• Jenna J. Ross Rewards Good Samaritan By Squirting All Over His Big Cock

    Do you subscribe to the expression, “No good deed goes unpunished?”

    I’ve always thought that people who truly believe that doing good deeds will ultimately come back and bite them in the ass are just jerks.

    There can be negative consequences to all actions, not good deeds. And if the fear of something negative happening to you or others from a good thing you’ve done deters you from doing good deeds, then why do anything at all? Why keep breathing, drinking, eating or sleeping?

    Personally, I like to believe in Karma. Good intentions and good deeds contribute to good karma and future happiness. Good things happen to good people with good intentions.

    Of course, it’s easy to lose sight of the good given the current state of the world. So where do we turn to remind ourselves that doing good things can lead to good things? Strangely enough, we can turn to pornstar Jenna J. Ross and Digital PlaygroundContinue Reading

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  • Karla Kush Interview!

    Loyal followers of the Blog will surely recognize the name Karla Kush as one of the hot, new adult stars we’re totally Obsessed With. If I were to even begin listing the reasons why we like Karla Kush so much, I’d be writing this introduction until the end of time.

    The point is, Karla Kush is one of the most exciting new performers in the porn industry and we got to sit down with her for an interview. Yes, you read that right. WE GOT TO INTERVIEW KARLA KUSH. Seeing those six words in succession is better than sex.

    So please, let’s all get to know one of the industry’s best rising stars a little bit better with our Karla Kush interview. Enjoy!

    tumblr n9mvtlhJNZ1sbikgoo1 1280 Karla Kush Interview!

    Karla Motherfucking Kush

    First of all, if “Karla Kush” was its own strand of weed, would it be a sativa, an indica or a hybrid?

    Well, there are two names for the basic genres of cannabis; “haze” for sativa and “kush” for indica. So, by sheer denotation alone, I’ll have to go with indica. Although I had always preferred the more “heady” high of a sativa to the heavy body high of an indica, I am starting to transition into enjoying the heavier, more purple strains. I think the change might have something to do with having just relocated to the intense hustle and bustle of East Hollywood, and needing to slow down a bit more than ever before to feel balance in this hectic metropolis.

    Before porn, you were a camgirl. What prompted the transition from camming and into porn?

    I got an email from a talent scout in florida that said his agency wanted to represent me. Two days later I was on a plane to Miami and within my first week I shot with all the major companies in FL. I have always preferred porn to camming as I enjoy predictability and control in my work environment and my success on cam was always unpredictale and sporadic.

    What got you into camming initially?

    I was a nanny and had worked in childcare for about ten years when I decided that I needed a big, exciting change. I wanted a job where I could be 100% real and me at all times.

    6665469 welivetogether 14 06 26 karla kush and aubrey star friendly Karla Kush Interview!

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    Between shooting porn and camming, which do you prefer?

    Like I said, I have always preferred porn to camming and, as soon as my porn career took off, I stopped camming almost entirely. I am an earth sign (capricorn) and have always been partial to work environments (and life experiences in general) which are stable and let me know exactly what I’m doing and what I’m making for it before entering the situation. Camming is such a niche profession (for the truly successful camgirls) and I never really found my cam show niche.

    You also make custom content. I’ve yet to get custom content from a girl online, so could you please explain to me how it works?

    Well, there are lots of content sharing sites online and they are all different in their own respects but at their core they are all the same. You make an account and then peruse all the models and content available until you find what you like. It’s basically just like Amazon but for custom, homemade, “amateur” porn. I sell my custom content at:

    What’s the strangest thing a user has ever requested?

    Well, “strange” is subjective and completely up to the viewer to decide.. I’ve had guys ask me to make a whole video of me just flexing my biceps.. That’s not too nuts but it’s just about anything you can imagine, from sneezing, to farting/burping, to pillow humping to taking a pee/poop in a public dressing room. (That last request is real and NO I did not agree to do it). Hahaha

    7839981 karla kush so cute and hot riding a big cock Karla Kush Interview!

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    I heard that your boyfriend just started doing porn. Do you feel like it’s easier to maintain the relationship if both parties are having sex with other people on camera? It seems to me like the playing-field is even.

    Once again, these matters are completely subjective and all committed open partnerships (and relationships in general) are all based on written and/or verbal and/or non verbal contracts. Robby and I have been together for over three years and have had an open relationship from the day one. Transitioning to porn was really not much of a shift for either of us other than the fact that the extra-marital affairs are now happening on camera as well as off camera.

    Could you describe to us your ideal sexual encounter?

    My ideal sexual encounter would involve a man and a women. They would both be very beautiful and skilled in the giving head/fucking like rabbits department. LOL, that’s about it, I just want to fuck a beautiful girl while being fucked by a beautiful man… I also have a separate fantasy of having a girl all to myself, tying her up and using all kinds of sex toys and fingers on her to make her cum until she is begging for mercy and can’t cum anymore.

    Now that you’ve been in the adult industry for over a year, what do you hope to do and accomplish in your time in the industry?

    I hope to continue receiving roles which require a lot of lines and acting skills. I want to do as many features as possible and really showcase and hone my talents as an actor.

    8007036 sexy blonde pornstar karla kush plays with her pussy Karla Kush Interview!

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    On a serious note, maybe I’m crazy but I’ve noticed that you have a very pronounced labia. Personally, I’m a fan. I think it’s beautiful. That said, porn has been criticized for its lack of vaginal diversity. Some believe that the “perfect pussies” in porn have led to the rise of labiaplasty surgeries. Have you ever been pressured to get a labiaplasty?

    I have actually considered labiaplasty many times throughout my life. I used to spend hours looking up different surgeons and “before and after” photos of vaginas that had been altered. I’ve had numerous men in my life make rude comments or treat me differently because of my labia, both in real life and when I would webcam.. I would definitely agree that the whole “perfect pussy” idea is very skewed and, honestly, borders on pedophilia.

    A completely hairless vagina with absolutely no labia is NOT what adult women should be comparing themselves to. I’ve even heard that major porn companies will airbrush larger labia vaginas to make them look “more appropriate”.

    Can you imagine that? A porno mag cropping a woman’s lady parts to make them more suitable for viewers; it’s no wonder women are so self loathing and have body image issues! That being said, working in the industry has helped me immensely with conquering my body image complexes. Ever since I did my first scene I’ve gotten nothing but praise, love and admiration for my vagina and it’s really healed the problems and self hatred I built up over the years. I now love my pussy and am very proud of it!

    Music to my ears that you love your vagina just the way it is. Ok. Last question. Fill in the blank: After reading this interview, everyone should ____________________________ .

    Go smell the flowers, take a walk in the sunshine, smoke a bowl and meditate on the beauty and oneness of all that is! .. Also, make yourself cum to my awesome custom content!

    You heard Karla Kush! Visit and to get personalized porn from the adorable and sexy Karla Kush!

    And make sure you follow Karla Kush on Twitter: @KarlaKush420

    More interviews with your favorite pornstars!

    Now it’s time for you to see for yourself why Karla Kush is one of the best!

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  • Jessie Andrews Debut Anal Scene Is Coming In September

    Adorable pornstar Jessie Andrews is not your conventional adult actress. She’s always done things her own way.

    Take for example how Jessie even got in to the adult industry. She was working as a sales associate for American Apparel when one day, a friend who worked as an extra told Jessie about how much money she made just by showing her boobs. Intrigued by the lucrative world of professional nudity, Jessie Andrews then watched a handful of porn trailers and decided that porn was something she’d do. Jessie Andrews hadn’t even seen an entire porn scene before she started performing.

    I wonder if she was surprised when she found out how most porn scenes end…

    Then after being lauded with porn awards for her performance Elegant Angel’s Portrait Of A Call Girl, Jessie Andrews followed up with announcing that she’d only perform lesbian sex scenes and proceeded to focus mostly on her DJing and her jewelry line Bagatiba.

    Needless to say that over the course of her four year career as the world’s favorite hipster-pornstar, Jessie Andrews has never followed the conventions of her unorthodox career.

    And wouldn’t you know it? Jessie Andrews has just announced that she’ll be making her anal sex debut in September, and the conditions of Jessie Andrews’s anal debut is totally different from any other active performer.

    Usually when a pornstar that’s withheld doing anal sex scenes announces their anal debut, it means that anal is now on the table for all future bookings. That won’t be the case for Jessie Andrews.

    Jessie has signed a unique deal with Girlfriend Films and she’s set to star in The Gardner which will feature her anal sex scene debut. What’s so unique about the deal? It contractually prevents Jessie Andrews from performing another anal scene until at least one year after The Gardner comes out in September 2014.

    Smart. Since an anal sex debut is a big deal in the porn industry (because pornstars can charge more for anal sex scenes), it makes sense to have the exclusive anal sex rights to a specific star. Otherwise a studio drums up all this hype around an anal sex debut scene, only to have that selling point undercut by their second anal sex scene that comes out a week later.

    Director B. Skow told AVN he thought it was the script, not the anal itself, that made Andrews so passionate about the project that her willing to agree to the anal sex moratorium. The script, inspired by the handful of long-term abduction, imprisonment, and sexual abuse cases recently uncovered in the US, continues Skow’s fascinating psychological porn dramas and was, the director felt, a good fit for the multi-talented starlet.

    “When we finished the script I really wanted Jessie for the main role of the kidnapped girl,” Skow said. “It was also important to have the main character do anal because I really wanted to show how she was mentally tortured. Jessie had never done anal and I brought the project to her and she liked the idea of doing anal for the first time in a feature, so we made it happen.”

    It wouldn’t really surprise me if this was the only porn movie Jessie Andrews starred in until September 2015, so I’m sure it was an easy decision for her to make. Jessie is a busy lady after all.

    So if you like Jessie Andrews…or if you just like pornstars having anal sex on camera for the first time, keep your eyes peeled for The Gardner coming out in September.

    Meanwhile, I suggest you reacquaint yourself with Jessie Andrews to see why she’s the world’s favorite hipster-pornstar with the video below.

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  • Sheri Chiu Poses in an Amazing Erotic Photo Shoot

    It’s not often that I see erotic photography that truly strays into the realm of art. The idea of ‘artistic erotica’ in the fashion world has become so normal that seeing topless women in the pages of your favourite fashion rag is no longer shocking, or even surprising. Maybe the magazines realized that print media is slowly dying, and wanted to try and sell a few extra copies to the teenage male demographic? Probably.

    Sheri Chiu is a major babe, and based on some limited research, it seems like she’s relatively new to the whole erotic modelling game. Welcome the rookie! Let’s hope that she sticks around for a few more shoots, because she’s got ‘it,’ whatever ‘it’ is. Disclaimer: I have no idea what qualifies as ‘it.’

    Sheri Chiu posed in this photo shoot for a photographer named Marc Hervouet, and the photos are for a S Magazine, which has never shied away from giving the people what they truly want. If you like tasteful erotica like this, you should go buy S Magazine, because they always have a pile of awesome nude and semi-nude photos.

    Sheri Chiu is an fashion editor for a magazine called Schön! Magazine, so perhaps she had a hand in the artistic direction of these photos. Everything about them looks totally gorgeous, from the lighting, to the set, to the model herself. The whole thing reminds me of hot summer nights and lying with someone in a sticky hot bed, both of y’all covered in sweat. Man, the summer is dope. Anyways, here are the pics:

    5972768 hot asian girl 1 Sheri Chiu Poses in an Amazing Erotic Photo Shoot

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  • Loves Duke University Porn Star Belle Knox

    tumblr n1nixd6YGN1raljz5o1 500 Loves Duke University Porn Star Belle Knox

    Belle Knox

    By now, you’ve probably heard about the Duke University Freshman moonlighting as a porn star.

    If you haven’t, here’s a quick recap.

    Some idiot frat boy was watching porn one day and noticed that Belle Knox (aka Lauren A) looked an awful lot like a freshman he’d seen around campus. He proceeded to tell his idiot frat brothers about her and it wasn’t long before every horny college dude thought that it was his right to fuck her. Which is bad, but it doesn’t even compare to the backlash she received from the prudes.  Continue Reading

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  • Lili Simmons True Detective Sex Scene

    tumblr n1jbazuc1y1rzturvo1 500 Lili Simmons True Detective Sex Scene

    Lili Simmons

    Are you guys watching True Detective?

    For those of you who aren’t, it’s Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as two Louisanan homocide detectives trying to trace a series of grizzly murders over the course of 17 years. If that doesn’t scream excellent TV to you, then I feel bad for you because it is worth watching.

    But even if the cast and the plot doesn’t interest you, I feel like the sex scenes in True Detective will. In classic HBO fashion, True Detective finds a way to shoe-horn in some very hot sex scenes into their tense dramas to let the audience and the characters blow off a little steam.

    Last episode (episode 6 “Haunted Houses”), featured a sex scene with the very sexy Lili Simmons.

    I had never heard of Lili Simmons until I was in the middle of watching her sex scene and thought to myself, “I need to find out who this actress is.” She’s an actress/model that you might recognize from Ford and JC Penny ads, or maybe you’ve seen her on her Cinemax show Banshee.

    Whether you know Lili Simmons or not, you’ll always remember this sexy young actress from these incredibly seductive scenes from True DetectiveContinue Reading

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  • Kenzie Is Your Dream Girl

    kenz x art cover Kenzie Is Your Dream Girl


    X-Art has a new model and she’s totally unreal.

    When I say “unreal”, I don’t mean that she’s been under the knife a few hundred times and she’s more plastic than real flesh. This girl is unreal because she’s come straight out of our dreams on onto our computer screens.

    Your dream girl’s name is Kenzie and her all-natural good looks made our friends at X-Art book her for two days straight!

    So don’t even think about closing your eyes and picturing the perfect woman, because she exists and her name is KenzieContinue Reading

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  • Jessie Andrews for stripLVTV

    Haven’t seen too much of Jessie Andrews lately. I guess she’s busy DJing sold-out clubs and making cool jewelry. Thankfully, the good people at stripLV were able to get a few minutes of Jessie’s time so that she could tease the camera with a sexy striptease.

    Watch Jessie Andrews strip for stripLV right now!

    What a cutie!

    Jessie, I realize you have a lot of irons in the fire but please remember that we love seeing you nude. So please keep getting nude for us. We really appreciate it.

    Say…wouldn’t this be a good time for you to revisit my interview with Jessie Andrews?

    Why yes. I would say that it is.

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  • Babe of the Day – Caity Lotz

    2323 Caity Lotz Babe of the Day   Caity Lotz

    Caity Lotz

    When people think of Mad Men, sooner or later they contemplate how sexy the regular cast (especially since Lane died last season). But what’s often forgotten is that Mad Men isn’t just a great show with beautiful cast members, it’s a great show with lots of beautiful guest stars and recurring characters.

    That’s precisely why today’s Babe of the Day is none other than beautiful Mad Men regular, Caity Lotz. Continue Reading

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  • Babe of the Day – Rosie Jones

    812620 rosie jones Babe of the Day   Rosie Jones

    Rosie Jones

    Some babes just have an “it” factor. You know what I mean? The stars were perfectly aligned for them to be super babely.

    That’s how I feel about today’s Babe of the Day, Rosie Jones. You may not have known her name was Rosie Jones but you’ve definitely seen her before because her photos are always some of the most popular all over the internet.

    Let’s get to know Rosie Jones, our Babe of the Day, a little better. Continue Reading

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