• Germany vs Brazil in World Cup Semi Finals = Free Blowjobs From Siri and Sara Jay Are Coming!

    The 2014 World Cup will be drawing to a close next Sunday, but there’s still a lot of soccer to be played before it concludes.

    However, we don’t care about last three remaining games.

    Hang on, that’s not true. We care about two out of the three games remaining. Which ones? I’ll give you a hint: we only care about the ones that will determine whether or not we’ll get free blowjobs for following Siri and Sara Jay on Twitter.

    For those of you who missed the initial post (which you can check out here: Siri and Sara Jay Promise Free Blowjobs to Twitter Followers), Siri and Sara Jay promised all their Twitter followers free blowjobs if either Team Brazil, Team UK, Team USA or Team Germany won the World Cup.

    Sadly, Team UK and Team USA have both been eliminated, thus lowering our chances to receive free blowjobs from these busty pornstars. The good news is that Team Germany and Team Brazil are facing off tomorrow in the World Cup semi-finals, guaranteeing that at least one of our free blowjob teams will advance to the World Cup finals, thereby giving us a chance to receive free blowjobs from either Siri or Sara Jay.

    Odds are that Germany will win tomorrow’s game, largely because Brazil’s superstar striker Neymar is out of the World Cup with a fractured vertebrae. But either way, who cares right? It’s only soccer.

    If you’re tuning in to the match tomorrow, just remember that whatever the outcome, your hope for a free blowjob from Sara Jay or Siri is still alive. It’s Wednesday’s match, Argentina vs the Netherlands, you have to watch out for.

    Whoever advances, Argentina or the Netherlands, will not only be contending for the World Cup, but also standing in your way from receiving a free blowjob from either Sara Jay or Siri. So I ask you, what’s more important? Glory for a nation you’ve hopped on the bandwagon for or getting blown by a sexy, big-titted pornstar? That’s what I thought.

    So remember, either Argentina or the Netherlands are your enemy as of Wednesday, because they don’t want you to receive a free blowjob. How messed up with that?

    To show you why getting a free blowjob from either Siri or Sara Jay is far more important than Argentina or the Netherlands winning the World Cup, please watch the videos below:


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    Sorry Messi, but maybe if you had offered to give your Twitter followers free blowjobs, we’d go for Argentina in the World Cup.


    If you want to reap the free blowjob reward for either a Brazil or Germany World Cup win, then you need to follow these busty beauties on Twitter. Their Twitters are:

    Sara Jay: @SaraJayXXX

    Siri: @SIRIpornstar

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  • Sara Jay and Siri Give Us A Reason To Care About World Cup: FREE BLOWJOBS!


    This is not a trick.

    To get a free blowjob, all you have to do is start caring about World Cup!

    Just like she did when the Miami Heat won their first championship with Lebron James, Sara Jay is offering free blowjobs to all her Twitter followers should her team win the World Cup.

    And knowing how hard it is to convince people to care about the World Cup, Sara Jay has sweetened the deal by team up with internet darling and incredibly busty pornstar Siri for free blowjobs!

    But don’t just take my word for it, let Sara Jay and Siri explain what they’re doing:

    Just to recap…

    To get a free blowjob from Sara Jay and Siri, all you have to do is :

    1. Follow Sara Jay and Siri on Twitter:  &  

    2. Wait for either Team Brazil, Team USA, Team UK or Team Germany win the World Cup.

    3. Enjoy free blowjob hot, boobiful pornstars Sara Jay and Siri.

    Sigh…if only more pornstars were more proactive about offering free blowjobs for sports results. Professional sports are inherently more fun when there’s something personal at stake…like money. But a free blowjob from professional sports is even better than money! Fingers crossed that FIFA doesn’t try to get all litigious like the NBA did the first time Team BJ happened.

    Now I’m sure there are a few of you that aren’t incredibly excited about this offer, so to better illustrate the importance of receiving a blowjob from Sara Jay and Siri, here are two videos that should explain why this is a huge deal:



    And while it’s unlikely that Sara Jay and Siri will be blowing their Twitter followers together, a threesome with both of them would be freaking awesome…as demonstrated in the video below!

    Now it’s time to watch the World Cup very closely all in hopes of receiving a free blowjob.

    Does anyone know what Brazil, the US, the UK and Germany’s odds are for winning the World Cup? Please someone say it’s 100%.

    REMINDER: Follow  & !

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  • BABES ON INSTAGRAM: Izabel Goulart

    Despite all my complaining, the World Cup in Brazil this year has been good for one thing: reminding us how hot Brazilian women are.

    You know how Australia was colonized by British inmates and the recently lobotomized thus spawning a country of ass-backwards weirdos? Well, part of me wonders if the Portuguese sent only their hottest citizens to colonize Brazil because there’s no other logical explanation for why 80% of all Brazilian women are so fine. You won’t find that in history books but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

    So while we’ve got Brazilian women on our minds for the remainder of the World Cup tournament, I’d like to remind you all of an often unsung hero of Brazilian sex appeal: Izabel Goulart.

    Some of you may remember Izabel Goulart from her stint as a Victoria’s Secret Angel from 2005 to 2008, but I mostly know her from her scorching hot Instagram. And that is precisely why Izabel Goulart is the latest inductee to our on-going BABES ON INSTAGRAM hall of fame. Some day, we hope to have a master list of the hottest babes on Instagram, and it would be a damn shame not to have included Izabel Goulart.

    So without further ado, let me show you a “Best Of” Izabel Goulart’s Instagram so that you can see for yourself why you need to be following this Brazilian beauty.

    Not only does Izabel Goulart’s Instagram feature tons of glorious glamour shots highlighting this babe’s superior genetics, it also features a lot of workout stuff, showing the world how she keeps that hot bod so tight. On the Jen Setler tip if you know what I mean.

    Now you see why you need to follow Izabel Goulart. Do that here: iza_goulart

    Question: Why do you guys think seeing women work out is so erotic?

    Is it because that sweaty, dishelved, euphoric look they get from bending and stretching is only seen during or after sex?

    I think so but please feel free to share your hypothesis on why women working out is so erotic in the comments below.

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  • Predicts FIFA 2014 Winner

    Some coaches believe that professional soccer players should be celibate during tournaments, because, as the age-old wisdom suggests, celibacy is a performance enhancement.

    Basically, all that copped up sexual energy, instead of shooting that out of your dick, well, could be shot into a goal. Yeah.

    At the office, people are rooting for different teams and bickering at each other – so to settle it once and for all, we decided to check out traffic analytics, and determine which of the 10 favorite teams is more susceptible to win, based on how damn horny it is as a nation.

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  • Sky Ferreira’s Music vs. Sky Ferreira Tits

    Things are just awkward in Brazil right now. This awkward atmosphere is probably due to the fact that the biggest soccer nation is now hosting the sport’s biggest tournament in the World Cup, but at the cost of the overall quality of life for most of the nation’s population. That kind of conflict can’t help but make things strange.

    Or at least that’s how I would explain why Sky Ferreira was asked one of the most awkward questions in television history yesterday. (Though truthfully, the awkward question is probably a result of the language barrier between Portuguese and English, but anyways.) Anyways, the translator unapologetically asked: “Do you think people like your music because of the songs or because of the tits?” Ferreira’s response: “The music, but it helps if you’re a pervert.”

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  • How The World Cup Is Good For The Sex Toy Industry

    With the World Cup only a few days away, I was curious to know more about why Brazilians, a people so dedicated to soccer, would object to hosting the biggest soccer event in the world.

    It turns out that though Brazil has an emerging economy, there’s a massive divide in the personal wealth of their citizen and serious lack of proper infrastructure throughout the country. So when people in the favelas stealing electricity off the grid see their nation spending all their money on brand new soccer stadiums instead of something like…oh…I don’t know…something practical like roads or welfare, how can they not feel disillusioned by it?

    Of course, the old rhetoric with hosting big sporting events like the World Cup or the Olympics is that the construction of the stadiums and the media coverage translates into proper infrastructure and an economic boost for the host, but that’s a debate that could literally go on forever.

    Instead of discussing whether or not hosting international sporting events like the World Cup or the Olympics yields anything more than a dope couple of weeks of sports, I’ll just tell you that there is one industry that always benefits from big international sporting events: the sex toy industry.

    According to data collected by luxury sex toy manufacturer LELO, men are more likely to present their babes with sex toys right before a major sports event than any other time. Not Christmas, not Easter, not Halloween, not birthdays, nothing!

    LELO says that 4 out 5 sex toys sold globally this week will be dudes buying gifts. Normally, LELO says that their sales reflect a “typical 50/50 gender split,” and everyone buys sex toys in equal numbers. However, when sports are coming up, that changes. During the week prior to any major sports event, men make up 72 percent of global sales.

    Don’t believe me? Then just take a look at this graph that LELO made. It can’t be a lie if it’s in a graph.

    world cup graph LELO How The World Cup Is Good For The Sex Toy Industry

    So why do men buy more sex toys when major sporting events like the World Cup are coming up?

    Well the majoritiy of sex toys sold in the pre-game rush are meant for women to use solo. So it’s LELO’s educated guess that men, especially those who like sports, are buying sex toys for their women to use solo. Like, “Listen babe, you know I need to watch the World Cup. So here’s a vibrator that I spent $300 on. Use that while I watch the game.”

    If you’re one of these men that plans on trading an expensive sex toy for undisturbed World Cup watching, please phrase it nicer than I did above.

    Anyways, I think it’s great that women around the world are set to receive a brand new, expensive vibrator to play with for the rest of the foreseeable summer. Let’s take a look at how they will enjoying “the World Cup” (and by “World Cup”, I mean their new vibrators).

    6347700 kenzie is one of those rare girls you would do anything for How The World Cup Is Good For The Sex Toy Industry

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  • Rihanna Getting Sexy on Instagram

    Rihanna likes getting naked pictures taken of her, and therefore, Rihanna is one of the most recurring celebrities on the blog.  After Miley Cyrus, who’s pretty boring, and after Farrah Abraham, who actually isn’t even a celebrity.
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  • Ashley Sky’s WorldStarHipHop Feature

    Screen Shot 2013 12 27 at 2.37.46 PM Ashley Skys WorldStarHipHop Feature

    Ashley Sky

    There has been a serious lack of Ashley Sky on this blog as of late.

    The last time we saw her was all the way back in March.

    A lot can change in eight months but thankfully Ashley Sky’s sex appeal has remained in tact. In fact, it’s possible that Ashley Sky’s become even hotter than the last time we saw her.

    Why don’t you watch Ashley’s brand new WorldStarHipHop feature and decided for yourself. Why wouldn’t you watch this Brazilian babe soaking wet in slow motion showing off some serious sideboob?

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  • Catarina Migliorini Auctions Her Virginity…Again

    catarina m Catarina Migliorini Auctions Her Virginity...Again

    Catarina Migliorini

    Oh boy, here we go again.

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  • Tati Neves: The Brazilian Babe That Banged Bieber

    tatineves1 copy Tati Neves: The Brazilian Babe That Banged Bieber

    Tati Neves

    I’m sure by now, you’ve all seen Youtube’s hottest gossip. It’s a video titled “Justin Bieber sleeping with Girl in Brasil“.

    If you haven’t, here it is:


    Justin Bieber is asleep and shirtless with a smiling Brazilian babe filming him.

    Naturally, everyone wants to know what this Brazilian babe was doing filming Justin Bieber.

    Well there a few different theories… Continue Reading

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