• Obsessed with Madison Scott

    There comes a time in every man’s life when they have to take a moment to reflect upon what they want out of life. Are you happy with your career? Does your spouse satisfy you intellectually and physically? Is your home the palace you’ve longed to create for yourself? It’s a totally natural sentiment and one that crosses my mind quite a bit.

    After much deliberation about what I want, I’ve decided that I want Madison Scott, and that’s about it.  Continue Reading

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  • Rebecca More’s Sex Tour Of The UK Sparks Outrage

    When a big breasted, blonde pornstar invites men from all over the United Kingdom to fuck her in the back of a “lorry” (or “truck” as we say in North America), what could possibly go wrong?

    Obviously, banging in the back of a car can result in a number of comfort issues, but that’s easily resolved by taking a gander at the Blog’s Guide To Car Sex.

    Oh…and of course, inviting men from all over the UK to bang in the backseat of a truck could also motivate critics of the adult industry to label the initiative as prostitution. Sadly, UK pornstar Rebecca More’s new sex tour of the UK has attracted the latter problem.  Continue Reading

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  • Canadian MILF Shyla Stylez in a Fur Coat

    Like it or not (not), winter is coming. If you watched Game of Thrones you would already know that.

    The gallery below makes me ask myself the question – what better way to keep warm this winter than by wearing a ludicrously overpriced fur coat?  Shyla Stylez knows what I’m talking about – and in these hot ass free porn picture, our favourite big-titted blonde bombshell wears a sexy black fur coat, and pretty much nothing else.  Fur Coats are great because they’re so unisex: wear a fur coat as a man and you look like P Diddy.  Wear one as a woman, and you look like some kind of luxurious fur-coat wearing babe.

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  • MILF of the Day – Puma Swede, Your Hot Teacher

    Everyone loves Milfs.  Everyone also knows that some of the hottest and dirtiest Milf stars come right out of here, the good Old US of A.

    On the other hand, did you realize that some of the hottest women in the world, including MILFs aren’t actually from America? Crazy but true!

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  • Sorority Car Wash starring Dakota Skye – A Review

    “What’s sexier than watching 2 young girls wash a car? How about watching them fuck?!”

    Picture this, you’re driving down the highway, it’s hot as hell out, you’re on your way to your dead end job at the local factory. All of a sudden, on the side of the road, you spot Dakota Skye and another hot topless college babes lathering each other up and selling car washes for the local sorority. You COULD just keep driving. It’s probably just an optical illusion or mirage or something right? OR you could pull that dusty old Honda Civic in and get it washed while watching couple of nubile porn stars have lesbian sex for awhile. The choice is yours, but it seems like a pretty obvious one to me.

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  • Lolly Ink Interview!

    Tattooed, busty blonde porn star Lolly Ink has been starring in porn videos for nearly two years and she remains one of the most criminally underrated porn stars in the industry. It’s simply baffling to us here at the Blog that Lolly Ink isn’t on the cover of every DVD she’s featured in. Having never phoned-in a performance, Lolly Ink always gives her scenes and fans 110%, which is why we love her.

    We were lucky enough to catch-up with Lolly Ink, so without further ado enjoy our interview with Lolly Ink!  Continue Reading

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  • Karla Kush Interview!

    Loyal followers of the Blog will surely recognize the name Karla Kush as one of the hot, new adult stars we’re totally Obsessed With. If I were to even begin listing the reasons why we like Karla Kush so much, I’d be writing this introduction until the end of time.

    The point is, Karla Kush is one of the most exciting new performers in the porn industry and we got to sit down with her for an interview. Yes, you read that right. WE GOT TO INTERVIEW KARLA KUSH. Seeing those six words in succession is better than sex.

    So please, let’s all get to know one of the industry’s best rising stars a little bit better with our Karla Kush interview. Enjoy!

    tumblr n9mvtlhJNZ1sbikgoo1 1280 Karla Kush Interview!

    Karla Motherfucking Kush

    First of all, if “Karla Kush” was its own strand of weed, would it be a sativa, an indica or a hybrid?

    Well, there are two names for the basic genres of cannabis; “haze” for sativa and “kush” for indica. So, by sheer denotation alone, I’ll have to go with indica. Although I had always preferred the more “heady” high of a sativa to the heavy body high of an indica, I am starting to transition into enjoying the heavier, more purple strains. I think the change might have something to do with having just relocated to the intense hustle and bustle of East Hollywood, and needing to slow down a bit more than ever before to feel balance in this hectic metropolis.

    Before porn, you were a camgirl. What prompted the transition from camming and into porn?

    I got an email from a talent scout in florida that said his agency wanted to represent me. Two days later I was on a plane to Miami and within my first week I shot with all the major companies in FL. I have always preferred porn to camming as I enjoy predictability and control in my work environment and my success on cam was always unpredictale and sporadic.

    What got you into camming initially?

    I was a nanny and had worked in childcare for about ten years when I decided that I needed a big, exciting change. I wanted a job where I could be 100% real and me at all times.

    6665469 welivetogether 14 06 26 karla kush and aubrey star friendly Karla Kush Interview!

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    Between shooting porn and camming, which do you prefer?

    Like I said, I have always preferred porn to camming and, as soon as my porn career took off, I stopped camming almost entirely. I am an earth sign (capricorn) and have always been partial to work environments (and life experiences in general) which are stable and let me know exactly what I’m doing and what I’m making for it before entering the situation. Camming is such a niche profession (for the truly successful camgirls) and I never really found my cam show niche.

    You also make custom content. I’ve yet to get custom content from a girl online, so could you please explain to me how it works?

    Well, there are lots of content sharing sites online and they are all different in their own respects but at their core they are all the same. You make an account and then peruse all the models and content available until you find what you like. It’s basically just like Amazon but for custom, homemade, “amateur” porn. I sell my custom content at:

    What’s the strangest thing a user has ever requested?

    Well, “strange” is subjective and completely up to the viewer to decide.. I’ve had guys ask me to make a whole video of me just flexing my biceps.. That’s not too nuts but it’s just about anything you can imagine, from sneezing, to farting/burping, to pillow humping to taking a pee/poop in a public dressing room. (That last request is real and NO I did not agree to do it). Hahaha

    7839981 karla kush so cute and hot riding a big cock Karla Kush Interview!

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    I heard that your boyfriend just started doing porn. Do you feel like it’s easier to maintain the relationship if both parties are having sex with other people on camera? It seems to me like the playing-field is even.

    Once again, these matters are completely subjective and all committed open partnerships (and relationships in general) are all based on written and/or verbal and/or non verbal contracts. Robby and I have been together for over three years and have had an open relationship from the day one. Transitioning to porn was really not much of a shift for either of us other than the fact that the extra-marital affairs are now happening on camera as well as off camera.

    Could you describe to us your ideal sexual encounter?

    My ideal sexual encounter would involve a man and a women. They would both be very beautiful and skilled in the giving head/fucking like rabbits department. LOL, that’s about it, I just want to fuck a beautiful girl while being fucked by a beautiful man… I also have a separate fantasy of having a girl all to myself, tying her up and using all kinds of sex toys and fingers on her to make her cum until she is begging for mercy and can’t cum anymore.

    Now that you’ve been in the adult industry for over a year, what do you hope to do and accomplish in your time in the industry?

    I hope to continue receiving roles which require a lot of lines and acting skills. I want to do as many features as possible and really showcase and hone my talents as an actor.

    8007036 sexy blonde pornstar karla kush plays with her pussy Karla Kush Interview!

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    On a serious note, maybe I’m crazy but I’ve noticed that you have a very pronounced labia. Personally, I’m a fan. I think it’s beautiful. That said, porn has been criticized for its lack of vaginal diversity. Some believe that the “perfect pussies” in porn have led to the rise of labiaplasty surgeries. Have you ever been pressured to get a labiaplasty?

    I have actually considered labiaplasty many times throughout my life. I used to spend hours looking up different surgeons and “before and after” photos of vaginas that had been altered. I’ve had numerous men in my life make rude comments or treat me differently because of my labia, both in real life and when I would webcam.. I would definitely agree that the whole “perfect pussy” idea is very skewed and, honestly, borders on pedophilia.

    A completely hairless vagina with absolutely no labia is NOT what adult women should be comparing themselves to. I’ve even heard that major porn companies will airbrush larger labia vaginas to make them look “more appropriate”.

    Can you imagine that? A porno mag cropping a woman’s lady parts to make them more suitable for viewers; it’s no wonder women are so self loathing and have body image issues! That being said, working in the industry has helped me immensely with conquering my body image complexes. Ever since I did my first scene I’ve gotten nothing but praise, love and admiration for my vagina and it’s really healed the problems and self hatred I built up over the years. I now love my pussy and am very proud of it!

    Music to my ears that you love your vagina just the way it is. Ok. Last question. Fill in the blank: After reading this interview, everyone should ____________________________ .

    Go smell the flowers, take a walk in the sunshine, smoke a bowl and meditate on the beauty and oneness of all that is! .. Also, make yourself cum to my awesome custom content!

    You heard Karla Kush! Visit and to get personalized porn from the adorable and sexy Karla Kush!

    And make sure you follow Karla Kush on Twitter: @KarlaKush420

    More interviews with your favorite pornstars!

    Now it’s time for you to see for yourself why Karla Kush is one of the best!

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  • Stevie Shae Talks Sex, Snakes and the Apocalypse

    QUESTION: Is there a more exciting pornstar in the adult industry right now than Stevie Shae?


    Though she’s been in the business for a minute, Stevie Shae’s star rose this summer after starring in Digital Playground’s Girls of Summer. Now with the release of Digital Playground‘s latest blockbuster porn movie, Apocalypse X, Stevie Shae is set to reach new heights of greatness. That shouldn’t come as a surprise because Stevie Shae is talented, sexy and cool to the core.

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  • 10 Ways Samantha Saint Gets Rid Of The Breakup Blues

    Is it any coincidence that on the day we’re talking about breakups, Wicked Pictures announces the release of a new porn movie starring Samantha Saint called Breakup Blues? It’s probably just a coincidence but who cares?

    Breakup Blues is your classic Wicked couples-friendly porn movie. It focuses on lifestyle columnist Sam (played by Samantha Saint) who is apprehensive about entering the dating scene she’s watched from the sidelines for so long after kicking out her cheating rocker boyfriend.

    While we’re excited to see Samantha Saint evolve from timid lifestyle columnist to busty sex kitten while sharing the spotlight with Carter Cruise, Maddy O’Reilly and Romi Rain, we here at the Blog find that it’s strange choice to make Samantha Saint endure a nasty breakup in Breakup Blues because she’s always seemed like the kind of girl who would remain cool and collected through a breakup.

    Why do we think Samantha Saint wouldn’t succumb to the breakup blues? Well we’ve been following Samantha Saint long enough to make wild assumptions about her personal based entirely on her work in the porn industry. So let’s see the 10 ways Samantha Saint gets rid of the breakup blues!

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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: August 8th, 2014

    Despite what you might think, surfing the internet for porn is hard.

    With so much free porn on the internet, where do you start? Do you search for your favorite pornstars and hope to God that there’s something new from them? Of course, that never seems to work because how can you narrow it down to just one favorite pornstar?

    Do you just scroll through the categories on until something catches your eye? No offense to ourselves but there’s so much free porn on that it’s a good way to desensitize yourself to porn entirely.

    If only some awesome sex blog would make a porn playlist, right? I mean, they spend all week looking at porn…the least they could do is assemble some kind of porn playlist from videos they saw throughout the week to help you choose what to fap to over the weekend, right?

    Well, you’re in luck!

    To make surfing for porn easier, every weekend we’re going to share with our wonderful community the Top 7 porn videos that we hope you like a lot so that we can save you the trouble of sitting hunched over your computer, holding your flaccid penis, hoping that some awesome porn video will find you.

    So here it is! The inaugural Blog’s Weekend Porn Playlist:

    1. Tight gal Jasmin pleasuring with a dildo.

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