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  • Would You Fuck Your Dad’s Hot Girlfriend?

    SEXUAL FANTASIES. We all have them and they are great. It’s harmless fun to let your mind wander into that depraved part of your imagination where you can fuck anyone and anything harder and better than anyone that’s come before you.

    I say it’s harmless fun because sexual fantasies are fantasy. It’s make-believe. It’s not real.

    Sexual fantasies cease to be harmless when they cross the threshold from imagination to reality. So what I’d like to know from you all is…what you would do if you were given an opportunity to make a sexual fantasy a sexual reality.

    The sexual fantasy in question: Your Dad’s Hot Girlfriend.

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  • Brandi Love – Sexual Vigor

    brandicover Brandi Love   Sexual Vigor

    Brandi Love

    One thing that I learned from interviewing Kelly Madison was that women love having sex with her husband Ryan Madison.

    For proof of this, just look at Brandi Love. She knows Ryan is coming to see her so she decides to wait for him outside, already nearly nude.

    Poor Ryan can’t even take two steps out of his car before Brandi Love is all over him, fucking him in public!  Continue Reading

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