• The Sexiest Vimeo Account Ever Returns!

    9 months ago, we went ahead and declared Said Energizer’s Vimeo account to be the Sexiest Vimeo Ever.

    It was a real no-brainer to declare Said Energizer the proud owner of the Sexiest Vimeo Ever because he only posted videos of sexy, Eastern European babes dancing around, stripping off their crop-tops that barely covered anything anyway.

    However, after we bestowed this honor on Said Energizer, he stopped sharing videos of sexy babes dancing around in crop-tops. It was truly a sad day for all. Only a little blog called CropTopFever could fill the sexy babe wearing a crop top shaped hole in our hearts left by Said Energizer.

    But alas, there’s no need to mourn the loss of Said Energizer because he’s back with a hot, oily babe dancing around in a crop-top that doesn’t even come close to covering up her tits.

    So enjoy the return of the sexiest Vimeo account ever with Said Energizer’s latest effort: “For Men

    For MEN by Said Energizer from said_energizer on Vimeo.

    Please, if anyone knows the name of the babe featured in this video, don’t keep it to yourself. Let us know in the comments who she is so that we can post more pictures and videos with her in it.

    It ain’t right to keep her name to yourself.

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  • Samantha Bentley, Your Private Tease


    Samantha Bentley

    Yesterday on the Blog, I posted my interview with Samantha Bentley. I knew you guys were going to like the interview simply because Samantha Bentley is super sexy but people were so into it that they demanded more Samantha.

    There aren’t too many rules on this blog, but one of them is “Give the people what they want”. So since you want more Samantha Bentley, you get more Samantha!

    To see Samantha go hardcore, you should check the Samantha Bentley interview because there are a ton of hardcore pictures, GIFs, and one video. But today I just wanted to showcase her solo beauty. So enjoy your private tease courtesy of our friends over at Twisty’sContinue Reading

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  • Top 10 Sexy Things To Be Thankful For


    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanksgiving is finally here!

    It’s the one day of the year where I stop saying, “Fuck you” and flip the bird and instead say, “Thank you” and eat some bird.

    2013 sure has had its share of ups and downs, but there’s plenty to be thankful for. What do we have to be thankful for? Well let’s just look at the Top 10 Sexy Thing To Be Thankful ForContinue Reading

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  • Babes in Thigh High Socks

    Hot girl in thigh high socks

    Thigh High Socks

    You all know that the only thing I like better than a naked woman is a woman wearing a crop-top.

    What’s the reason for my obsession with crop tops? Underboob is a big reason.

    Sadly, now that we’re almost through September, all the crop-tops have been packed away until next summer. But it’s not all bad. This Fall I’ve been noticing hot babes returning to their thigh high socks, an everyday article of clothing that’s almost as sexy as the crop-top.

    You may not think thigh high socks are sexy because they cover up 70 to 90 percent of the leg. Covering up isn’t sexy, right? Wrong!

    Covering up can be sexy, especially when it’s a hot babe covering up her legs in thigh high socks.

    I know I sound crazy but maybe the Top 10 Babes in Thigh High Socks will change your mind!

    Here now are the Top 10 Babes in Thigh High Socks:  Continue Reading

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  • Underboob vs. Sideboob

    Alice Goodwin hot

    Alice Goodwin makes a case for underboobs

    If you read my crop top post, you should know that I am not only the world’s top proponent of crop tops but also that I’m a huge fan of underboob cleavage.

    But there are still some people out there that maintain the belief that there’s nothing that beats a good sideboob.

    And then there are people who think underboob and sideboob are both inferior to seeing boobs fully nude. I have to agree that seeing boobs fully nude is better than underboob or sideboob because it’s the main prize. Though that’s not exactly fair to underboob and sideboob because their purpose is to tease rather than reveal.

    Boobs are the million dollar jackpot, whereas underboob and sideboob are more like trying to decide between an all-expense paid vacation or a brand new car. Both are worthy prizes, it just comes down to your individual preference.

    Wait a second. I’m supposed to be fanning the flames of the underboob vs. sideboob debate, not extinguishing them.

    Let’s say that the internet was not going to go boob-free. No more bare breasts on the internet but underboob and sideboob pics were still allowed. Which would you prefer?


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  • The Sexiest Vimeo Ever

    I love Youtube. But then again everyone loves Youtube.

    But for every side-splitting Fail Compilation, there are a few thousand shitty video-blogs with some moron talking about something stupid.

    That’s why I would say that Vimeo, although not as hilarious, is better in Youtube. Youtube is just a mess of content, where everyone with a camera (which is literally everyone in the world) throwing up their videos to become internet famous with no quality control. Vimeo on the other-hand had attracted a community of professional video makers so by in large Vimeo’s content is much higher-quality, both in production and artistic value.

    Today, I found what might be the sexiest Vimeo account ever. Sexiest Vimeo account is my way of saying the best Vimeo account ever.

    It’s called Said_Energizer. Let’s watch:

    2 Days with AnnaBella (by Said Energizer) from said_energizer on Vimeo.

    All I know is that it’s some guy from the Ukraine filming sexy Ukrainian girls doing sexy things. I don’t know if they’re commercials, music videos, or just softcore porn. There’s no information on Said_Energizer. That’s partly why I’m posting his videos. I need to know what’s going on with Said_Energizer.

    Who does this guy think he is running the sexiest Vimeo ever?

    Ok, let’s watch some more videos.   Continue Reading

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  • Beth Who? Beth Humphreys?

    Beth Humphries

    Beth Humphries

    Babe of the Day isn’t supposed to be just me picking hot babes to shine a spotlight on for a day and highlight their sexiness for everyone on the internet. Babe of the Day is supposed to me and all of you picking hot babes that are so sexy they deserve a whole day dedicated to them regardless of what’s happening in the rest of the world. That’s why I was so excited when I got this message from loyal fan of the Blog WesCrnkng:

    yo dust master, massive fan of “the blog” over here & many congrats on garnering “blog of the year”, “blogger of the year”, & “post of year” nominations at the blog awards. but how about that young lass beth, eh? can we puh-lease get a “babe of the day” post featuring that petite vixen whom we all admire so much? be a trailblazer dude. she’s a most sensational ambassador of the crop top & she seems chill. a big WHAT UP to the UK! keep the blood pumping, chico.

    WesCrnkng sold me on the idea of making a Babe of the Day post for two reasons.

    1. Crop-tops
    2. “Petite vixen”

    However, WesCrnkng didn’t specify which “Beth” he was talking about. So I’m taking a chance on a petite vixen, who has been known to wear crop-tops, and who is from the UK by making Beth Humhpreys Babe of the Day! Continue Reading

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  • Nicole Neal

    Nicole Neal sexy

    Nicole Neal

    Who is this spritely blonde beauty?

    It’s Nicole Neal and not only is she on the cover of the latest issue of Front Magazine, she’s also Babe of the Day!   Continue Reading

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  • Sexy Monday Links

    rosie jones sexy

    It’s Memorial Day, which means you get to stay home from work.

    If it were up to me, I wouldn’t be working. I’d be at home eating fired chicken pinning pictures to my boards.

    But I am at work and you’re at home, so here are some sexy links for the holiday Monday!


    Rosario Dawson’s Red Carpet Upskirt

    Catie Minx Sexy Stocking Pictures

    Shay Maria Bikini Dancing

    55 Sexy Selfies

    Massive Cleavage Gallery

    10 Ways to Get a Girl in the Back of Your Car

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Gorgeous at Gala

    Kristen Stewart Handling Break-Up by Telling Everyone To Fuck Off

    Melissa Riso Bikini Posing


    Behati Prinsloo’s Sexy Summer Bike Wear

    Nicole Neal is Super Sexy in new Photoshoot for Front

    More Sexy Rihanna Instagram Pictures

    Mia Malkova’s Bubble Butt Wants To Say Hello

    Behind the Scenes with Stoya



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  • Courtney Stodden has a Sex Tape

    Courtney Stodden sexy

    Courtney Stodden

    Teen bride and media whore Courtney Stodden revealed today to E! News that she has a sex tape.

    Big fuckin’ surprise.   Continue Reading

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  • Sexy Fashion Summer = Sexy Crop Tops & Underboobs

    Summer is coming up and that means it’s time to start revealing more skin to cope with the heat.

    If you’re unsure on what to wear this summer to stay cool and still look sexy, may I offer this suggestion: CROP TOPS.    Continue Reading

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  • Farrah Abraham Full Length Sex Video


    Check it out, someone found the Farrah Abraham full length sex video.

    Who knows how long this will be up for, so just enjoy it while you can.


    As you can see, the Farrah Abraham full length sex video has been taken. But to be perfectly honest with you, it’s one of the worst porn movies I’ve ever seen. Maybe if you’re a big Teen Mom fan you might like it but otherwise it’s nothing more than a generic porn movie.

    Truthfully, Backdoor Teen Mom is just a generic porn video. What makes it the worst porn movies is the way Vivid and TMZ were able to manipulate the media and the minds of the general public into thinking it was a sex tape when in fact it was a professional porn shoot.

    It’s also bad because Farrah Abraham is not a pornstar. She probably could be with some practice but overall her performance is weak and pretty uninteresting. James Deen carries the porn movie and has to coach her all the way through it.

    So I guess go back to the main page of to watch some other, better videos?

    Or just look at this nice ass for a while.


    Sorry the video got taken down.


    It’s back…

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  • Remy Lacroix is back! Gets a Top 10!


    Remy Lacroix

    Remember at the end of June 2012, we were all sad because our favorite new porn star Remy Lacroix retired? Well we had no reason to be so sad because her retirement was just a dirty little tease.

    As it turns out, she only quit for the summer. She did the shoots that were scheduled post-retirement, she started working at’s talent department, and continued to promote her new releases on social media. Good thing too because she just won AVN’s Best New Starlet.

    “In hindsight, I wish I never made that original announcement, and instead just took the physical break that I needed,” she told AVN. “Regardless, I am back for more, and with this amazing award to back me up, and with a better outlook on how to handle myself and my body in this industry.”

    Remy made a second announcement in November that went largely unnoticed retracting her retirement. Though we’re late in recognizing that Remy Lacroix is back for good, we’d like to celebrate her return and her Best New Starlet win with a Top 10. So please, enjoy the Remy Lacroix Top 10:

    Continue Reading

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  • Leaked photo of world’s hottest MILF

    Jennifer Coolidge, #2 MILF of all-time

    Do you ever find yourself wondering why MILFs are so great?

    Unfortunately, your love of other mothers most likely harkens back to Oedipal urges buried deep within your subconscious…but we don’t need to talk about that!

    Let’s put Freud aside and just agree that we’re not being Oedipal and that some moms are just hot ladies who also happen to be mothers.

    MILF is a term that gets tossed around a bit too liberally these days. Most of the time it’s just used to describe an older looking woman, completely disregarding the “M” in the acronym. To be a MILF, you have to be a mother. Those are just the rules, so please try to abide by them.

    Now that I have sufficiently bored you with the semantics of MILF-dom, allow me to present a leaked photo of the world’s hottest MILF.

    Continue Reading

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