• Meet Canada’s Own Kendra Sunderland: LilSecrett

    Move over, Kendra Sunderland! There’s a new library masturbator in town!

    News broke yesterday that a Canadian woman known as “LilSecrett” on MyFreeCams has been masturbating and plying her live cam trade in more than one branch of the Windosr Public Library system over the past three months or so.  Continue Reading

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  • In Canada, Being a Dominatrix Is a Mental Illness

    In British Columbia, Canada, a supreme court judge has ruled that being a dominatrix is technically a mental illness.

    The year was 2008. Alissa Alfonina, then about to enter 12th grade, was a passenger, with her mother and brother, in a car driven by the mom’s boyfriend Peter Jansson when his Toyota ended up in a ditch by the side of Highway 1 in British Columbia.

    According to testimony at trial, Alissa’s teacher Phil Byrne had said that the girl was a “very bright student, in the top two per cent of her media-arts high school class who dreamt of being a filmmaker or actress,” according to Keith Fraser of Postmedia News.

    Five years later, Alissa Alfonia started working as a dominatrix. Considering her new career of whipping people for a living, the judge believes that she must have suffered a “moderate brain injury” in the car accident. What other reason besides brain damage could someone have for becoming a dominatrix?  Continue Reading

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  • CBC Radio Host Jian Ghomeshi Fired Over Violent Sex Allegations

    Three women have come forward over the weekend alleging that they were violently attacked in a sexual way by popular Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio host Jian Ghomeshi.

    Ghomeshi claims he was fired because execs felt his sexual proclivities were “unbecoming of a prominent host on the CBC” said Sunday that all of his admittedly rough sexual encounters have been consensual. But of course, that’s just Jian Ghomeshi trying to preserve his image because the three women have some seriously disturbing allegations.  Continue Reading

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  • Quebec Pornstar Is Hosting a Sex Marathon To Pay For Her New Boobs

    Big fake tits are a divisive thing. Some people absolutely hate the look and feel of silicone titties whereas some people hate flat chests so much that they don’t care if tits are natural or man-made.

    The one thing we can all agree on is that fake boobs don’t come cheap. Breast augmentation can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000.

    Most people don’t have that kind of scratch lying around to fund a new pair of tits. However, Quebec pornstar Zoe Zebra has found a way to get a new pair of fake boobs while creating a media maelstrom at the same time.

    Zoe Zebra, a 22 year old pornstar from Saguenay, Quebec will receive full funding for her new boobs from porn company AD4X after completing a sex marathon where she will sleep with 25 men in one night. The event, titled the “Boule-O-Thon” (which is probably a funny boob-pun in French but I don’t get it), is happening in a trailer next to Club 77, a strip club in Gatineau, Quebec.

    Now, before you ask, “Isn’t this prostitution?” I’ll just tell you it’s not prostitution. Technically, the guys are not paying for sex. Zoe Zebra is getting paid by AD4X in the form of new boobs in exchange for letting them film her 25-man sex marathon. The guys participating in Zoe Zebra’s sex marathon only have to pay the price of admission ($15), which includes condoms and masks.

    If you’re considering going to Gatineau, Quebec for a chance to fuck Zoe Zebra before she gets implants, keep this in mind: attending the event doesn’t mean you’re going to fuck Zoe Zebra. Zoe Zebra will personally select the 25 men she wants to fuck. Plus, nowhere does it specify what kind of sex Zoe Zebra will have with the 25 men. She could have vaginal sex 5 times and then switch to oral sex for the last 20.

    All I know is that I wouldn’t want to be man #25 in Zoe Zebra’s sex marathon. Talk about sloppy seconds twenty-fifths.

    So far, there are 222 people attending Zoe Zebra’s sex marathon on Facebook. If you want to help Zoe Zebra get new boobs then RSVP to the Facebook event, head up to Canada and hope that Zoe Zebra picks you.

    Visit the Zoe Zebra sex marathon Facebook below:


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  • Only 1 in 8 Canadians Admit to Watching Porn

    And from these findings, we have learned that Canadians are a bunch of no-good sexually repressed liars.

    Forum Poll polled a random sampling of 1624 Canadians, 18 years and older, asking them if they had purchased or viewed any form of pornography in the last year. Only 16% of people admitted to having watched porn – 26%, a quarter, preferred not to answer the question, and the rest denied having watched it.

    On top of that, about 50% of responses believe that pornography is harmful to society.

    These results are pretty shocking in my opinion.  I was always under the impression that Canadians were pretty liberal and open compared to their American counterparts.

    The findings part of the poll results are pretty skewed though, and obviously coming from a place of ignorance about the mass-consumption of porn.  Then again, I never would have assumed that so many people would deny watching it in the first place.

    “While uncommon among females, certainly, it must be assumed that more than one quarter of Canadian males have encountered pornography in the past year.”

    Not a big fan of the caveat that porn-watching is uncommon amongst females, because that’s simply untrue.

    So why did so many people lie about their porn-watching habits?  There’s absolutely no way that such a small percentage of Canadians watch it.  Perhaps it was in the way that the question was posed?

    It was pretty straight-forward.  The question asked: “How often do you watch porn?  Just press 9 if you prefer not to answer.”  The ability to simply press 9 probably swayed people, but I dunno.  The questions posed are so scientific and ‘official’ seeming, so maybe people simply felt uncomfortable answering in this capacity?

    The craziest thing here is that people responded to this poll under complete anonymity. I think AVN hit the nail on the head pretty well,

    Lauren Strapagie opened the article with a slightly more generous take, writing, “One in eight Canadians admitted to Forum Research that they’ve viewed or purchased pornography in the past year, but a more realistic analysis may be that we don’t like sharing our naughty habits with an automated phone call.””

    Who the fuck knows.  All I know is that y’all watch more porn than you’re letting on.  I truly thought that we had reached a point where porn-viewing had become a relatively accepted social reality.  Guess not!

    And with so many hot pornstars coming out of Canada, you gotta be supportive, you know?:

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  • Top 10 Cameron Canada GIFs For Cameron Canada Day!

    Today, July 1st, 2014 is Canada Day.

    Loyal followers of the Blog know that our relationship to Canada can be described as, “tense.” We just feel like Canada, as a nation, is always a fantastic punchline. Meanwhile Canadians have responded with angry, “Ehs!”

    Rather than make amends for relentless Canada bashing this Canada Day, I will outright ignore that such a thing is happening and instead celebrate one of the Blog’s favorite pornstars: Cameron Canada.

    Continue Reading

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  • Despite What This Viral Video Says, Porn Addiction Still Not A Real Thing.


    The sexy, sexy face of porn addiction

    The only thing an outrageous claim needs to become fact on the internet is a confident voice. How many times have you read or watched something and said to yourself, “That doesn’t seem like it’s true, however it was delivered with so much confidence that I would be foolish to think they’re lying. I could fact check it myself, but that would cut into valuable Facebook and Twitter time. I better check those sites instead. It’s been nearly 2 minutes since I last checked them.” And that’s how misinformation spreads over the internet.

    This is especially bad when incorrect information gets delivered to you with a confident voice, some colorful fonts, and innocuous animation. That’s why today, I’d like to clear up some misinformation you may have received from ASAP Science, which is one of the stranger ventures of A$AP Rocky and the A$AP MOB but whatever.  Continue Reading

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  • Canada Needs To Make More Porn!


    Canadian Porn Star Lanny Barbie shows her patriotism

    QUESTION: Has anyone ever taken Canada seriously?

    Hahaha. The answer is of course NO.

    Why would we? Canada is basically America but colder and worse (except the free Health Care).

    Further proving their incompetence as a nation, the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission is cracking down on Toronto-based Channel Zero, which includes porn stations AOV Adult Movie Channel, AOV XXX Action Clips and AOV Maleflixxx, for not complying with the 35% Canadian Content law.

    Yes, Canada has a law that requires all their radio and TV stations to fill their schedules with at least 35% of content produced in Canada. I’ve been told by some local Canadians that this law is designed to preserve and protect Canadian culture, which makes me ask the question…Canada has culture?

    Now Canadians can have their say as to whether Channel Zero’s erotic and non-erotic channels should be renewed despite the porn they broadcast is foreign.

    So Canadians, if you want to keep porn on TV like the Neanderthals you are (c’mon porn on TV? Use the internet), then start producing your own porn that can be broadcast on these channels!

    You’re probably saying to yourself, “Eh bud. I’m just a dumb Canadian eh. How can I shoot the pornos?”

    Which is why I’ve prepared this quick guide for you.


    1. Get a camera
    2. Get some lights
    3. Learn how to do make-up
    4. Send out a casting call via Canadian Craigslist or Canadian Reddit
    5. Hire the hottest people willing to fuck on camera
    6. Use your free health care to get yourself and your talent tested for STDs.
    7. Turn camera on.
    8. Hit record.
    9. Begin having sex.
    10. Make sure your camera is pointed at the sex.
    11. Cum in the face.
    12. Send the footage to Channel Zero: 2844 Dundas W, Toronto, ON M6P 1Y7

    Porn shooting made so simple, even a dumb Canadian can understand it! Now go make your own damn porn Canada! I can’t believe you still consider yourself a country when you don’t even broadcast your own damn porn.


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  • Porn-Filtered Internet Coming To Canada

    Artist rendering of what filtered internet porn will look like in Canada

    Artist rendering of what filtered internet porn will look like in Canada

    Because Canada has historically been the UK’s lil bitch, it’s no surprise that the Canadian government might soon be introducing a bill that would introduce an internet porn filter not unlike the one in the UK.  Continue Reading

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  • Mailman Could Owe Millions For Sleeping With MILFs


    If I had the chance, I would totally have sex with the mailman…erm…mail-lady

    A Canada Post worker has been suspended without pay for his own protection after a local Quebec newspaper broke the story that he may have fathered more fifty illegitimate “people”. Continue Reading

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  • Capri Cavanni – Canada’s Best Pornstar

    Capri Cavanni Penthouse

    Capri Cavanni

    I hate Canada, but Canadian women are all babes, especially Canadian pornstars. For proof of this look at Capri Cavanni. 

    With Lanny BarbieSunny Leone and Shyla Stylez all retired, it’s time for Capri Cavanni to take the title of “Best Canadian Pornstar”. Capri has been in the adult industry since 2008, but it seems like her career is reaching brand new heights. She was just named Penthouse Pet September 2013. 

    Capri took some time out of her busy schedule to talk about being a Penthouse Pet, feature dancing, and having porn’s best body.

    So enjoy our interview with Canada’s Best Pornstar, Capri Cavanni!  Continue Reading

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  • Sexy Canadian Girls

    Canadian Babe

    Canadian Babe

    In the past, I’ve been extremely critical of Canada.


    To be honest I’m not sure why.

    All things considered, Canadians don’t have it so easy. They have to put up with some brutal winters only to be forgotten by the rest of the world. They don’t need me ragging on them.

    Today (July 1st) is Canada Day, the most holiest of holidays in Canadian culture. As a peace offering to Canadians everywhere, I’d like to now shed some light on the sexy Canadian girls that have managed to escape the miserable winters and become beloved babes.

    So here you go Canada, the Top 10 Sexy Canadian Girls: Continue Reading

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  • Pornstar vows night of passion for soccer fans

    Messi will be responsible for a lot of people getting laid. Nice, bro.

    There has never been any reason for anyone to follow soccer. At least in North America. However that could all change thanks to a Columbian-born, Canadian-based pornstar and “fuutball” fan.

    27 year old Janeira Ventura (more of an aspiring pornstar) is such a big FC Barcelona fan that she has pledged to give other fans a wild night of passion if they win the Spanish League. She toldEl Mundo Deportivo, a national sports newspaper in Spain, that, “If we win the league this year, I pledge publicly to spend a night of passion with any Barcelona member or supporter who dares.”

    All fans need to do to claim this night of passion is send a picture of a membership card or tickets from a game to Ms. Ventura’s website (though we think she means Facebook page because she doesn’t seem to have a website of her own).

    Continue Reading

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  • Canada gets kinkier without hockey

    Traditional throwing of the dildos at hockey game

    Every now and then, we are forced to ask ourselves, “What’s going on in Canada?”

    Like drunkenly texting a girl at four in the morning that you promised yourself you would never see again because every time you hook it’s fine but there’s a sense of guilt that you just can’t shake because you know she wants to get serious and you’re just looking for a good time but you’re wasted and lonely so you do it anyways and learn to live with being a douchebag, we look north to Canada to say, “Sup? Want to meet up in like 20 minutes?”

    In other words, sorry but this blog has reached rock-bottom by talking about Canada.

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