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  • “My Hotwife’s Gangbang” Is The Gangbang Movie of the Summer

    If you like watching three or more men engage in sexual intercourse with a single, willing woman (otherwise known as a “gangbang”), then you get your hands on a copy of New Sensations’ My Hotwife’s Gangbang because it’s simply the best gangbang video you’ll see all summer long.

    2 scenes of married women getting gangbanged with their husband’s approval. 2 pornstars, Britney Amber and Hope Howell, that have never been in a gangbang before. 1 hour and 19 minutes of male camaraderie and female domination. What more could you ask for?

    Check out the trailer for My Hotwife’s Gangbang:

    So how did first-time gangbangers Hope Howell and Britney Amber fair in their first gangbangs? Keep reading to find out!  Continue Reading

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  • The 50 Hottest Pornstars on Instagram According to Playboy

    Good job, Playboy.

    Compiling a list of the 50 Hottest Pornstars on Instagram is by no means an original idea for an article. Hell, I’ve had a Post-It stuck on my monitor that reads, “List hottest pornstars on Instagram” for months. I can only imagine what the building’s janitorial staff must think. And though listing the 50 Hottest Pornstars on Instagram is not an original idea, there’s no denying that it’s content that raises eyebrows and gets views. Why else do you think I haven’t removed that dang Post-It?

    Despite the fact that the 50 Hottest Pornstars on Intagram is a surefire hit in the X-rated blog game, it’s a lot of freaking work. Why else do you think I haven’t removed that dang Post-It?

    So while I have the utmost respect for the Playboy employee that took the time to compile their Top 50, I have no choice but to piggyback on their list while running my usual snarky commentary.

    Here now is Playboy’s 50 Hottest Pornstars on Instagram with brief reviews of each pornstar’s Instagram account.

    Continue Reading

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  • Men’s Mag Daily Selects Their 25 Hottest Pornstars of 2014

    T’is the season for end of the year lists!

    Today’s end of year list comes from our friends over at Men’s Mag Daily. They decided to embark on the thankless and damn near impossible task of picking this year’s 25 hottest pornstars.  Continue Reading

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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: December 5th, 2014

    Guess who’s back! Back again!

    Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist is back! Tell a friend!

    Yes, once again, the Blog staff spent a good chunk of our week combing through the free porn videos on to select the seven hottest free porn videos for your viewing pleasure.

    Rather than waste all weekend trying to find the best porn yourself, we’ve done it for you!

    Let’s see the 7 hottest free porn of the week in another edition of Your Weekend Free Porn PlaylistContinue Reading

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  • These Asses Were Built For Anal Sex

    New Sensations has a new movie out today called An Ass Built for Anal starring four butt-worship-worthy beauties; Jada Stevens, Courtney Taylor, Britney Amber and Kayla Carrera.

    Check the trailer below:  Continue Reading

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  • The 10 Strangest Sex Toys of the Year

    Sex toys have one purpose and one purpose only: make getting off even more fun.

    However, sexual satisfaction varies from person to person because we’re all beautiful, unique snowflakes. So sometimes…a sex toy designer will come up with a new sex toy that they’re convinced will help the sex positive adults of the world have a better time cumming, but when it’s unleashed on the world, the reception isn’t as warm as they hoped because it turns out the sex toy they’ve made is actually totally fucking weird.

    So far, 2014 has been an excellent year for weird sex toys. And since Black Friday is coming up and the Christmas season is upon us, we thought it would be a good idea to show you the 10 Strangest Sex Toys of the Year, so you know not to stuff your significant other’s stocking with these weird sex toys.  Continue Reading

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  • The Britney Amber Interview


    Britney Amber

    Well, it finally happened. I’ve hit the big time.

    I don’t how or why she would agree to it but I got to interview adult superstar Britney Amber. For some mysterious reason, Britney Amber took some time away from feature dancing and shooting to talk to us about her 2013 thus far.

    Obviously, I’m excited and you should be excited because it’s Britney-freaking-Amber. Let’s see what Britney had to say!

    Enjoy the Britney Amber interview!

    First of all, I keep hearing people refer to you as “Baby Whore”. What’s up with that nickname?

    Babywhore is actually my Pussy’s nickname, that has nothing to do with me (lol).

    Is it true that you had anal sex the first time you ever had sex? Continue Reading

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