• Harvard Student Jessie Law Tries Porn For The Very First Time

    At first glance, Jessie Law may seem like just another sexy girl next door trying porn for the very first time but she’s not!

    After all, how many amateur pornstars can say that they went to Harvard or that their dad manages a billion dollar hedge fund company? As far as we know, only Jessie Law can.

    Watch a trailer for hot hedge fund heiress Jessie Law’s debut porn scene for MyVeryFirstTime.comContinue Reading

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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: April 24th, 2015

    Good news! We made it through another week! Job well done everyone!

    As a reward for making it through yet another week, here is Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist for April 10th, 2015.

    Don’t waste your weekend trying to find free porn worth watching. We’ve already found it for you!

    Thank you for your continued support of The Blog. Here now are the 7 hottest free porn videos from the past week.  Continue Reading

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  • Jenna Sativa Seduces Her Sexy Study Buddy Goldie for

    Our college student fan base is no doubt busy cramming for finals while still trying to attend all the regular campus beer busts, beer blasts, keggers, stein hoists, AA meetings and beer nights. It’s a stressful time to be in college.

    Which is why we have an important Jenna Sativa video for all college students that read this free porn blog because it demonstrates how to come on to your sexy study.

    WATCH AND LEARN!  Continue Reading

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  • Must-See Porn Video of the Day: Jade Nile’s Kendra Sunderland Parody

    As if ex-OSU student turned adult industry sensation Kendra Sunderland‘s now-infamous library masturbation video wasn’t hot enough already, Team Skeet has upped the ante by recreating it with our current favorite pornstar Jade Nile.

    Though we’re huge Kendra Sunderland fans — please check out Amateur Pornstar Kendra Sunderland’s Greatest Hits if you’re not yet familiar with the gorgeous, horny blonde — we’re powerless to resist Jade Nile’s pouty lips and big tits. Seeing anyone recreate Kendra Sunderland’s library masturbation video is awesome, but the fact that it’s Jade Nile just makes it that much sexier. Continue Reading

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  • Great Moments in Public Fucking: Fucking in the Neyland Stadium Press Box

    If you’ve ever fucked in public, you know that there’s nothing better.

    The thrill of getting caught pumps adrenaline all through your brain and dick that the intensity of the sex skyrockets to heights you never thought were possible.

    Today, we’d like to tell you about another great moment in public fucking from the University of Tennessee where two students allegedly fucked in the press box at Neyland StadiumContinue Reading

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  • Ex-Oregon State Student Fined for Camming in Library

    Kendra Sunderland, a 19-year-old former Oregon State studen, was fined on Tuesday for allegedly filming a topless video of herself masturbating in the college’s library.

    Sunderland reportedly told police she filmed the video on the sixth floor of OSU’s Valley Library last October, when she was still enrolled at the university. Acoording to the Oregonian, she’s not enrolled at OSU at the school for the spring semester.  Continue Reading

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  • Sorority Car Wash starring Dakota Skye – A Review

    “What’s sexier than watching 2 young girls wash a car? How about watching them fuck?!”

    Picture this, you’re driving down the highway, it’s hot as hell out, you’re on your way to your dead end job at the local factory. All of a sudden, on the side of the road, you spot Dakota Skye and another hot topless college babes lathering each other up and selling car washes for the local sorority. You COULD just keep driving. It’s probably just an optical illusion or mirage or something right? OR you could pull that dusty old Honda Civic in and get it washed while watching couple of nubile porn stars have lesbian sex for awhile. The choice is yours, but it seems like a pretty obvious one to me.

    Continue Reading

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  • Review: Digital Sin’s Tabu Tales: A Mother Daughter Thing

    We all have fantasies.  Some of our fantasies are more of the mundane variety, like, ‘Hey, I wish instead of going to work today I could sit at home and play video games for 8 hours.”

    Those are the fantasies that are relatively achievable.  Other fantasies, well, maybe they’re a little more offbeat, a little more unrealistic and unachievable, maybe a bit taboo.  That doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with them!

    Here’s my take on things: if you can find a non-destructive way to satisfy your taboo fantasies, go for it!  Luckily, the fine folks over at Digital Sin specialize in this type of thing.

    Bam, right on my desk – Digital Sin’s “Tabu Tales: A Mother Daughter Thing“, starring some of the hottest most notorious Milfs pretending to be some of the hottest young pornstars’ step-moms and then banging them.  But with any type of fantasy-enactment type stuff, there’s a really important question: how realistic is it?  Am I sufficiently convinced enough that these people are step-related, that they’re doing something much dirtier and more provocative than having regular lesbian sex?

    Well let’s find out!  Continue Reading

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  • Facebook Bans University Rowers for Nude Charity Calendar

    Facebook’s censorship bullshit has hit a new low. They’ve been much maligned in recent years for their draconian anti-nudity rules, but when you’re punishing a bunch of young women for posting images from a tasteful nude calendar they produced to raise money for Cancer awareness and support, you know you’ve got a problem.

    Students from the University of Warwick rowing team put together this calendar to raise money, and FB laid down the iron fist. Here’s a video of their photo shoot:

    So, their Facebook page, which had 2000 likes, got taken down. They were only trying to drum up a bit of extra publicity, in the most effective way possible these days, through social media. The worst thing about this whole debacle? As quoted in the article:

    But Sophie, who is originally from Upminster, Essex, added: ‘It is a charity calendar – how can it be porn?
    ‘The Facebook account for the male rower’s charity calendar hasn’t been deleted and their page is the same as ours. It is borderline sexism.

    This shit doesn’t even begin to get explicit. It’s all tastefully done – hell, there aren’t even any exposed nipples. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since FB is run by a bunch of heartless robots. Hopefully these gals can get something figured out and have their page restored.

    Stuff like this pisses me off. We deal with a lot of bullshit from Facebook about our FB page, but we’re a porn site, so that makes total sense. It seems like Facebook needs to go through some reforms to make sure shit like this stops happening.

    But they won’t, because they’re Facebook, and they’re a giant faceless corporation run by morons. So there we have it. Here are some of the photos from the calendar in question. Judge for yourself. Hot? Yes. Pornographic? Well, I don’t think so personally!

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  • Another Belfast Club Sex Scandal Surfaces

    Last week, a video went viral.  I considered writing about it for this blog, but ultimately decided not to.  I decided not to because the video depicted a young woman in a Belfast night-club called Magaluf, sucking off like 20 dudes so she could get a free drink.

    Now, you might ask me, ‘Gil, a woman sucking off 20 men in a nightclub?  That seems right up’s alley!  What’s the deal?”  Well, the deal is I was struggling with whether to write about it because I felt bad for the girl and the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth (though probably a much worse taste in hers).  It was exploitative, creepy, and likely non-consensual.  So I decided to stay away.

    But this week, a new image from outside of a Belfast night club has surfaced.  People in Belfast certainly love to party their asses off and perform sexual acts in public.  This picture is just as weird as the blowjob video, but at least it looks consensual?

    According to the article,

    Michael McMahon, who users the Twitter handle, @MichaelMcMufin, tweeted the image, which was captioned: ‘People have no shame, outside El Divino. This is traumatic.’




    I mean, yea, it looks like everyone involved is aware of what’s going on, but there are still some questions that need to be asked here.  I sort of understand the appeal of fucking outside, I really do.  But how do you link up with another couple and both have sex simultaneously side by side?  “Hello, I know we just met you, but you seem like a nice couple – would you like to go into the adjacent parking lot and have sexual intercourse at the same time as us?”

    I’m surprised and disappointed that the person who took the picture didn’t take a video, so we could witness the two dudes repeatedly high fiving each other and saying “You da man!” “No, YOU da man!”

    The other possibility here, and maybe I’m just too immersed in the wacky world of social mediaz, is that these people were actually attempting to exploit the recent explosion of the British Teen Magaluf Blowjob video to get some brief internet fame themselves, though that’s likely giving them too much credit.

    Anyways, get your shit together Belfast!

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  • Casual Sex Probably Won’t Cause Depression…Probably…

    In recent years, the scientific community seems to be shocked and appalled that humans are having sex for fun rather than for reproduction purposes. Isn’t that strange? Normally when you think of science, you think of progression and progressive values to compliment that spirit of innovation, but all the “scientific” “research” “done” on casual sex makes it seem like it’s the worst thing in the world.

    Every day I read a headline like, “Casual Sex Linked to Type 2 Diabetes“. And obviously when I, a man whose family has a long history of diabetes and that has a lot of casual sex, read that headline I get super nervous. But then I read the article and its case against casual sex is like, “45% of people with type 2 Diabetes have at one point in their lives have had casual sex…COINCIDENCE?” Yes. It is a coincidence. People can come up with statistics to prove anything…14% of people know that.


    A new study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science has attempted to measure the overall effects of casual sex, now that casual sex is a normative experience for many young people.  Continue Reading

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  • Survey Says Philosophy Majors Have The Most Sex

    College! It’s an important part in every young person’s life. It’s the time where your parents pay for your school, which you barely attend in favor of getting black-out drunk on a daily basis to make horrible mistakes that will shape your future. But ultimately, the getting drunk every day and never doing actual school work is highly educational because it really does teach you a lot about your self. Especially sexuality.

    When you go to college, you’re finally free to experiment with sex. No more sneaking around, breaking curfew, trying to keep it quiet or minimize the semen stains in the back seat of your parent’s station wagon. Yes, college is truly a great place for sex. Makes me wonder why I ever bothered to graduate. 

    To help us relive the sexual exploits of our college years, a website popular with students in the English town of Brighton decided to see how much sex college students were having, so they created THE UNIVERSITY SEX LEAGUE SURVEY. They asked over 6,000 students about various aspects of their sex lives, y’know the basics like when did they lose their virginity and how many sexual partners have you had while at university.

    AND THE RESULTS ARE IN! It turns out that philosophy majors have the most sex! Well that’s good. Philosophy majors have 0 job prospects, 0 applicable skills and they’re willingness to pontificate on fucking everything can’t help but make them the laughing stock of university campuses everywhere. So at least they’re having the most sex out of any other faculty.

    Philosophy majors were found to have an average of 7 sexual partners over the course of their academic careers, which was good enough to put them in the number 1 spot. 7 sexual partners may seem low (it’s not, btw), but compare it to chemical science engineers who only had 2.3 sexual partners throughout their academic careers, philosophy majors are doing pretty good.

    The survey also revealed that 51 percent of women and 61 percent of men have had unprotected sex, with an additional 30 percent of women admitting to having taken the morning-after pill at least once. Yikes. Now that’s bad. That’s a definite indication that people need better sex ed, especially before moving away to go to college. SO GET ON IT HIGH SCHOOLS AND ALSO UNIVERSITIES.

    Even stranger,  51 percent of college students define themselves as being in a monogamous relationship, and 39 percent believe they will meet their future life partner while at a university. This proves once again that young people are morons. 

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  • Sex Advice From A Crazy Sorority Girl just shared a “leaked” email from a more or less deranged sorority girl who has some sex advice for her younger sorority sisters.

    Honestly, I don’t know what to make of it since it’s pretty nuts. To read the full letter, check out

    I’d like to focus on her first two pieces of sex advice. Crazy sorority girl writes,

    Continue Reading

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  • Belle Knox Has Inspired More Coeds To Try Porn

    I can’t think of a more divisive public figure than Belle Knox. Vladimir Putin, maybe? Barack Obama? The Pope? Stephen Colbert?

    OK. Let me rephrase that. I can’t think of a more divisive pornstar than Belle Knox. Some people love her for her work. Some people hate her because she attends an Ivy League school. Some people love her because she’s promoting a message that porn can be empowering for women. Others hate her for being a faux-feminist and bonafide hypocrite.

    Me? I don’t have any strong feelings about Belle Knox. Belle Knox’s pictures and videos are cool because she’s cute but they’re kind of boring too. I had a lot respect for Belle Knox for coming forward as the infamous Duke University pornstar, but then she leveraged that into a media blitz that caused her career to skyrocket. So ultimately, the respect I had for Belle Knox’s coming forward dissipated because it seems to me that the motivation for coming forward was not necessarily to empower women but to get famous and make more money. Not that getting famous and making money is a bad thing, we all trying to come up, but this perception of Belle Knox left me unenthused by her high-profile.

    With that said, it doesn’t matter how you feel about Belle Knox because she is responsible for one undisputedly good thing: MORE COEDS ARE TRYING PORN. Fan-fucking-tastic.

    Yes, after Belle Knox was outed as Duke University’s freshman pornstar, she was able to silence most of her critics by saying, “Do you have $60,000 for tuition?” And of course very few people just have $60,000 lying around, but taking your clothes off and having sex in camera a few hours a week is an easy and empowering way to get closer to paying off your student loans.

    Mike Diaz, a strip club manager that recently hosted Belle Knox, said that the publicity surrounding Knox’s situation has caused his establishment to be flooded with applications from college-aged women. On top of that, porn site operator Colin Rowntree said he has also seen a spike in women contacting him to  “to explore being in our movies as a result of all the Belle Knox media coverage.”

    So you might not like Belle Knox, but she might have inspired a hot coed to become your new favorite pornstar. So you can’t hate on Belle Knox.


    Our friend Kylie from saw this post and raised a good point on Twitter.

    Kylie asked:

    Personally, I don’t believe that this spike of new talent inspired by Belle Knox will have much impact on seasoned veterans of the industry because in a few months the mainstream media and the internet will have totally forgotten about Belle Knox and coeds pursuing porn careers will prove to be nothing more than a fad.

    Kylie, being the smart lady that she is, replied with this:

    She’s got me there. Well done, Kylie! You beat Chico Dusty.

    Obviously we won’t know how the influx of new talent (if there even is one) will affect the adult industry until it’s already happened. I doubt that the coeds Belle Knox has inspired are looking for longevity in the porn industry. Just a quick buck to pay their way through and move on to a new career (hopefully in their field of study). Ultimately, the quick turnover of coed pornstars might be a good thing since former-pornstars will be less stigmatized when they enter the work force because it’s normal. At least that’s what I’m hoping for if Kylie is right.

    Either way, we’re dealing with a lot of unknowns and I’d love discuss the possibilities this influx of Belle Knox-copycats might have on the porn industry. So tell us what you think in the comments!

    Or join the discussion on Twitter by following @fapduOfficial and @sexdotcom.

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  • Playboy Has March Madness


    Can I get in-between those babes instead of the $10,000?

    Have you filled out your March Madness bracket yet? No? GOOD!

    March Madness starts tomorrow and the only bracket you should care about is Playboy’s March Madness Bracket.

    What’s so special about Playboy’s March Madness bracket?

    Well, on the surface it may appear to be just like any old bracket that you would fill out on ESPN or Yahoo, but instead of pitting you against your stupid friends, you have to go head to head with some super hot Playmates.

    Oh. And they’re offering a grand prize of $10,000. If 10 G’s isn’t enough to entice you, you could also win a flatscreen TV, a DSLR camera, a Playstation 4, or an autographed Larry Bird jersey. Did I mention that it’s free? Now do you understand why you need to fill out Playboy’s March Madness Bracket?

    So what are you waiting for? Do I need to tell which teams to pick? Yeah right, like I’m going to tell you. I’m trying to win me a DSLR…or possibly an autographed Larry Bird jersey that I will sell to get money to buy multiple DSLRs.


    If you’re not a basketball fan and this post has got you feeling a little left out, then I’m sorry.

    To make it up to you, here now are Playboy models Elena Romanova, Brittany Madisen and Ali Rose looking sexy in Playboy jerseys, short-shorts, headbands, thigh-high socks, and sweatbands (but really they’re mostly nude). You don’t have to be a basketball fan to appreciate these babes.


    THOSE GIRLS ARE GIVING ME SOME KIND OF MARCH MADNESS…and not the basketball kind ;)

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  • Nude College Girls Filmed a Feminist Porn


    The most fun anyone has ever had in a library.

    How is a female college student supposed to challenge male fantasies of sorority initiations? Film a feminist porn, obviously!

    Well that’s exactly what Coco Young, Kaley “Slutever” Sciortino, and a coven of other Columbia alumnae did! Late one November night, these girls got together to explore “the rituals of American Ivy League secret societies, to the point of hysteria, highlighting our culture’s perception of female desire.”

    The result is a feminist porn video that you might mistake for regular movie made by any film student in the world.

    Let’s watch it right now!  Continue Reading

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  • Collection of Sexy Coeds



    Christmas isn’t just a time of giving and togetherness, it’s also a time for college students to take a much needed vacation from sleeping all day, drinking all night, and having casual sex with multiple partners. Man…I miss college.

    In the spirit of their Christmas vacation, I’d like to share with you a collection of sexy coeds courtesy of Playboy PlusContinue Reading

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  • Casual Sex & College Students

    Typical American College Student

    Typical American College Student

    You know how college campuses are supposedly a hot bed for casual sex thanks to Millennial hook-up culture?

    Well, apparently it’s not true.

    A new study has found that the sexual activity of students hasn’t increased over the past few decades.

    I know. I’m as disappointed as you are. Looks like I will not be attending college in September after all.

    Despite what you might have heard, less than a third of college students surveyed from 2002 to 2010 had sex with more than one person in the preceding year. That’s about the same as in the 1980’s and 90’s.

    But there has been some changes to how college are having sex.  Continue Reading

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  • Porn Studies: Arousing & Educational

    Porn Studies

    Porn Studies

    Porn has always been all over college campuses, however it’s been limited to free adult movies streamed in dorm rooms and old magazines with the pages stuck together hidden in the libraries.

    Recently, with colleges hosting sex weeks and some being as bold as to have their own porn classes, porn has found less of a clandestine home among academics.

    Today, Routledge announced that they will be publishing a Porn Studies Journal in 2014, securing watching porn as an academic pursuit, an important part of our culture, and a fun way to pass the time. Continue Reading

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  • Student-Stripper Shuts Everyone Up

    Carmen Electra Striptease

    Stripping: the easy way to get attention

    When a stripper says she’s only stripping to help pay her way through college, 90% of us just politely nod while refusing to believe it at all.

    The stripper might as well have told us that her dog at her homework, that she can’t sleep with us because she has a headache, and that it’s her not us. We’ve heard that excuse before and we’re not having it.

    However, I think it might be time for us to reconsider the stripper’s oldest excuse for stripping. The other day, a student/stripper from Atlanta (home of the hottest and biggest bootied strippers) took to reddit to prove once and for all that being a stripper to put yourself through school was legit.

    How did she prove it? She posted a picture of $3,345 cash from a single day’s work. Damn. That’s a lot of money. Let’s look at it in one organized pile: Continue Reading

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