• Scientist By Day Erotic Dancer By Night

    Toxic Cherry aka Dr. Rebecca Slane

    Toxic Cherry aka Dr. Rebecca Slane

    Ashley Rosemont is a feature columnist for Sssh.com, the web’s original erotic site for women by women. She is a Renaissance woman of many talents, but tries to remain humble in the face of all the curveballs life throws her way. She has been a professional writer for over two decades, and specializes in writing on media, culture, health and sexuality.

    The UK newspaper The Daily Mail reports on a woman who took top honors in her science degree at the University of Sunderland, who has shifted her career path ever so slightly. She was a medicinal chemist in a lab coat. But her love of exotic dancing, begun while she was working on her PhD to keep in shape (and maybe even earlier, as she is a former gymnast), eventually took hold and she has become a full time burlesque performer.

    “Juggling my pole classes with a full time job was hard work, says Dr. Rebecca Slane, whose stage name is “Toxic Cherry” (maybe there’s some scientific meaning behind that?) She has even opened her own exotic dance school! She has won the UK Professional Pole Cup (the top price in an exotic dance competition), and now teaches over one hundred and fifty students a week. Who says girls can’t excel in the arts and sciences?  Continue Reading

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  • Kate Middleton’s Cousin is Playboy Covergirl

    Whether they like to admit it or not (usually not), every family has a black sheep. Every family…even the Royal Family.

    Good looks run in the family

    When someone brings up a black sheep in the Royal Family, they are usually referring to Prince Charles and his divorce with Princess Diana. Or more recently, Prince Harry dressing up as a Nazi for Halloween. Actually when you think about it, they are all kind of weird. That’s what you get after centuries of incest, I guess.

    The latest black sheep is in the extended Royal Family. Her name is Katrina Darling and she is Kate Middleton’s burlesque dancing second-cousin.

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