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  • You Only Have 12 Minutes To Impress On A First Date Says New Study

    Do you feel like you’re the type of person that becomes more attractive as someone gets to know you? If you think you are, then prepare to be alone forever because new research says we only have 12 minutes to impress the opposite sex.

    AXA surveyed 2,000 people about their first date experiences and found that prospective sexual partners are immediately judged on their smiles (64%), whether or not they make eye contact (58%), and their tone of voice (25%).

    59% of people said that foul body odor was the most off-putting characteristic. Bad breath was the second most off-putting characteristic, repelling 53% of daters. And 38% were turned off if their date started swearing.

    When it comes to impressing a date, a quarter of the people surveyed said they make drastic changes to their appearance before a big date. Women prefer to get a new haircut, manicure, or wear a new perfume on a first date, where men mostly grow designer stubble to impress their date (which is indicative of men’s innate stupidity since beards aren’t attractive anymore).

    One in sixteen women (six per cent) and one in 20 men (five per cent) go on a diet in the lead up to a first date, which makes absolutely no sense because unless your date is several months away, dieting before a date won’t make you look slimmer. It will only make you feel bad because you’ve been without your comfort food.

    The point is…people form first impressions quickly. And no matter how wildly inaccurate that first impression may be, everyone is a stubborn prick and won’t want to budge on their first impression. Which is why when you’re on a first date, you need to impress the person you’re going on the date with in less than ten minutes. That doesn’t mean do something grand, that will only succeed in creeping them out.

    Let’s review what you need to do to impress a first date in less than 12 minutes:

    1. SMILE: Humans are programmed to return a smile. Even though you’re sweating bullets, smiling will make your date smile, which will put you both at ease, setting a comfortable atmosphere for the evening and help you focus on having fun.

    2. EYE CONTACT: Eye contact conveys sincerity, trustworthiness, and shows that you’re interested in the other person. All of which is highly erotic.

    3. LOOK GOOD: Dress nice and comfortably to make yourself comfortable and confident.

    4. SMELL GOOD: Making sure that your body and breath smell good conveys to your date that you have some self-respect. He or she doesn’t need to know that you’re a self-loathing mess until later.

    And if you don’t want to repel your date instantly, remember to avoid these TOP 5 FIRST DATE TURNOFFS:

    1. BODY ODOR. No one wants to date or have sex with someone that stinks.

    2. BAD BREATH. You ain’t getting kissed with the breath of a rotting corpse. It’s just too gross.

    3. SWEARING. Fuck if I know why the fuck this is on the fucking list, but just don’t fucking swear, ok fucker?

    4. SCRUFFY CLOTHES. You look like a homeless person. No one is going to date a homeless person…besides maybe another homeless person.

    5. NOT SMILING. Smile, alright? It’s important.

    So there you have it! Follow these simple Do’s and Don’ts of the first date and your date won’t immediately regret going on a date with you. That regret will come later when you have too much to drink and start over-sharing about something embarrassing that’s not funny. But at least you smell and look good.

    [h/t: The Daily Mail.]

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  • Ask Marni by – Stay in Friend zone

    Hey everyone, Marni is back! It’s Thursday and this is your Hot Dating Tips of the day with Ask Marni by Marni is gently giving you expert advice on dating.

    Here is a question she  got from Ernesto on the Friend Zone:

    “Hey Marni,

    I’ve known this girl for the last two years and we’ve been friends. Not because I wanted to be friends.

    I finally said something to her about it and she said ” I don’t want to lose our friendship”. My sticking point is how to approach this. Do I stick to the being friends approach? I’ve told her to just be my friend for now. 

    So, would you say I should do the friends thing and just try build up something slowly again?

    Or, would you suggest going with no contact for at least 3 or 4 weeks and trying to re-set things after the ?

    Ernesto “

    Marni advices:

    I guess the first question to ask is yourself is: ” Are you really ok with just being friends with her for the rest of your life? Meaning there’s not a wait-for-you. And then, I’m her friend and I’m not only her friend and I’m ok with that.”

    If the answer to that question is yes, then totally be her friend, but if you want something else for her than friendship, it’s false, which is unfair to you and to her.

    Listen, she’s not trying purposely to hurt you or lead you on. But that it’s what’s happening and you seem to be ok with it.

    My advice is to think honestly are you ok with just being friends.

    If answer is no; then it’s time to separate from this girl. Give yourself some distance and don’t be her false boyfriend. Date other girls, sleep with others girls and keep in touch with this girl. I pretty much guaranty  there is goint to be a shift in her attraction towards you and if not you’re out dating other girls so it doesn’t matter.

    It’s a win-win in my eyes!


    I would love to hear what you think about this topic and this video. Just write your comments below.

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  • How To Ask A Girl Out – Ask Marni by

    Hey you!

    School is almost back in session and if you’re in college that means you’ve got mixers, parties, keggers, shows, and classes where you will be surrounded by beautiful young people.

    To make sure your sex life is as fruitful as your academic life,’s Wing Girl, Marni, is back with hot dating tips specifically for college students.

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  • Ask Marni by – When Should a Guy Approach ?

    In our new video of Ask Marni by, Marni talks about when to approach women.

    Here’s an email that got from Tim:


    Late last night, I went grocery shopping. Upon going to checkout I saw this woman that I was extremely attracted to.

    While we checked out I decided to take a different path to my car only to find out that she was parked near me. She was wearing biking gear and had a bike in the back of her truck. I think this intimidated me a little because I did not approach her. Reason being, I really thought I would be bothering her. I do this all the time and want to stop wasting great opportunities.

    So my question to you is, when can I approach a woman?”



    Marni advices:

    Alright Tim. The answer to your question is: “always!”  If you see a woman you want, approach her! Delay or linger , and you can easily become the crippy guy, seemingly gawking from behind the burrito’s display.

    Remember, it’s about you first, and her second. So don’t worry about her! Don’t worry about cripping her out. Worry about what you want. So it sounds there is a lot of pressure on your approach and you’re maybe thinking large picture instead of small picture. So here is the large picture:

    “I’m going to approach this girl, she’s going to be attracted to me, I’m going to get her number, we’re going to have sex! Blablablablabla. The all shebang!”

    That’s a lot of pressure to put on your approach. What I want you to do it’s to drawing it back a little, so that there is a smaller picture. A smaller picture or intension are more realistic. Plus, there are less emotionally charged, which make them easier to accomplish. So small picture is : “That girl is cute. I wanna talk to her and see if I like her.”

    Having the smaller picture in mind before any approaches is going to make it so much easier on  you. If you don’t attach a large picture outcome to your actions, then you’re not gonna feel as much pressure to succeed. I wanna comment on one more thing you said in your email to me.

    Where you said: “You thought you would be bothering her”; I hear these assumptions from the men I’ve been working with all the time. Now, below are some assumptions, I’m constantly hearing from other men, which I called assumption gone wrong:

    “She’s not my type. She won’t be into me. I’m too short for her. Too fat, bold, skinny for her. She probably has a boy friend. She’s busy right now. She doesn’t wanna be bothered. She’s with her friend and doesn’t wanna be interrupted”.

    Whenever are here these assumptions, I always think it’s so interesting, men know so much about women they haven’t never spoken to before which lead to the conclusion that these men are mind-readers. I know for certain that’s not true! These assumptions are really just fears disguised as intelligent justification. These are what I would call conceived truth that stop us to getting what we want. Please do not fall into this, approach every women that picks your interest and decide what category you want put her in, after you have some fact to base it on.

    Alright Tim, there’s your answer.

    For more tips on how to attract, date, seduce and get any girl that you want visit or watch for more videos here on”

    – Marni.

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    It is now officially Valentine’s Day shopping crunch time.

    Football has ended.

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