sex with your ex. So rather than just agree that sex with your ex could be disastrous, we’re going to give 4 reasons why sex with your ex can be the best sex ever!  Continue Reading

    December 4, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars, Sex, Sex & Dating Tips • Views: 9815

  • Cosima Dunkin is the Sexy Stalker I’ve Always Fantasized About

    I’m not exactly sure why, but I’ve always fantasized about having a stalker.

    The best explanation for my sexy stalker fantasy would have to be because Fatal Attraction was on TV weekly when I was first discovering my sexuality. But that also doesn’t fully explain the fantasy, since I often use a mental image of Glenn Close to prevent premature ejaculation.

    What is it about sexy stalkers that gets me so turned on?  Continue Reading

    November 18, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars, Reviews, Scenes • Views: 7567

  • Taylor Whyte Answers Fan Mail!

    No offense but if you’re not a Taylor Whyte fan, then you’re fucking up.

    Taylor Whyte is a 21 year-old adult model and pornstar from Tampa Bay, Florida. With a 5’2″ and 110 lbs frame, Taylor Whyte may appear like a sweet petite when she’s fully clothed… but once those clothes come off and you get to see her perky 32C boobs and killer round ass, it’s clear that Taylor Whyte is one dirty blonde you can’t afford to miss.

    Nubiles Films recently sat down with Taylor Whyte and had her answer a bunch of fan mail so that we can get to know this sultry new starlet.  Continue Reading

    November 6, 2014 • INTERVIEWS, Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars • Views: 10659

  • Obsessed With Cosima Dunkin

    When you write a porn and sex blog for a living, there’s not a whole lot to complain about. You get share your pervy stories with the internet, you get to make wild claims about hot women and occasionally a free sex toy will arrive in the mail.

    If I have one complaint about writing this porn and sex blog daily, it’s that looking at beautiful nude women getting fucked for eight hours (or more) a day can have desensitized effect. Seeing beautiful women that you would otherwise be fawning over and letting her slip through the cracks is when you know you’ve had too much of a good thing.

    I believe it was Nietzsche who said, “The mother of excess is not joy but joylessness.” Meaning that while you would expect that writing porn and sex blog would be amazing because you get to watch porn en masse, but ultimately all you’re left with is the feeling that you’ve seen it all before.

    However, there are some women that do porn who have an X-factor. An X-factor that allow them to stand-out from all the other porn pictures and porn videos that wash over you. An X-factor that remind you exactly why you started writing about porn and sex in the first place.

    Obsessed With” is a semi-regular feature here on The Blog that aims to identify these very special pornstars that have this X-factor (or perhaps I should say XXX-factor). Today, I’d like to call your attention to the latest babe that’s managed to get our blood flowing again: Cosima DunkinContinue Reading

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  • Obsessed with Madison Scott

    There comes a time in every man’s life when they have to take a moment to reflect upon what they want out of life. Are you happy with your career? Does your spouse satisfy you intellectually and physically? Is your home the palace you’ve longed to create for yourself? It’s a totally natural sentiment and one that crosses my mind quite a bit.

    After much deliberation about what I want, I’ve decided that I want Madison Scott, and that’s about it.  Continue Reading

    October 21, 2014 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars • Views: 16088