• Blog PSA: Don’t Fuck and Drive

    The holidays are upon us and so are the annual reminders not to drink and drive.

    But we at the Blog would like to remind you that drinking and driving isn’t the only danger to you this holiday season. It’s just as important to remember not to fuck and drive.  Continue Reading

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  • Threesomes are Dope Unless You’re Driving.

    Threesomes are awesome, except for when they lead to breaking both of your legs and ending up in the hospital, in which case, they are terrible.

    Recently, three young Chinese people got pulled from a wreckage when they accidentally crashed into a tree during a ‘menage a trois.’ Apparently, during the threesome, one of the participants accidentally hit the parking break, sending the car rolling backwards into a tree. One of the women was severely injured and ended up in the hospital with two broken legs, and the other two escaped relatively unscathed.

    For some hilarious reporting on the accident, check out the video below:

    The most important aspect of this video is the fact that apparently China is so big that weird stuff happens in it sometimes.

    Here at, it is clear that we always support ‘triple action’ as it’s described in the video. On the other hand, we can’t support people seriously maiming or potentially killing themselves for the sweet sweet satisfaction of a successful ‘triple action.’

    So, in conclusion, these people really suck at having threesomes. If they want to figure out how to have proper threesomes without killing themselves in the process, then they should probably check out some threesome videos and pictures at For example:

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    Yes, I realize that most of these pictures are actually of people having sex on top of, or around cars, but that’s my point.  Be careful with automobile sex, that shit can be dangerous.

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  • Sex While Driving Needs To Be More Popular


    Sex while driving is a HUGE PROBLEM

    Isn’t driving the worst?

    You can’t drink. You can’t text. What’s the freaking point?

    I’d much rather spend an extra few hours walking with a Tom Colins in one hand and my phone in the other than have to drive anywhere.

    Thankfully, according to a new study from Scout GPS, shows that Americans have found a way to make driving great. Scout GPS surveyed 1,832 American drivers and found that 15% of them would consider having sex behind the wheel and 11% admitted to “having participated in sexual activity while driving.”   Continue Reading

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  • What Should We Do With Kobe’s Car?

    Kobe Bryant's 1963 Chevrolet Impala

    Kobe Bryant’s 1963 Chevrolet Impala

    Kobe Bryant has put up his 1963 Chevrolet Impala up for auction.

    The car was originally a Christmas present from Kobe’s wife Vanessa. There’s been no word as to why Kobe is auctioning off this car. The only thing we know is that this beautiful machine is for sale and we at want to buy it.  Continue Reading

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  • How To Have Sex In A Car

    naked road trip car sex

    Road Trip!

    Monday is Labor Day. That means come Tuesday, summer is over.

    If you saw our Top 10 Sexy Things We’ll Miss About Summer, you know that the thing we’re going to miss most is summer road trips.

    If you don’t have any plans for Labor Day, why not take an impromptu road trip? It’s your last chance to take a road trip until next summer.

    It doesn’t matter where you go. An impromptu Labor Day road trip is just the spontaneous, romantic activity you and your partner need to end the summer on a high note.

    But before you hit the open road, you’re should brush up on how to have sex in a car for all the impromptu car sex you’ll be having on your Labor Day road trip.

    Lucky for you, I’ve had lots of sex in lots of different cars over the years. The easiest way to have sex in a car is to rent a limo, but that won’t work for you Labor Day road trip. Instead, allow me to break down the best ways to have sex in a car.

    Car Sex Positions:  Continue Reading

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