• Don’t You Love It When Girls Do This During Sex?

    As much as we love seeing a girl’s pussy and ass in all its naked glory, we’ll never complain if a girl wants to just pull her panties to the side during sex.  Continue Reading

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  • National Orgasm Day is Today!

    Have you ever been in the middle of having an orgasm and you’ve thought to yourself “I wish that there was a specific day in place to celebrate how awesome orgasms feel – some sort of Orgasm Day, if you will?”  Well when I’m trying not to cum I usually think about professional sports, but if thinking about national holidays works for you, then by all means!

    Well it might be your lucky day (if you live in the UK), because July 31st is National Orgasm Day in Britain.  I’m from a commonwealth country so I don’t give a fuck, I’ll celebrate in the name of the queen.  Go orgasms!  Go queens!

    It seems weird that somewhere as notoriously prudish and uptight as the UK is championing something like National Orgasm Day, but good for them.

    Even if you don’t live in the UK, why not appropriate National Orgasm Day and celebrate it anyways?  It’s probably one of the easiest (and most fun) things to celebrate.

    First thing’s first – spend some time familiarizing yourself and educating yourself about the orgasm.  There’s like a million different types of orgasms, and half of them you probably don’t even know about unless you’re an awesome sex guru like myself.

    Then, spend some time giving yourself and your partner an orgasm.   Now’s a good day to re-invigorate things in the bedroom.  You and your partner are at home, doing nothing? Turn off the TV dude – spend some time with your lover and orgasm the hell out of each other.  Summon the inner-brit in you and have convenient, practical, non-emotive and quiet sex with your significant other.  Actually don’t do that.

    If you’re British, make sure to get your rocks off before midnight tonight, because you’re not allowed to have another orgasm until July 31, 2015.  Sorry, no exceptions to the rule! Queen’s Orders!

    Here’s a good article from the Independent examining the orgasm and deconstructing some of our pre-conceived notions about it.  The main point?  Orgasms are great, orgasms are fun, but they’re not the end-all be-all of sex.  Remember, the journey is half the fun!

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  • British People Hate Government Porn Censorship

    Recently I wrote an article about porn censorship being introduced into British public wi-fi access points, in an effort to prevent kids from watching the porn that they can literally watch anywhere in the world at anytime using their smartphones.

    Porn filters have been implemented in home internet packages in Britain since 2013, all part of Prime Minister David Cameron’s attempts to ‘protect children’ or something like that.  When Cameron implemented the porn censorship reform, he was met with a whole pile of criticisms and protests – people were concerned that this was another step towards the full censorship and government takeover of the internet.

    Though most internet subscriptions seem to come with these filters built-in, you do have the ability to opt out of any censorship measures, and the Brits seem to be opting out – in droves!

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    The numbers back up the claim that people don’t want to filter their own internet connection:

    “Of the top companies running the scheme, TalkTalk has the most users making most of [the porn filter] at 36 percent. However, a paltry four percent of Virgin Media customers are switching off the porn, followed by five percent of BT customers and eight percent of Sky customers.”

    Is this shocking?  Is this surprising?  Almost everyone who can readily access the internet uses it to watch porn at one point or another.  Even if you only watch the stuff once in a blue moon, do you really want to disable your ability to check it out entirely?  I totally understand not wanting to expose kids to pornography, but here’s the simple, honest truth.  No matter how difficult you make it for kids to do something, if they want to, they’ll find a way.

    Source: via Daveyy on

    Haven’t you ever heard of reverse psychology, you dumbos?  If you tell them they absolutely CANNOT look at porn, what’s the first thing they’re going to try and do when they have a chance?  How about getting over yourselves instead and spending some time talking to your kids about the pros and cons of pornography, how it relates to actual human sexuality, and how to safely browse the internet?

    Porn censorship ain’t the answer, you old geezers.

    Just a thought.

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  • UK Introduces Porn Censorship of Public Wi-Fi Spots

    Well, it begins.

    A little while ago, The Mirror, a UK based newspaper, did a little investigative journalism.  They toured around the UK, attempting to access pornographic websites like Pornhub from various free wi-fi zones.  You can probably guess what they discovered: about a quarter of the free wi-fi zones did not have any filters for adult content.  They were apparently able to access Pornhub from 32 out of the 129 zones that they tested.

    Doesn’t seem like a big deal, unless you take into account the fact that kids can access porn from public places.  I remember when I was a young man, before wi-fi even really existed.  I had to be a super careful ninja when it came to accessing porn from my family desktop.  If I knew that I could simply walk to the local bookstore with my cool iPad or whatever and spend all day looking at porn, well then fuck, my parents would have hardly ever seen me around the house.

    So what does the UK propose as a counter-measure?

    “[t]he Prime Minister called for an industry-recognized and trusted symbol, which businesses could display to show customers that their public Wi-Fi is properly filtered.”

    Makes sense.  Basically, this seems like a pretty non-intrusive way to make sure that people know that the network they’re accessing is secure, and that their kids won’t accidentally be stumbling upon Tasha Reign’s My Little Pony themed butt-plug tail site.

    But, wait a second, is it really non-intrusive?

    The Mirror can continue its campaign of shame by outing public places that fail to implement the new program, though it’s doubtful the paper will expend similar resources looking into why the government’s “overzealous” porn filters are blocking 20 percent of all websites.

    What else is new with censorship though?  You block a couple things, you block a million.

    What do you think about this?  Is the UK government abusing power by censoring content on free and easily accessible free wi-fi networks, or is this an appropriate measure of control to prevent people from accessing adult/illicit content in public places?

    Personally, I’m never down for censorship!

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  • Britain’s Biggest Nymphomaniac Regularly Goes to Magaluf for Sex

    Yes, that’s right, more Magaluf ‘news.’  Ever since that girl got busted for sucking off 20 dudes in the notorious nightclub a couple of weeks ago, more and more stories have been surfacing about this place.  The latest comes from a British woman,  Cerise, a glamour model from Britain.

    This is actually the fluffiest piece of non-news I’ve ever written about on this blog, but it’s Monday, so fuck it.

    So this girl, Cerise, 19, after hearing about all of the sexploits going down in Magaluf and other Belfast nightclubs, decided to jet out there with her girlfriend and try to achieve 25 orgasms a day.

    “She confessed: “I love sex. I’m Britain’s greatest nympho, but I do suffer with an addiction.

    “I’m constantly horny and always thinking about sex.”

    Wow, what a hard-hitting confession, Cerise.  The UK is a weird place.  I’ve noticed that every woman who has ever shown their tits or expressed sexual desire before has to describe themselves as a ‘glamour model.’  What’s a glamour model anyways?

    Cerise failed miserably at achieving her goal of 25 orgasms on the first day, ONLY managing to bang two dudes.  Cerise, you talk the talk, but I certainly do not see you walking the walk.

    Though Magaluf and other clubs in the district haven’t taken a very strong stance one way or another on the rampant sex culture they harbour, I think that they should take a stand.  And no, I’m not asking them to clean up.  I think that they should totally run with this, embrace it, and become the world’s sex capital.  Provide protection at the doors of all of your bars, loosen up the laws about having sex in public (not like people abide by them anyways) and just turn into a 24/7 orgy party city.

    Thanks to the Star for this extremely insightful and important piece of news.  Keep on doing that gritty journalism, guys.  Actually, who am I to talk, I’m also writing about this?

    Good Luck Cerise!  Godspeed!  We’ll be thinking of you!

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  • UK Man Decides to Increase the Size of his Already Big Penis

    Plastic surgery is here to stay, for better or for worse.  People love the idea of modifying their body, which is fine.  I like getting tattoos, so I guess I shouldn’t really be complaining.

    But there can also be too much of a good thing!

    Take for example this weird looking British dude.

    Billy-Tom O’Conner decided that his already big penis wasn’t quite massive enough, and that he wanted to have a ‘Monster.’  The crazy thing is that he already HAD a 10 inch penis, but wanted to increase the width to make it around the size of say, a tube of tennis balls.  OK…

    Penoplasty surgery is apparently up almost 40% in the UK alone, so dudes increasing the length of their tiny weiners is currently in vogue.  Here’s  a concept though – why not try working with what you got instead of shelling out the big bucks for an artificial enhancement?  If you’re terrible at sex with a 5 inch dick then you’re still going to be terrible at sex with a 10 inch one.  Just my two cents.

    Billy-Tom O’Conner is quoted as saying:

    “When I first saw it, I said, ‘Wow, that’s the best money I’ve ever spent’. It’s something I would have done 10 times over.”

    You can check out the full British TV interview here:

    So if you’re already packing heat, and are thinking of increasing your big penis size into ‘monstrosity’ territory, think first about how such a surgery will affect your sex life.  We’ve talked about this at length on the blog before, but, the fact of the matter is, the majority of women don’t actually LIKE a big penis, because it’s PAINFUL.  Real life and pornography are totally different things.

    But if you’re going to try and increase your penis size, at least Billy-Tom did the right thing and went to a licensed plastic surgeon.  It’s a much better and safer idea than ordering miracle dick-growing products off of the internet, at least (you morons!)

    This reeks of someone whose watched one too many Mandingo videos and wanted to emulate the giant-dicked pornstars from such excellent websites as

    But hey, if he’s happy with his new monster cock, then power to him I guess.

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  • Model Sophie Dalzell Claims that Her Boob Job is More Important than the Law

    Well, this lady sounds like a total train wreck.

    Sophie Dalzell is a British Adult model who apparently loves drunkenly fighting police officers – she’s already had several convictions for assault and vandalism, and apparently just fucking LOVES to party and also LOVES to get boob jobs and also HATES doing community service and taking responsibility for her actions.

    Anyways, Sophie Dalzell was set to appear in court for drunkenly assaulting two police officers, but she totally flaked out on her court date because she had scheduled a breast surgery in Belgium for the same day. The fucked up thing? The court let her get away with it.

    And I quote,

    “My boobs and my appearance are more important than the law,” Dalzell, who makes her living appearing on late-night, adult TV programs, told The Manchester Evening News. “My career depends on it.”

    On top of that, Sophie Dalzell like, REALLY isn’t into completing all of the hours of community service that have been assigned to her for her various transgressions, totalling about 400 hours.

    “So she is simply refusing to do the community service because “I hate everything about it,” and “it’s a waste of a full day and it’s just too hard for me.”

    So basically, we have a British party girl/adult performer who repeatedly violates the law, her court dates, and her punishments, so she can probably go to Ibiza and rave all weekend. Someone get Hollywood on the phone we got ourselves an Oscar-winning screenplay idea!

    Source: via stertouk on

    Source: Uploaded by user via dingoboy on

    The craziest thing about the story for me is the sheer amount of bullshit Sophie Dalzell has managed to get away with throughout this whole ordeal. Maybe its some weird intricacy of the British legal system that I can’t quite comprehend, but like, shouldn’t you just throw her in a jail cell and be done with it?

    Also steer real clear if you’re a police officer, because she’s probably going to try and beat the shit out of you, if this story is any indication.

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  • Obsessed with Hannah Martin


    Hannah Martin

    As much as I like nude women, their outfits before they get nude really influences my opinion of them.

    Yes, it’s extremely shallow, but what would you expect from a big time pornographer like myself?

    Anyways, earlier today I saw some pictures of British glamor model and super hot babe Hannah Martin removing quite possibly the greatest outfit of all time.

    Of course that’s just my opinion but seeing Hannah Martin’s gold bathing suit and glasses combination has left me totally obsessed with Hannah Martin.

    Why don’t you look at Hannah strip out of this outfit yourself and see if it’s the hottest thing you’ve ever seen:  Continue Reading

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  • Sexy Brit Samantha Bentley Interviewed!


    Samantha Bentley

    I don’t want to put anyone on blast here, but there’s a little rumor going around that British people are inherently unattractive. 

    To anyone that believes that nonsense, I’d like to introduce you to Samantha Bentley. Samantha Bentley is a British pornstar who loves it when her 32DD’s are dominated during sex. Even if the British are by and large unattractive, Samantha Bentley’s individual sex appeal more than makes up for all her unattractive countrymen.

    Samantha Bentley was nice enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to come talk to us about her amateur videos, her love of Rocco Siffredi, and the hottest sex she’s ever had. So without further ado, enjoy the Samatha Bentley interview!

    – I heard that you got your start in porn just by filming your own amateur videos. Can we watch these amateur videos or are they a part of your private collection?

    I honestly wish everyone could see these videos as they capture some of the best sex I have ever had, not to mention document my sexual growth and watch how I was taught how to fuck… unfortunately the videos are no longer in my possession :(

    – Just recently you started doing B/G scenes. What made you want to branch out from G/G and solo stuff?  Continue Reading

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  • Emilia Clarke

    Emilia Clarke

    Emilia Clarke

    So Game of Thrones season 3 is over.

    Wasn’t it a wild ride?

    Yes. It certainly was.

    The Red Wedding really had people freaking out. Judging by the internet’s reaction to it last week, it was the single biggest tragedy in human history. Which is weird because all that happened was a few fictional characters got killed. Robb Stark was acting like too much of a hot head to stay alive. A wedding is a great place for an ambush when you’re at war. Someone from the House of Stark should have thought of that. Also, y’all had thirteen years to see that coming. So cool your jets.

    So while Game of Thrones fans are still trying to recover from the tragedy of The Red Wedding, we here at feel that the real tragedy is that Emilia Clarke won’t be on our TV for another year.   Continue Reading

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  • What porn is the world watching?



    Everybody is all excited about this new Pope, but frankly I don’t get it. So an old man took another old man’s job? The economy is tough everywhere.

    Thankfully, PornMD has violated the privacy of millions and created one of the most interesting sex/porn infographics we’ve ever seen. They broke down the fapping habits by U.S. state and country to show everyone the top 10 most common searches in the last six months. “Milf”, “teen”, “college”, and “asian” were the most common across the United States.

    For some reason Montana’s most searched category is “compilation”, which is not a real category. Get it together, Montana. Continue Reading

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  • Stressed Men Prefer Big Girls

    Chart of different body types

    Think about how you determine whether or not someone is attractive. Does stress influence your decision?

    According to a new British study it does.

    Dr Martin Tovee and Dr Viren Swami are experts in interpersonal attraction who have published their new study in the open-source journal PLoS ONE.

    If the participants were assigned to the stress group of the experiment, they were given a ten minute preparation before being led to a microphone where they were interviewed for a job while standing.

    Continue Reading

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