• Get A Double Dose of Cassidy Banks As a Slutty Schoolgirl

    We started this post with the intention of doing a “versus“, where we pit two eerily similar porn videos against each other and make you decide who did it better. We found two porn videos that came out within the past week, one from Team Skeet and one from Brazzers, that featured busty beauty Cassidy Banks as a slutty schoolgirl.

    The coincidence of two slutty schoolgirl videos starring Cassidy Banks made it seem perfect for a versus. However, after some careful examination of both videos, it became abundantly clear that they’re both phenomenal Cassidy Banks videos (and that’s especially true if you’ve got a thing for schoolgirl fantasies). There’s no sense in pitting them against each other. Team Skeet and Brazzers both did great jobs dressing up and fucking Cassidy Banks as a slutty schoolgirl who continues her rise to the top of the porn industry.

    But the real winner is you, the viewer. After all, there’s nothing better than Cassidy Banks’ big tits spilling out of a slutty schoolgirl uniform while her plaid skirt gets pulled up to receive a big dick in her dripping wet pussy.  Continue Reading

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  • Violent Video Games Make Gamer Girls Feel Sexy Says Study

    Have you ever felt a tingle in your dingle or a quiver in your sliver when you nail some stupid n00b with a headshot from the other side of the map? Thankfully, you’re not alone! Especially if you’re a gamer girl.

    Michael Kasumovic and Tom Denson from the University of New South Wales conducted research with two groups of 500 games and found that violent video games tend to make people feel sexy.

    Interestingly enough, getting aroused off virtual violence applies more to female gamers than male gamers. Continue Reading

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  • Submissive Maddy O’Reilly is The Hottest Thing Ever

    We’ve got a little preview of Maddy O’Reilly‘s amazing new Doctor Adventures scene where she plays a naughty, submissive nurse that gets absolutely dominated by her boss’s big cock.

    You’ve no doubt come to expect great porn videos from Maddy O’Reilly because she combines cute and slutty so perfectly but the way she begs to be used and abused is absolutely incredible. So put your headphones on right now, turn the volume all the way up and be prepare to get off simply by listening to Maddy O’Reilly’s dirty talk.  Continue Reading

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