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  • You Only Have 12 Minutes To Impress On A First Date Says New Study

    Do you feel like you’re the type of person that becomes more attractive as someone gets to know you? If you think you are, then prepare to be alone forever because new research says we only have 12 minutes to impress the opposite sex.

    AXA surveyed 2,000 people about their first date experiences and found that prospective sexual partners are immediately judged on their smiles (64%), whether or not they make eye contact (58%), and their tone of voice (25%).

    59% of people said that foul body odor was the most off-putting characteristic. Bad breath was the second most off-putting characteristic, repelling 53% of daters. And 38% were turned off if their date started swearing.

    When it comes to impressing a date, a quarter of the people surveyed said they make drastic changes to their appearance before a big date. Women prefer to get a new haircut, manicure, or wear a new perfume on a first date, where men mostly grow designer stubble to impress their date (which is indicative of men’s innate stupidity since beards aren’t attractive anymore).

    One in sixteen women (six per cent) and one in 20 men (five per cent) go on a diet in the lead up to a first date, which makes absolutely no sense because unless your date is several months away, dieting before a date won’t make you look slimmer. It will only make you feel bad because you’ve been without your comfort food.

    The point is…people form first impressions quickly. And no matter how wildly inaccurate that first impression may be, everyone is a stubborn prick and won’t want to budge on their first impression. Which is why when you’re on a first date, you need to impress the person you’re going on the date with in less than ten minutes. That doesn’t mean do something grand, that will only succeed in creeping them out.

    Let’s review what you need to do to impress a first date in less than 12 minutes:

    1. SMILE: Humans are programmed to return a smile. Even though you’re sweating bullets, smiling will make your date smile, which will put you both at ease, setting a comfortable atmosphere for the evening and help you focus on having fun.

    2. EYE CONTACT: Eye contact conveys sincerity, trustworthiness, and shows that you’re interested in the other person. All of which is highly erotic.

    3. LOOK GOOD: Dress nice and comfortably to make yourself comfortable and confident.

    4. SMELL GOOD: Making sure that your body and breath smell good conveys to your date that you have some self-respect. He or she doesn’t need to know that you’re a self-loathing mess until later.

    And if you don’t want to repel your date instantly, remember to avoid these TOP 5 FIRST DATE TURNOFFS:

    1. BODY ODOR. No one wants to date or have sex with someone that stinks.

    2. BAD BREATH. You ain’t getting kissed with the breath of a rotting corpse. It’s just too gross.

    3. SWEARING. Fuck if I know why the fuck this is on the fucking list, but just don’t fucking swear, ok fucker?

    4. SCRUFFY CLOTHES. You look like a homeless person. No one is going to date a homeless person…besides maybe another homeless person.

    5. NOT SMILING. Smile, alright? It’s important.

    So there you have it! Follow these simple Do’s and Don’ts of the first date and your date won’t immediately regret going on a date with you. That regret will come later when you have too much to drink and start over-sharing about something embarrassing that’s not funny. But at least you smell and look good.

    [h/t: The Daily Mail.]

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  • Dating Tips For Students

    Student Dating

    Hey, here is a featured article from our guest Laura Christina, she’s a Montreal-based writer and artist.

    If you’re a student or not, check these four recommendations and start dating again!


    You’ve been making eyes at each other over boring lectures and trying to get put together on group

    assignments for weeks – it’s time for the often overthought ritual known as the first date of two college

    students. Here are some tips to keep yourself from overanalyzing the moment and letting things

    become awkward and flat.


    1. Consider the cost. Most college students are on some form of financial aid, or work menial jobs

    for not enough pay while they complete their degrees. Free concerts and cheap movie matinees

    are a good bet. Don’t let stress about money ruin your good time.


    2. Go off-campus. You don’t want to be interrupted by people you know, it’s just awkward. Find

    somewhere that won’t be crammed with studying students.


    3. DON’T make it a study date! If things go well, you won’t get any studying done. If they don’t, it

    will be the most depressing study session you’ve ever had.


    4. Make it interesting! College is a time to try new things and discover new interests. Go to a

    museum or a gallery, or just somewhere local that you’ve never been before. It’ll give you

    something to talk about.

    You’re ready – just have fun! College is about learning, sure, but it’s also about meeting people and

    putting yourself out there.


    Laura Christina

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