• Bush, James Deen, and Pornstar Personalities – TIP TO NIP


    Bush, James Deen, and Jynx Maze

    This sex blog (or porn blog, depending on who you ask) can be a bit of a boy’s club. While it’s fun, it’s kind of boring. That’s why I spoke with female porn blogger and friend EMJA from HotMoviesForHer.com to get the female perspective on porn for a change. 

    So please enjoy our chat about trends in porn, male pornstars, and how having a personality can make a pornstar. 

    Chico: Lately I’ve been noticing more bush and tan-lines in my HOTMOVIES. I’m somewhat ambivalent to these old trends coming back. As a woman, what do you think is in vogue for male pornstars?

    Emja: First of all, I really hate boosh and lines. Like, hate. Cannot stand. In vogue for male pornstars? I honestly don’t see a trend at all.

    Chico: Woah, woah, woah. What don’t you like about bush and tanlines?

    Emja: Pubic hair is gross and smells bad and have you ever seen that movie Waiting?

    Chico: I’ve never seen it but I know of it because like everyone else in the world, I’m a HUGE Ryan Reynolds fan. It also popularized the game where if someone sees your balls, you get to punch them.

    Emja: Go to 1:21. You’ll understand.

    Chico: Yikes.

    Emja: It’s gross and that’s all I think of every time dani daniels sends out a vine of “daily boosh”. I can’t even look at it. Wanna yak.

    Chico: Do you ever worry that the steroid-monster look will return for male pornstars?  Continue Reading

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  • Cara Delevingne Strips, Shows Boobs and Bush


    Cara Delevingne

    It’s come to my attention that not everyone liked my Cara Delevingne story.

    For some reason, the image of Cara Delevingne blow drying her sweaty armpits underneath a bathroom handdryer didn’t arouse you.

    Of course, it’s not your fault. Not everyone can get with a sexy babe with sweaty armpits. Someday you’ll get it, but until then it’s my responsibility to make Cara Delevingne sexy again.

    Thankfully, Cara’s been quite helpful in this endeavour by recently posing nude and filming a striptease for i-D Magazine.

    Yes, Cara Delevingne took off all her clothes to show us her boobs and her fashionable bush. And as an added bonus, there’s absolutely no mention of sweaty Cara Delevingne-armpits.

    Are you ready to see supermodel Cara Develingne strip?  Continue Reading

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  • That Bush You Like Is Going To Come Back In Style


    Thanks American Apparel

    Just when you thought American Apparel couldn’t exploit sex any more, they went and put pubic hair on their mannequins.  Continue Reading

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