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  • Kelly Brook: Homewrecker


    Kelly Brook’s hot body is a wrecking ball of pure sex

    One Manchester man is learning that you have to watch what you say on the internet the hard way.

    The Manchester man was just enjoying some new Kelly Brook lingerie pics that were posted by The Daily Mail when he felt a sudden urge to declare that Kelly Brook was so sexy he would gladly, “leave my wife and kids for one night with her.”

    Another commenter responded, “I hope your wife reads this and the first thing you see when you wake up tomorrow is your belongings packed in a bin bag on the floor.”

    Well internet, you got your wish. Unfortunately for the Manchester family man, his wife did see the commentHere’s what she replied with:  Continue Reading

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  • Daily Mail Campaigning for Automatic Block on Online Pornography

    This pretty much sums it up.

    British conservative tabloid The Daily Mail reported today that that ChildLine, a free telephone counseling service for children and teens, has had a spike in calls for kids calling after seeing “disturbing” pornography online. They are up to about 50 calls a month on the subject.

    ChildLine founder Esther Ratzen says that pornography is warping the minds of young people because they emulate the “disturbing” and “dangerous” behavior. This is precisely the reason why we have age restrictions on pornography. Even as a very sexually active adult I see things on the internet that I cannot possibly understand. However, because I am much, much smarter than a child or teenager I know not to mimic things that are strange and confusing to me.

    Childline and National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) are both campaigning for better education on the dangers of pornography exposure to feeble, young minds (which is good and Sex.com fully supports that campaign). They are also working withThe Daily Mail to pressure the UK Government to introduce an automatic block on online pornography.

    Here’s where we don’t see eye to eye.

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