• Sex Less Popular Than Wi-Fi, Cell Phones, and TV

    Phone Sex Sex Less Popular Than Wi Fi, Cell Phones, and TV

    Phone sex!

    Sometimes I worry about the state of the world and how humanity will be able to carry on with our priorities all messed up.

    Sadly, my fears were confirmed today with this news from Harris Interactive that sex is less popular than Wi-Fi, cell phones, and TV.

    Just look at this infographic via Mashable to see what most Americans can’t live without:

    2014 02 05 Mobile Phone 01 Sex Less Popular Than Wi Fi, Cell Phones, and TV

    So American adults could survive without sex as long as they had…

    • Food (obviously)
    • Cars (hope that changes because we gonna run out of gas soon)
    • Internet access (you need to access Sex.com/news/ somehow)
    • Mobile phone (Sex.com‘s mobile site is extremely dope)
    • Computer/laptop (Sex.com‘s regular site is also extremely dope)
    • Television (those shows ain’t no good)


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  • How To Use Your SmartPhone During Sex

    364185 she smokes and chats on the phone How To Use Your SmartPhone During Sex

    Who says looking at your phone isn’t sexy?

    Did you know that 1/10 Americans admit to using their cellphone to answer a call or text during sex?

    According to the 2013 Mobile Habits Consumer Study, it’s true!

    I love sex, but why should sex keep me from checking the Sex.com Blog or a bunch of text messages that I will end up ignoring anyways?

    Just because you’re having sex doesn’t mean you should be forced to disconnect from the outside world. You might have better sex if you do, but this is America! This is the greatest country in the whole world (even if there is currently no government) and goddammit it is our duty as Americans to have our cake and eat it too. And then to keep the obesity rates high, we should eat another cake after having and eating the first cake.

    You can have it all! You can use your smartphone during sex! Just let me explain how you can use your smartphone during sex. Continue Reading

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  • Mrs. Claus made Santa a sexy video

    Sex sells. But does Santa’s thousand year old wife making a sexy video for her husband sell the new Samsung Galaxy Beam?


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