• 7 Things That Will Make You Wish Aidra Fox Was Your Neighbor

    When it comes to neighbors, I prefer to take the Homer Simpson approach and treat my neighbors with outward hostility, unless I need to mooch off of them. Doesn’t matter if they’re a good, church-going, God-fearing lefty like Ned Flanders or tight-ass former President like George H. W. Bush, I’m not going to be friends with you just because we happen to live next to each other.

    However, my feelings towards my neighbors would be much, much different if Aidra Fox was my neighbor.  Continue Reading

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  • Lisa Ann is a Cock Stealing Cougar

    It’s been a minute since we’ve been able to write about a new Lisa Ann porn videos. But we understand. The world’s most popular MILF has been too busy dating college football players and revealing that certain NHL defensemen are total creeps that can’t pick up their own girls to shoot porn videos.

    But not anymore! Lisa Ann is finally back with a new porn video for Brazzers.

    Let me tell you, the Lisa Ann drought has been hard for all of us who love big breasted MILFs (which I hope is everyone reading the Blog) since Lisa Ann is the creme de la creme of big titted MILFs. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think there’s been any new Lisa Ann videos since August? Is that right? I haven’t seen any new Lisa Ann videos since August and it’s been absolutely miserable.

    But when I watched Lisa Ann’s new video for Brazzers that dropped today, it was totally worth the wait.

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  • Everything You Need To Know About Devyn Cole and Her Fabulous Big Tits

    If you like big tits, then you’re going to love this. But before we introduce you to these new big tits you’re going love, there are few things you need to do.

    1. Remove all clothing below your waist.

    2. Make sure your lube of choice is nearby.

    3. Keep your cum-receptacle of choice close.

    Got everything ready? Good because once you lay eyes on Devyn Cole’s big tits, the tiny amount of self-control will be gone and you’re going to beat your meat into fruition.

    Alright guys, meet Devyn Cole and her fabulous tits. Continue Reading

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  • Carter Cruise and Phoenix Marie Do Anal To Exploit a Virginity Loophole

    In their new scene for Brazzers, Carter Cruise and Phoenix Marie inadvertently touched on something that really, truly bothers me: teens doing anal to circumvent losing their virginity.

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  • Madison Scott and Shawna Lenee are Back Shooting Porn Videos For Brazzers!

    Brazzers announced yesterday that they’ve signed two big breasted pornstars to exclusive contracts: Madison Scott and Shawna LeneeContinue Reading

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  • Your Halloween 2014 Porn Video Primer: Brazzers Halloween Porn Videos

    The original plan was to spotlight each and every Halloween-themed porn videos released (like we did for Kendra Lust’s Halloween porn video) in anticipation for Halloween 2014. After all, watching hot pornstars fuck in sexy costumes is the only thing that gets me excited for Halloween anymore.

    However, there were way more Halloween porn videos released this year than we could have anticipated and writing individual blog posts for every new Halloween porn video is too much work. So instead, we’re streamlining the whole thing by showing you the best Halloween porn videos of 2014 in what we’re calling Your Halloween 2014 Porn Video Primer. First up, all the Halloween porn videos Brazzers has released! We would have liked to diversify from websites, but there were so many Halloween porn videos from Brazzers that they managed to get their own blog post. Funny how things work out.

    Enjoy! I think you’ll find these Halloween porn videos equal parts sexy and spooky.  Continue Reading

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  • Science Says Men Ignore Hunger When Looking For Sex

    NOTE: If you’re not interested in the results of this study and you’re only here to see whipped cream get licked off Monique Alexander’s nipples as pictured above, you can watch the video here: Monique Alexander in “The Icing On The Cock”.

    Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s find out more about this new study on male sexual behavior!

    Question: what are your most basic priorities?

    To be able to breathe? To quench your thirst? To fill your belly when you’re hungry? To get laid?

    If you’re a man, new research shows that your brain is wired to look for a mate instead of food.  Continue Reading

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  • Does Kelsi Monroe Have The Juiciest Booty?

    If there’s one thing that the Blog strives to be, it’s an authority on asses.

    We love big asses so much that we’re often confused for big butt aficionado Sir Mix-a-Lot. Well, that only happened once but we’ll take it!

    Today, we’d like to ask our fellow big booty lovers a question…

    Does Kelsi Monroe have the juiciest booty? 

    Keep reading to see our argument for why Kelsi Monroe has the juiciest booty.  Continue Reading

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  • Rebecca More’s Sex Tour Of The UK Sparks Outrage

    When a big breasted, blonde pornstar invites men from all over the United Kingdom to fuck her in the back of a “lorry” (or “truck” as we say in North America), what could possibly go wrong?

    Obviously, banging in the back of a car can result in a number of comfort issues, but that’s easily resolved by taking a gander at the Blog’s Guide To Car Sex.

    Oh…and of course, inviting men from all over the UK to bang in the backseat of a truck could also motivate critics of the adult industry to label the initiative as prostitution. Sadly, UK pornstar Rebecca More’s new sex tour of the UK has attracted the latter problem.  Continue Reading

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  • Welcome Back, Victoria Rae Black

    In June 2013, we came to the sad, sad conclusion that one of our favorite porn starlets, Victoria Rae Black, had retired from porn (read Did Victoria Rae Black Retire? for details).

    A few months later, while I was examining the differences between camgirls and pornstars, I was lucky enough to reach Victoria Rae Black. Who better than to weigh-in on the difference between camgirls and pornstars than a former pornstar and camgirl? She started her quote with, I no longer do either, for a long time now.”

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  • Watch a Preview of Madison Ivy’s First Anal Scene!

    Madison Ivy, the petite and incredibly busty German-American pornstar, signed an exclusive Brazzers contract 11 months ago and it seems like it’s just been nothing but perks since then.

    Not only was Madison Ivy made the Twisty’s Treat of the Year runner-up instead of Vanessa Veracruz thanks to her Brazzers contract, but she also has the pleasure of starring in big budget Digital Playground porn movies. However, in exchange for the job security and having the biggest porn conglomerate in the world having her back, Madison Ivy had to give up one thing: her virgin ass.

    Yes, it’s hard to believe that a pornstar as popular as Madison Ivy has steadily gained notoriety and momentum in the adult industry over the course of the last 6 years has yet to do anal since nowadays it seems like new girls do anal right away. I mean, it’s 2014, I think we can all agree that anal sex is on the table.

    For Madison Ivy’s anal sex debut, Brazzers went all out. We find Madison Ivy losing touch with reality and existing primarily in her sexual fantasies. Her dreams have become more real than reality itself and thankfully for us, Madison Ivy only has super hot sex dreams.

    Her latest dream transports her to an ancient world where she’s been given as a gift to powerful man-stud Mick Blue. And what does Mick Blue want to do with his new sex toy named Madison Ivy? Explore her ass, of course.

    With incredible set design, costumes, live snakes and Madison Ivy doing anal for the first time ever, this is quite simply the porn event of the summer. Forget X-Men and Godzilla, Madison Ivy’s first anal scene is the only must-see blockbuster this summer.

    Click the image below these words to watch a three minute preview:

    Screen Shot 2014 06 01 at 5.04.39 PM Watch a Preview of Madison Ivys First Anal Scene!


    To see Madison Ivy’s first anal scene in it’s entirety, you have to have a Brazzers membership. Luckily, you can get one here: JOIN BRAZZERS.

    And for all you skeptics that still aren’t convinced that Madison Ivy’s first anal scene isn’t the most important thing to happen in porn this year, enjoy these pictures courtesy of BRAZZERS.

    They’ll get you hyped to see Madison Ivy’s first anal scene in full!

    6278541 madison ivys first anal Watch a Preview of Madison Ivys First Anal Scene!

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    6278566 madison ivys first anal Watch a Preview of Madison Ivys First Anal Scene!

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    6278555 madison ivys first anal Watch a Preview of Madison Ivys First Anal Scene!

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    6278548 madison ivys first anal Watch a Preview of Madison Ivys First Anal Scene!

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    6278546 madison ivys first anal Watch a Preview of Madison Ivys First Anal Scene!

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    6278550 madison ivys first anal Watch a Preview of Madison Ivys First Anal Scene!

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    6278552 madison ivys first anal Watch a Preview of Madison Ivys First Anal Scene!

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    6278560 madison ivys first anal Watch a Preview of Madison Ivys First Anal Scene!

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    6278559 madison ivys first anal Watch a Preview of Madison Ivys First Anal Scene!

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    6278564 madison ivys first anal Watch a Preview of Madison Ivys First Anal Scene!

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    6278408 madison ivy Watch a Preview of Madison Ivys First Anal Scene!

    Source: via youngchop on

    Do you see why you need to watch Madison Ivy’s first anal scene now?

    Get your Brazzers membership here: JOIN BRAZZERS.

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  • Kendall Jenner: Future Pornstar?

     Kendall Jenner: Future Pornstar?

    Future Pornstar Kendall Jenner.

    Poor predictable porn industry.

    Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian’s younger half-sister and fashion model, turned 18 yesterday and of course that means she was flooded with porn offers.  Continue Reading

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  • 2 contests porn-fans need to enter

    CONTEST 2 contests porn fans need to enter


    If there’s one thing that we absolutely love, it’s winning. Well, actually if there’s one thing we absolutely love, it’s sex but winning is a very close second. We love winning so much that we want you to win something.

    There are two contests going on right now (that we have no affiliation with, we just love winning so much we had to tell you about it), which you need to enter ASAP.

    The first contest is being held by the Puba Network, which runs tons of your favorite porn stars exclusive sites like Asa Akira, Avy Scott, Capri Cavanni, Kristina Rose, Lily Carter, Natasha Nice, Samantha Saint and Sophie Dee plus a bunch of other sites. Their offering a chance for one lucky fan to spend a day on set with their AVN Award nominated director Ivan.

    The prize package includes :

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  • Behind the Scenes of Brazzers’ Twin Peaks Inspired Thriller

    Brazzers is about to release a thriller series inspired by Twin Peaks titled One Night in the Valley. If you’ve ever seen the show, you’d know that it makes perfect sense to inspire a porno because every woman in the fictional town of Twin Peaks is the most desirable woman of all time (minus Nadine, Catherine, and the Log Lady).

    Though judging from the trailer, there doesn’t seem to be too many references to the show (notably a score like Angelo Badalamenti’s is missing). Kagney Linn Karter is discovered just like Laura Palmer in the pilot but the distinct atmosphere the show had doesn’t seem to have been recreated.

    But hey, watch the trailer and make up your own damn mind:

    Continue Reading

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  • James Deen Stars in Graphic Condom PSA

    Condoms were exclusively used by sailors for the longest time because they would roam from port to port bedding strange, exotic women and men. And then the 80’s happened. Condom use extended to general public. Now whether it’s a one night stand or another night with your wife, condoms should be standard procedure by today’s standards.

    Though no one will contest that condoms can be frustrating because sex doesn’t feel quite as good or struggling with the wrapper can be a race against time, Brazzers has just released a PSA starring James Deen that reminds us all that the piece of mind makes condoms totally worthwhile.

    Seeing James Deen flatline in a hospital bed with sores all over his body will make you rethink every time you chose to forgo wearing a condom. The other side of the story where he gets married and lives happily ever after thanks to wearing a condom that first night does not work as well. A healthy relationship is a lot more work than rolling latex down the shaft of a penis. Good thing the fear conveyed in the other story is so effective.

    Get Rubber! is Brazzers’ first campaign of community outreach. The rationale for releasing this PSA, Brazzers explains, “As members of the adult industry, we take part in creating a fantasy for our viewers. Along with being leaders in what we do, comes the task of being responsible with our audience.”

    Because condoms are expected, they can often be overlooked. Let this be a reminder that STIs are a real threat, so if you’re going to have sex be smart and wear a condom. It’s not just for sailors.

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