Brooklyn Decker

  • Behind The Scenes Look At An Upcoming Brooklyn Decker Sex Scene

    Hollywood sex scenes have the potential to be as hot as any porn video. Though they have potential to be very hot, it’s probably worth mentioning that they’re terribly awkward and tedious to film.

    Nothing illustrates this better than the new behind the scenes clip of Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson getting sprayed with fake sweat and faking orgasms in front of a crew of who knows how many for their new movie, Stretch.

    Director Joe Carnahan released the video to promote Stretch‘s iTunes and Amazon release tomorrow, because why spend money on advertising when you’ve shoe-horned a Brooklyn Decker sex scene into your movie. Millions of people are already searching for a Brooklyn Decker sex scene. Pretty smart Joe Carnahan!  Continue Reading

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  • Top 10 Things To Do With A Mega Millions Jackpot


    Sex on a big pile of money is #11

    I know I should be talking about sex or porn but the Mega Millions jackpot is on my mind this morning because money is the only thing I love more than sex or porn.

    Two lucky bastards will be splitting the $636 million jackpot while at least 20 other lucky bastards have won 1 million dollars.

    Guys, I’m very sorry to announce that I did not hit the jackpot. I didn’t even buy a Mega Millions ticked. But at least for this morning, I’d like to pretend I did by showing you The Top 10 Things To Do With A Mega Millions JackpotContinue Reading

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  • Brooklyn Decker Topless Photos


    Brooklyn Decker

    Are you guys familiar with supermodel-turned-actress Brooklyn Decker?

    Well you should be because she is the proud owner of two of the most beautiful boobs in the entire world. Brooklyn’s boobs are a stunning 36DD and it’s a goddamn shame they are always being covered up by a lace brassiere or bikini top.

    It’s been absolute agony seeing Brooklyn Decker’s cleavage constantly but never getting to see the main event (the main even is of course the boobs themselves). Well live in agony no more because I have finally found Brooklyn Decker topless!

    I don’t know when or where they’re from, but at least we get a glimpse of the boobs finally. I say just go with it (get it? She was in that movie).


    Totally worth the wait.

    Next time can we get some color pictures? It’s almost 2014, I need some good resolution and some color in my pictures.

    Bonus Brooklyn Decker nip slip:

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    Looking real hot!

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