• Randy Quaid Posts Bizarre Rant Video and Fucks His Wife in Rupert Murdoch Mask

    In October, 2010, Randy Quaid and wife Evi Quaid were arrested in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and subsequently applied for refugee status on the grounds that they feared for their lives in the United States. They claimed that numerous actors have died under mysterious circumstances committed by the “Hollywood star whackers”. And so asylum from the Hollywood star whackers is as simple as sneaking into Canada?

    Obviously, this is all totally crazy.

    But yesterday, Randy Quaid and wife Evi decided to crank the crazy up a notch by sharing a bizarre, conspiracy-filled rant video railing against Rupert Murdoch, Warner Brothers, News Corp and what he calls “police-media corruption.”

    But the “police-media corruption” isn’t even the strangest part. The real crazy is when Randy puts a Rupert Murdoch mask on Evi Quaid and “fucks” her as Rupert Murdoch at the end.  Continue Reading

    February 4, 2015 • Sex, Sex News • Views: 3574

  • Gary Busey’s bizarre sex tip

    Ever since Quigley, Gary Busey has been fucking crazy. How crazy? Just watch his new sex tip where he teaches both men and women the best way to have sex with an inner tube.

    “Pump and fuck that inner tube from the top of the river to the bottom of the river.” – Gary  Busey.

    So there you go, that’s how you have sex with an inner tube. I don’t know about you but as soon as winter’s over, I’m going tubing.

    January 25, 2013 • Sex & Dating Tips • Views: 830