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  • Why Was Bree Olson Banned From Tinder?

    Tinder is basically the wild west of online dating, right? If it feels right, you can ask a perfect stranger you’ve matched with if they’d be interested in meeting up in a secluded parking lot so you can fuck their face for a few minutes and never see them again (speaking from personal experience here).

    Simply based on the salacious messages I’ve sent strangers on Tinder with no consequence besides bolstering my reputation as a pervert, I really didn’t think it was possible for anyone to get banned from Tinder. Until news broke that former pornstar Bree Olson, of all people, was banned from Tinder.  Continue Reading

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  • Top 10 Songs By Pornstars


    Farrah Abraham performs her debut single “Blowin”

    On Monday, Farrah Abraham proved to the world that she wasn’t just a terrible porn star, she’s also a terrible singer. Farrah Abraham’s new single “Blowin” is simply one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. Then again, I wasn’t drunk or high on ecstasy when I first heard it so I’m not the song’s target demographic because the only way you could possibly enjoy this song is either being very drunk or high on ecstasy.

    So yeah, Farrah Abraham’s debut single is terrible. But at least she’s not alone! Lots of former pornstars have tried to break into the music industry after doing porn because…I guess they felt that the adult industry wasn’t as exploitive as they hoped so they decided to try music instead?

    Anyways, Farrah Abraham’s terrible song has inspired me to take a trip down memory lane and listen to the Top 10 Songs by Pornstars (from worst to best)Continue Reading

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  • Sydney Leathers Takes Bree Olson’s Job

    Sydney Leathers is the new face of Arragement Finders

    Sydney Leathers is the new face of Arragement Finders

    Remember Sydney Leathers? She was Anthony Weiner’s sexting buddy that came forward and cost him the election. She starred in an Anthony Weiner porn.

    Ringing any bells?

    It was announced today that Sydney Leathers will be replacing former pornstar and Charlie Sheen Goddess Bree Olson as the face of Sugar Daddy website Arragement FindersContinue Reading

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  • Bree Olson, musician?

    Recording artist Bree Olson

    Yesterday, Harmony Rose caused a splash with her volunteer EMT training. Today, we have another news story about a former porn star’s new career.

    Bree Olson stopped doing porn because her duties as one of Charlie Sheen’s goddesses took up too much time. After their break-up over a year ago, Bree didn’t return to porn. The good news for her fans is that she’s back*.

    Well, she’s not back to shooting porn unfortunately. She’s back on the fringes of mainstream. Instead of joining Harmony Rose for the all ex-porn star Virginia life saving squad, she’s now doing music. The first single is called, “Hollywood Douchebag” featuring Mike Gonsolin.

    Check out the music video for Hollywood Douchebag:

    Continue Reading

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