Clayton Cubitt

  • This Weekend’s Ass Shaking Anthem

    Go Loko Nicky-Da-B

    Go Loko

    Maybe it’s just me, but for me the weekend is all about ass shaking.

    Not necessarily me shaking my own ass, but it’s been known to happen. Mostly I just enjoy watching big asses get shook by sexy black women.

    The technical term is twerk, by the way.

    Nicky da B just dropped a sick video, directed by Clayton Cubitt (who also directed Hysterical Literature) and it’s all booty shaking. We have no choice but to declare Go Loko by Nicky da B to be this weekend’s ass shaking anthem.

    Turn your speakers all the way up and prepare to shake that ass: Continue Reading

    May 24, 2013 • Sex News • Views: 859