• Nude Photos Shot in China’s Forbidden City Spark Outrage

    The Forbidden City, located in the center of Beijing, was once the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming dynasty to the end of the Qing dynasty. It served as home of emperors and their households as well as the ceremonial and political center of the Chinese government for 500 years before becoming the Palace Museum. In 1987, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its significant place in the development of Chinese architecture and culture.

    Given its significance in Chinese culture from the antiquity to present, you’d think that shooting nude photos in the Forbidden City would be totally cool, right? WRONG.

    A photographer has been heavily criticised on social media for taking nude photos in the Forbidden City. Continue Reading

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  • Chinese Official are Cracking Down on Funeral Strippers

    Did you know that it’s totally acceptable to mourn the loss of a loved one with strippers in China?

    Well, not totally acceptable. According to a statement from the Ministry of Culture on Thursday, the government plans to work closely with police to eliminate funeral strippers.  Continue Reading

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  • Drunk Chinese Couple Caught Having Public Sex

    Ah, is there anything better than young love?  When you’re young and in love – nothing else matters.  You can’t keep your hands off of each other.  You’re making out in public, jamming your tongues into each others’ mouthes, and making all of the passerbys and old people very uncomfortable.  You’re fucking each other on a bench in the middle of a busy street while bystanders watch, gawk, and yell at you to stop…wait a second, that last one’s maybe crossing some kind of public decency line.

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  • New Sex Toy, Gaga, Lets You See The Gross Insides of Your Body

    Ever thought to yourself: man, I like using this dildo a lot, but I really wish that I could simultaneously see the inside of my own body in all of its fleshy glory while pleasuring myself?  If the answer to that question is yes, well, that’s kinda weird buddy.  But I won’t judge you, because I’ve seen much, much, much, much weirder shit while working at

    The Gaga costs $180, which is pretty fucking steep for a sex toy.  But it includes the toy, a camera, a built-in light, as well as a USB charger and some other crap.  Personally, I don’t really see the appeal.  What if you stick it in your butt and see some poop?  Gross.

    Yes, I just dropped a bit of a poop joke.  What up, readers?

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  • Nacho Vidal arrested in sting operation

    Nacho Vidal definitely chills like a gangster

    Spanish police made 80 arrests for “Operation Emperor” in Madrid today. “Operation Emperor” targeted Chinese mobsters laundering money in Spain. The racket was allegedly made up of traders who sold contraband goods in Spain, laundered the money and sent it back to China.

    Surprisingly, among the 80 arrests was male porn star and Evil Angel shooter Nacho Vidal. You may remember Nacho Vidal from such films as Cumback Pussy 21, Cumback Pussy 23, Cumback Pussy 24, and Nacho Invades America 2.

    Nacho was running a company suspected in laundering the Chinese mobster’s money.

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  • Chico Dusty’s Top 10 Asian Girls

    Hiromi flashes her hot ass

    Today, China’s State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television issued new rules that forces webmasters to pre-screen and censor all violent and vulgar content. Not surprisingly, that includes porn. The Chinese government said that the rules are being implemented to protect, “young people’s physical and mental health in accordance with the law.” via ZD Net

    Just when you thought the Communist threat was over…Censoring porn from the internet is one of the most radical and offensive things I have ever heard. How do you protect young people’s physical and mental health by banning porn? You know, I don’t care to find out. I’d rather be physically and mentally ill than live in a world without internet porn.

    To show our support, this week’s Top 10 is all about Asian girls. While China will be missing out on some amazing content, we can keep oogling the hottest babes from their continent.

    WARNING: By viewing this Top 10 board, you risk contracting yellow fever. You will find Asian girls completely irresistible if you contract this strange disease. There is also a risk of turning japanese.

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